Wicked Wednesday- Curiosity

Jessie- In New Hampshire enjoying the cooler weather and indulging in some holiday knitting!

Today we are continuing the celebration of Edith’s latest release Christmas Mitten Murder. So Wickeds, do you prefer mittens, gloves, or maybe a muff, when the weather turns cold?

Barb: Congratulations, Maddie, Lynn, and Lee! I’ve always been partial to gloves, myself, the crazier the color, the better. But I do have a marvelous pair of mittens my sister-in-law made for me that come with a matching cowl. The whole ensemble is very warm.

Sherry: Congratulations on the new novella! I had a muff when I was little and thought it was the epitome of elegance. However, it was completely impractical. Like Barb, I prefer gloves. My favorite pair are leopard print. They keep my hand nice and toasty.

Liz: Congratulations on the novella! I don’t really want to think about winter yet, but I do love cozy gloves too. Also ones that let me not have to take them off to do stuff on my phone…

Julie: Congratulations Edith/Maddie! I am a glove gal for the most part, but when it is really cold or when I’m taking a winter walk, I like mittens. They tend to keep hands warmer, but aren’t great for driving or dealing with your wallet. Of course, since mittens are a murder weapon in these novellas (I assume), I may stick to gloves.

Jessie: Congratulations, Maddie! I love mittens for walking my dog or other extended outdoor activities once it becomes very cold. For driving or slightly warmer weather, I love a pair of red leather gloves. And, I have always longed for a muff like the ones on Victorian Christmas cards!

Edith/Maddie: Thanks so much, dear Wickeds. You would be right, Julie! Mittens playing a part in the murder was mandated by my editor. As I discussed yesterday, I’m a mittens wearer all the way. Mine have a little bit of “tread” on the palms, so they don’t slip on the steering wheel. I have other puffy insulated mitts for when it’s super cold out and I need to shovel snow.

Readers, do you need some form of handwarmer where you reside? If so, which do you prefer?

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  1. My hands are naturally warm all the time, so I usually wear gloves. I like being able to take photos during my winter walks. I can use my smartphone since my gloves have the sensor fabric on the fingertips. But when it gets below -30C or feeling like -40C/F in Ottawa, I wear mittens ON TOP of my gloves!!

      1. Yes, fortunately these extreme cold snaps only last a few days/week each winter. And with a warming climate, Ottawa winters are generally less cold than when I first moved here in 2014.

  2. Since I’m in Massachusetts I do need some kind of protection when the weather turns cold. While I did wear mittens as a young kid, I wear gloves these days. Depending on the year and the severity of the weather, I wear them a lot.

  3. Said it before, but it bares repeating – CONGRATULATIONS on the release of CHRISTMAS MITTENS MURDER!

    Most times, I’m a mitten person, but I do prefer the ones that they flap over to expose fingers if needing to do something that requires more dexterity. When out trying to capture the critters or sights of winter, I use special gloves that the index finger flips back over the last digit so I can click the camera. 🙂
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  4. I find mittens too cumbersome when I’m out and about, but if it’s a question of being outside for chores – like shoveling – it’s mittens.

  5. I prefer mittens! I have a pair of driving gloves but only wear them when I absolutely have to. aprilbluetx at yahoo dot com

  6. I’m more of a gloves guy, but it is very rare I need them in my corner of So Cal, especially since I started running at lunch time during the winter when it isn’t as cold (that’s cool to the rest of you) as it is first thing in the morning or after dark.

    1. I love the idea of a pocket warmer! I read in one of the Little House books, I believe, about putting a baked potato in a pocket for the frozen ride to school and then eating it for lunch. I thought it efficiently charming!

  7. I’m a year round Floridian, so the topic of gloves or mittens rarely comes up. On the few cold days we have, I use gloves. When I was little I had a bunny-fur muff and loved it enormously! If I had one now, and the weather turned cold, I would definitely use it on my early morning walk!

  8. Gloves are practical for most things, but when it is really cold, I get out my Eddie Bauer “boxing gloves”, which are really mittens, add glove liners and I have really warm hands.

  9. Congratulations on the new book, Edith!
    How I loved the muff I had when I was a little girl! Now if it gets really cold, I have a toasty pair of cross-country skiing mittens. Practical, but not as fun as a muff.

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