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Jessie: In New Hampshire, deep into revisions on a new novel!

September always brings to mind freshly sharpened pencils, notebooks, yellow buses, and, of course, learning. I don’t know any writers who are not interested in learning, partly, I think, because we tend to be curious people. We also tend to collect bits of information on the things we are curious about in some sort of a system. It might be a shoe box filled with newspaper clippings, a notebook, or even a gazillion tabs left open on the computer. So Wickeds, how do you keep track of all those things that pique your curiosity?

Barb: You mean aside from falling down World Wide Web rabbit holes? I don’t keep track of big picture things that interest me because they’re always there, lingering in my mind, pricking at me. But I do count myself very lucky if there’s a strong, narrative non-fiction book about whatever I’m researching. If the book is good, it’s work and pleasure all in one nice package!

Edith/Maddie: System? What is this system you speak of? So many ideas and bits of information rise up all the time. The odd ones I think might spark a short story I try to capture on my white board. (Ironing money. Autocorrect errors. When the rotating lights in a hot tub get stuck on red. You get the picture.) When I get ideas for a future novel, I add it to an Ideas folder in my Scrivener project for that series. The articles about history or the printouts about some subject or other tend to get lost in piles, alas.

Sherry: I have a file folder filled with ideas in my desk. I have another folder on my desktop called book ideas. And then I have articles that inspired me bookmarked on my computer.

Liz: I wish I was that organized, Sherry! I usually end up dictating a note into my Notes app on my phone if something catches my attention – then I wind up scrolling through a million notes to find it when I vaguely remember!

Julie: I have a file with ideas, but I don’t look at them. I’m working with Evernote on a better system. I’ll let you know how that goes, LOL.

Readers: How do you keep track of ideas for projects?

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  1. I use a Keep Notes app on my phone. It comes in handy when I get a brain blast. Then, when the time is right, I can pull the idea up and get rolling.

  2. I use Evernote – one notebook per book – for spur of the moment ideas, like those wake up “ah-ha!” moments. I bookmark web pages for the duration of the project for things I know I’ll have to reference over and over.

  3. My biggest projects these days seem to be doctor appointments or medical procedures. I do this with a calendar listing on a computer file. Hubby also does one in his system on his phone as a back up. I’ve often been caught away from home when I get a call to schedule something. That’s when I’m very thankful for his backup so that I don’t over book, which is a big hassle if you have to call back get a machine, etc. before you can get ‘r’ done. Even keeping up with them this way, things can get a bit all mixed up when someone decides to change or schedule me without talking to me. GRRRR!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  4. I am on a local school board so I keep a notebook that I bring to every meeting. I also file away paperwork from meetings, notices, etc that aren’t electronic into an accordion folder by month. It’s easier to find something I need by month rathern that have different notebooks/folders for every committee. I also have a small weekly whiteboard that I update daily that I can glance at when I need to see if I’m free for something.

  5. Great blog, Jessie! I created a Word document with the (very Creative) title “1-AAAA”, and saved it on my computer desktop. This .doc is always open, and I add important new items that I have collected on small paper notes during the day. It may be silly, but it works for me 🙂 Luis at ole dot travel

  6. Several places, most of which get ignored until I’m looking for something else and then I meet my great idea again. I also have bright lime green notebook I keep on my desk. When an idea strikes (and I’m in striking distance of the notebook) I write it down. Now those are the ideas that stand a chance of seeing the light of day!

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