Maine Clambake 12 Title, Cover, Pub Date Announced

by Barb, briefly back in Maine

It’s extremely gratifying to authors when on publication of one book, the most common question they get is, “When is the next one?” Gratifying and a little stressful, since it takes longer to write a book than to read one.

But, I’m happy to announce that Maine Clambake Mystery number twelve, Torn Asunder, will be released on April 23, 2024. The book has been up for pre-order on the retail sites for a while and some people have already found it. I was waiting for the ebook to be up and available (and my turn on the blog) to announce it.

Here’s the cover.

And here’s the blurb.

In Barbara Ross’ award-winning series featuring sleuth Julia Snowden and her family’s coastal Maine clambake business, Morrow Island is a perfect spot for a wedding—and a Snowden Family Clambake. Julia Snowden is busy organizing both—until a mysterious wedding crasher drops dead amid the festivities . . .

Julia’s best friend and business partner, Zoey, is about to marry her policeman boyfriend. Of course, a gorgeous white wedding dress shouldn’t be within fifty yards of a plate of buttery lobster—so that treat is reserved for the rehearsal dinner. Julia is a little worried about the timing, though, as she works around a predicted storm.

When a guest falls to the floor dead, it turns out that no one seems to know who he is, despite the fact that he’s been actively mingling and handing out business cards. And when an injection mark is spotted on his neck, it’s clear this wasn’t caused by a shellfish allergy. Now, as the weather deteriorates and a small group is stranded on the island with the body—and the killer—Julia starts interrogating staff, family members, and Zoey’s artist friends to find out who turned the clambake into a crime scene . .

Hidden Beneath for 99 Cents

If you’re behind in the series, the ebook of the eleventh Maine Clambake Mystery, Hidden Beneath, is on sale for just 99 cents on popular retail sites, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. The ebook went on sale yesterday and I don’t know how long the sale will last, so act now.

Readers: How do you react to the cover, title, description and pub date for Torn Asunder? Bring it on, good or bad!

50 Thoughts

  1. I love the cover. The wind billowing in foreshadows the storm, and I just spotted the little lobster cake toppers!
    You’ve come full circle – didn’t a wedding party go terribly wrong in one of the earliest books in the series? I can’t wait to read this one.

    1. Yes, a wedding in the first book necessitated the renovation of Windsholme and now that it’s done, we’re having another. Full cycle as it were.

  2. Looking forward to the April release. Love Julie et al. Love the title too. Jule Selbo

  3. Well, I really like that wedding cake! How cute! The billowing curtains show strong winds and it looks like the sea is starting to get angry. So I think the cover provides a good glimpse of what the book is about, looking forward to reading it!

  4. I like the cover. Interesting place to print the “A Maine Clambake Mystery” logo. And yes, there was another wedding murder, but this storm certainly adds some dimension to the story line. Like an Agatha Christie cozy. Looking forward to it but April is so far off!

    1. Yes, there was another wedding at Windsholme. But now it’s been renovated and it’s time to start that part of the business up again.

  5. I love it! The details are so fun! The two crabs or are they lobsters on the cake is adorable! It looks like this window in Julia’s kitchen at Winslom. The wind blowing the curtain with the lobster boat in distance makes me feel like I’m there in the kitchen! Can’t wait until April 24 which is near my birthday!

  6. The cover is beautiful and the synopsis makes me want to read the book. Although truth be told, your name in the cover makes me want to read the book! Anxiously awaiting April 23, 2024.

  7. Love the cover from the wind blown curtain and the spilt wine to the adorable cake topper! Sounds like an amazing story and a great addition to the series and I can’t wait to read it. The date – well we all hate to wait, but it also makes us appreciate it when it is released. Besides, if all books came out at the same time, it wouldn’t be possible to read them all any ways.

    Keep doing what you do so well and we will try to be patient as we await its release. 🙂
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  8. It’s a new book in one of my very favorite series! There is no chance I’d be anything less than thrilled and counting down to its release with anticipation! (And hoping there are more to follow this one, for as long as you feel there are stories to tell in Busman’s Harbor!)

  9. Thank you, Barb for sharing the cover, a summary and publication date for TORN ASUNDER 🙂 I am ever so delighted with the news, and now I have something to look forward to next Spring!!! I know my book club will be ecstatic, and they will all preorder it. I preordered the Kindle version and also the paperback, so it can take its proper place in my home library! I love the cover, and those cute lobsters are a riot. I am amazed at how the illustrator was able to paint a see-through curtain. It looks real. As to the story, I know it will be brilliant, and provide hours of fun! Thank you for all your hard and long efforts to entertain us readers with your Maine Clambake Mysteries. Luis at ole dot travel

  10. The bride and groom are adorable, and the title is perfect. The only problem is how long we have to wait for it to come out.

  11. I really like the cover and title. I especially like the open window, the scene outside of the window and the blowing curtains.

  12. This series is so special to me and the covers are probably what attracted me in the beginning. I like this one too. At first I thought maybe Julia was getting married but I know it’s too soon. Looking forward to it.

  13. Bravo! Bravo! I am so looking forward to reading this one! (My inner child is tantrumming wanting it now-but I’ve put her down for a nap)😊

    1. Ah, if only we could express ourselves like toddlers. Many’s the time in a crowded airport waiting for a delayed flight that I’ve wanted to lie on the floor and kick my heels while screaming.

  14. Love the cover and all your books. Am rereading them now especially the holiday ones.

  15. I love the cover. The book sounds fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless you.

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