Where are the Wickeds at Bouchercon?

Edith/Maddie here, loving San Diego!

Bouchercon is the world’s biggest crime fiction convention, named after the late Anthony Boucher many years ago. This year’s version is going on right now in beautiful San Diego, California. Only half the Wicked Authors are here this year, so we’re working double-time meeting and greeting our fans and our author pals.

Isn’t that the best lineup of honorees? Including great FOW (Friend of the Wickeds) Dru Ann! Here’s where you can find us.

Liz: I’m so excited for B’Con this year – especially the location! I visited San Diego earlier this year for the first time and it was so fun – can’t wait to go back. I even did a ghost tour 🙂 Which is pretty fitting, since I’m on a paranormal panel this year. Join me Thursday at 10:20 for the Like You’ve Seen a Ghost: The Rising Popularity of Paranormal and Supernatural panel! Can’t wait!

Julie: Liz, I want to hear more about that ghost tour! Thursday (today) I’ll be at the Sisters in Crime lunchtime dessert event, and then I’m moderating a panel at 2pm, The Hook: Books, Victorian Architecture, and Other Excitement  in Cozy Mysteries. Friday at 1pm, The Legacy of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Saturday at 2:20 Cozy is Not a Four-Letter Word panel. I’ll be signing in the Kensington hospitality suite at 1:30. Remember, there will be authors doing giveaways at 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30 in the Kensington hospitality suite, so come by and bring a big empty bag. Lots of free books! I’ll also be at the Sisters in Crime table on and off throughout the weekend.

Edith/Maddie: I headed out west a day early. I used to live in Ocean Beach, a section of the city, almost fifty years ago – and I’d never been back. Yesterday I made a little pilgrimage for old time’s sake.

Last night I participated in the Cozies and Cocktails event, which was lovely, with much thanks to the brilliant Ellen Byron, who organized it, and kudos to Julie for reading. Following is where else I’ll be from now on out.

Like Julie, today I’ll be at the Sisters in Crime lunchtime dessert event, and I’m on her 2pm panel, The Hook: Books, Victorian Architecture, and Other Excitement  in Cozy Mysteries. Friday at 8:30am I’m doing a Cozy Spotlight in Torrey Pines 2. On Saturday at 8:50am I’m moderating Eating Your Way Thru a Book:  Culinary Mysteries. At 1:30 pm I’ll be at the Kensington signing. Otherwise look for me poolside or in the bar, and bid on my fun Murder Uncorked auction basket in the silent auction room!

Readers: Are you here? Find us and say hello! If you aren’t at the convention, how are you spending your end of August?

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  1. I’m not at Bouchercon (sadly) so I’ll be missing out on all the bookishness this weekend.

    As for how I’m spending the end of August, bills bills bills. Paying the bills doesn’t ever seem to end so that’s what I’m most focused on. I’m working on a book review and a CD review as well.

    I’ve got a four day weekend starting tomorrow so I’ll hopefully be able to focus and get the various mundane tasks done over that time.

  2. EDITH: I am happy you made it to OB and that the sun finally appeared. I was also at last night’s Cozies and Cocktails event. Hope to see you today!

  3. I wish I could be there. I’m spending the end of August preparing for the new school year. aprilbluetx at yahoo dot com

  4. It’s killing me that I’m not already there! I’ll be driving down tomorrow, hopefully leaving noonish which will get me in around dinner time. Depending on how bad traffic is. It’s a three hour drive from my place to San Diego with no traffic. I’ll be happy to make it in four.

  5. I wish I was there, but alas I am at home in Georgia. I am reading, but not working a new jigsaw–hopefully tomorrow. We are just watching TV, old movies, “Beat Bobby Flay,” shopping at San Diego Carniceria y Pasteleria (Panaderia) for fresh tortillas and eating good food.

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