Murder Uncorked is Uncorked!

News Flash: Jess D is our lucky winner! Congratulations, Jess, and please check your email.

Edith/Maddie here, on a crisp, sunny day north of Boston.

A perfect day to celebrate the launch of a brand-new series, my Cece Barton Mysteries, with Murder Uncorked! Read down for a special giveaway.

Photo by Becky Sue Epstein, with clarifying by Jeremy Kezer

Funny thing is, I had no intention of writing a third cozy mystery series. A few years ago my agent had said a publisher was looking for someone to carry on a long-running and much beloved cozy series written by an author who had died. I said I wasn’t interested. I wanted to keep writing historical mysteries for my third series.

But then, as I’ve mentioned previously, my fabulous editor at Kensington asked me to write a new series set on the west coast. As I’m a fourth-generation Californian, I was thrilled by the offer and couldn’t say no. I headed out to the Alexander Valley a year ago in the fall to fine tune the details, which I described here.

I discovered that my Massachusetts friend Rick grows the murder weapon, and he sent me some after the plant matured. Handle with care!

I also wrote a novella introducing Cece, which came out last month (so many releases, so little time) in Christmas Mittens Murder. I talked over at the Chicks on the Case blog about how all that came to pass.

And so we have reached release day. I thank so many people in the Acknowledgements. It takes a lot of people to help put a book together. First among them is my uncle, author and journalist Richard Reinhardt, and his sons, my Bay area cousins (and their spouses). Then two of Uncle Dick’s friends in Alexander Valley. The chief of police of a small town nearby. An auction high bidder who became this book’s county sheriff’s homicide detective. Sherry Harris’s daughter, who runs a winery tasting room in Virginia. And more, including my Wicked Authors blogmates, always, plus my agent, the fabulous team at Kensington, and my beloved family.

In a fun coincidence, I’m only a couple thousand words away from finishing the first draft of Deadly Crush, the second Cece Barton mystery, which will be out (I think) late next year.

So let’s celebrate! I’d love to send a commenter here one of my special wine tote bags and a wine-themed tea towel (wine and book not included).

And now I think I’ll put my feet up, enjoy a glass of Alexander Valley Chardonnay, and read somebody else’s writing!

Readers: What’s your favorite way to celebrate an accomplishment or milestone?

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  1. Whoo Hoo! Happy Release Day Edith!

    Having been lucky enough to read the early draft I know that this is going to be a fun series to add to the Edith Universe.

    I hope that you have fun when you do your signing events out on the West Coast. I know that the Falmouth event sure was fun, especially dinner afterwards!

    I’m not sure that I generally have much to celebrate all the time but I usually just go out to dinner when the occasion calls for it.

  2. Hi Edith/Maddie! I loved Murder Uncorked and shared it with my friend who’s reading it now. I have spent the last 5 months changing how I eat and take care of myself. I am down 30 lbs and every 10 lbs, I celebrate with new-to-me clothes. I have a good ways to go but find it’s the best way to reward myself. aprilbluetx at yahoo dot com

  3. Congrats on the new series. When I finish I go out to lunch with friends. Not exciting but when I’m done I want to reconnect with those I may have neglected when I’m in the heat of writing.

  4. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND! Doing a happy dance for you today. LOVE the tea towel. By myself I’m terrible about celebrating. Need to get better at that. With friends, I love sitting with a glass of wine and laughing with friends.

  5. Terrific news about the launch. Looking forward to getting the first book in the series. California and wine country and murder…what’s not to love?
    Celebrations include food and good company. 🙂

  6. My husband and I like a glass of wine each evening, but that’s just our ordinary routine, I guess. As far as celebration, it would be going out to eat somewhere with family or friends. Our little “celebrations” after hiking in the desert during our winter stays in Arizona consist of going to the In and Out for a burger. 😊 We love those hamburgers and don’t have the In and Out fast food places in Iowa.
    I started Murder Uncorked yesterday and am quickly getting caught up in the story!

  7. I enjoy going out to dinner and having a glass of wine or a cocktail with my food, when I am celebrating an event or occasion.

  8. Congratulations! What a celebration! When there is a special occasion I create a feast for the family which is enjoyed and savored. We spend the afternoon talking, laughing and telling tall tales. All of them are true.

  9. Congratulations on your new book. I like to celebrate with a trip to the bookstore, coffee and something sweet!

  10. Congratulations, Edith! This sounds like a book I’ll enjoy. I like to celebrate with sparkling wine (usually Crémant de Bourgogne or Prosecco). The spouse & I like to visit nearby Virginia wineries.

