Signs and Colors

October seems to be a month where I think more about signs. I came across this quote by artist Keith Haring:

Favorite color? Red is one of the strongest colors, it’s blood, it has a power with the eye. That’s why traffic lights are red I guess, and stop signs as well… In fact I use red in all of my paintings.

Wickeds, do you have a color that has a special meaning attached to it? Do you have a favorite color? Does that color change with the seasons? Or has it changed throughout the years?

Edith/Maddie: For many years I’ve said purple was my favorite color, which doesn’t change with the seasons. I’ve evolved into wearing shades of turquoise/aqua in the last decade, which I love. But before my hair turned silver, with my skin tone keeping company, I wore a lot of red with my dark brown locks. Now the color seems jarring on me, and I wear my Christmas red sweater sparingly.

Barb: Grandchildren seem to be captivated by the idea of favorite colors. All three of mine can tell you the favorite color of everyone in the family. Mine is green, and while I love all greens, I am particularly partial to the deep greens, anything from emerald to evergreen. Green seems to be big for clothing this fall, which means I will have to buy too many clothes as a hedge against the time when the trend swings back to browns or pinks.

Jessie: I am not sure that I have one favorite color to rule them all. For me, it seems to be about context. I love to wear vibrant, clear colors with a cool base as well as black. I especially favor red and hot pink in my wardrobe. I also love black and red vehicles. But when it comes to fountain pens and inks I adore lime greens, purples, and even an assortment of blues from robin’s egg to Prussian. When I am painting I tend to love all the possible colors and have to convince myself to limit my palette in order to create a more satisfying piece!

Sherry: I tend to love shades of blue. My favorite is cobalt blue which is probably why I have a collection of cobalt glass. I also love aquas and sky blue. Most of the artwork in our house has some shade of blue in it.

Liz: Purple is definitely my color. It’s said to be a color for “an artistic and unique individual, who is often very intuitive and deeply interested in spirituality” which is totally me to a tee! I even found this old gem from childhood that was a whole framed poem someone got me about being “a purple person.” It’s the signature color of my Full Moon Mysteries too.

Julie: I have always liked blue, and said that for years. But now I’d have to say my favorite color is red. I love the impact it has, and how it calls the eye. Also, it’s my favorite lipstick color. Were I to be honest, I’d actually say black. I love the winter colors.

Readers: Do you have a favorite color?

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  1. Pinks and shades of it and reds, like fuschia and garnet. I like pastels, too!

  2. Green. Because of the Boston Celtics and the whole Ireland thing.

    Black. Because of my grim nature and most heavy metal T-shirts are black.

    Red. Because so many of my sports teams put T-shirts out in red.

      1. Oddly enough I’m wearing a gray Bob Ross (the PBS painter) T-shirt today so I’m throwing off my reply completely with today’s outfit.

  3. Whereas for years my favorite color was pink, purple has claimed that title for some time. When I was younger purple was always a close second. Purple was my daughter’s absolute favorite color. After her sudden death, wearing purple was a way to feel closer to her. Somewhere along the way, I really and truly begin to think of purple as moving up to my first choice and favorite color, but pink is still right there in second place. Often when I look in the mirror after getting dressed and seeing the purple I smile because it still makes me think of Jenet.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  4. I love blue, nearly all shades of blue. And I love some shades of green. 
    Shades that most appeal to me are azure, a deep blue, teal, and also acqua. Then there’s moss, and mint! I also love pink from its deeper fuchsia which seems to have some blue in it to the lighter and lovely different shades of coral pink and almost peach pink! For attire I usually choose the darker colors. Home decor is another story: cranberry red, cream, and deep green!

  5. I’m partial to green. To me, it’s a calming color, and it’s also emblematic of my Irish heritage. Sláinte!

  6. Aha! Now we are color-coded:-) My all-time favorite color is YELLOW. I love the sun (but no longer “fry” under it, as I foolishly did in my youth), light, and all things bright. I always have a positive outlook, and find it strange when a doctor asks me during a yearly physical if I have had any “destructive” thoughts… Yellow, gold and its cousin colors make me happy and lift me up. I do not wear yellow clothing items, but once in the disco days I bought a yellow suit, which I wore about 2 times until my wife had me donate it. Won’t make that mistake again…LOL! Thank you so much for sharing on so many levels! Luis at ole dot travel

    1. A long time ago I rented a house that had a yellow bedroom — a soft yellow. I loved it and I’m always drawn to yellow houses. The yellow suit made me laugh!

  7. Great comments. Love all the colors, but I wear mostly clear primary colors. In Philadelphia right now they are Eagles Green and Phillies Red!

  8. Green is my favorite color. Which is ironic since I live in a part of the country where our hills are almost always brown.

  9. I am a huge fan of pink but rarely wear it beyond nail polish and socks. aprilbluetx at yahoo dot com

  10. I have always loved purple. I had that in common with my maternal grandmother. Our school colors are purple and white so I was always able to be “in fashion” there. Now that I am older I also love jewel tones, especially for clothing.

  11. Cobalt Blue and Yellow are my two co-favorite colors. Like you, I also have a plethora of cobalt blue glass in so many shapes and sizes. It’s such a rich yet also vibrant color. And yellow because of daffodils, and forsythia, and just its clear brightness

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