  11. C.O.N.G.R.A.T.U.L.A.T.I.O.N.S!!!! Your new baby book has been born. Wohoo! This book is a knock-your-socks-off fun! From the very first couple of words, I knew I would be living in Cece’s world, and I did not want to stop… There were some parts that made me think there was an earlier story to this book, so I was delighted to find that Cece’s debut was actually in your novella “Christmas Mittens Murder”, so I also quickly read it, and now I am up-to-date in Cece’s adventures. I know that earlier you shared a part of my book review of Murder Uncorked on FB, so I am pleased that you liked what I wrote. I am thrilled to know that “DEADLY CRUSH” is almost finished, and will be published late next year (how can we make the clock go faster?) Thank you for imagining, experiencing, researching and putting together this fun-tastic mystery! Have a wonderful trip back here to California, and happy writing. Thank you for the hours of reading fun!!! Luis at ole dot travel

    1. Sorry that I did not answer your question: At our house we celebrate every day. It’s the law! We start the day with a hug and kiss, and we also end the day that way. In between, we marvel at every blessing that comes our way, and for VERY special occasions, we open up a good bottle of champagne. We also like for me to read cozies aloud, listen to audio books, or we read together and individually, plus we enjoy reading the comics in the newspaper and laugh a lot. Laughter is the best medicine…according to Reader’s Digest, but it is also scientifically correct 🙂

    2. Congratulations! I usually celebrate with my hubby and kids! And might even buy a new book or two, or three!!

  12. Congratulations on the release of “Murder Uncorked”! Fabulous start on a new series and a book I know everyone is going to love as much as I did.

    For me, I have two perfect places to relax, celebrate and regroup depending on the weather. My absolute favorite place is on our front porch with fans on, cold drink on the little table beside me and a book in my hand. It’s where I can enjoy the quiet of the country, the sights of our daily critter visitors or the view and take time to reflect on memories, relish the accomplishments or think out the future events. When cold weather descends and the aches and pain show up to accompany it, I head inside to my multiple adjustable recliner that helps with the aches and pains and sit in front of the fireplace with the same drink beside me as well as the book. (Always have a book to read close by.) On rare occasions, we celebrate something special with going out to our favorite restaurant. Nothing better than sharing that special event or time with my sweet hubby!

    Thank you for the fabulous chance to win one of you special wine tote bags and a wine-themed tea towel!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

      1. Edith, wish you could come sit a spell and visit. The critters will entertain and the quiet is nice too.

  13. Whenever a memorable event and celebration takes place I would love to travel if possible to a new destination or if not have a lovely, warm and unforgettable get together at home. Good, close family, warmth and fun.

  14. Congratulations, Edith. I’m looking forward to reading MURDER UNCORKED.

    How do I celebrate – wine, always wine. Big things with champagne, smaller (but no less important) things with some special Oregon Pinot Noir. Yum.

  15. Happy Release Day and Congratulations! As I am approaching the end of a manuscript (at last), I’ve been daydreaming about a nice spa foot soak followed by a pastry and coffee at the nice French place nearby. Then–and I kid you not–I want to steam clean the carpet in my study. Nothing says done with the old and onto the new project as a good clean rug!

  16. Now that we are retired, we celebrate life on a daily basis and end each day with happy hour for us and a good meal and a frozen hors de oeuvre for the pup. Our favorite places to celebrate are New Orleans and food, glorious food, the Florida Keys, used to be San Francisco and great Dim Sum along with an Art Deco Show and seafood, and we need to go back to Texas to eat some real Tex Mex with yellow cheese enchiladas. I won your book and can’t wait to read it especially after reading these comments. I would like to win the tote and tea towel to go with it. Thanks for reading this and writing your enjoyable books.

  17. Congratulations. My son lives in the Russian River Valley so this series speaks to me. I celebrate with an adult beverage, which one depends on the season.

  18. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read this. I tend to celebrate big accomplishments in two ways: Dinner with family/friends amplifies the joy. As a more permanent reminder, I add a new perennial to my garden. Every time I see that plant, shrub, or tree I’m reminded of that milestone.

    1. I love the planting celebration/memorial. We have a gorgeous big dogwood in our side yard planted forty years ago by the previous owners after a son died.

  19. Congratulations! I like to celebrate with my husband. Thank you for this chance.

  20. I can’t wait to read this! I truly enjoy all of your books and a glass of wine adds to the joy❤️

  21. I do something special for myself, like buy a book I’ve had my eye on or go out to eat.

  22. Whoo hoo! Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment, Edith/Maddie. I’ll be raising a toast to you tonight. And not just 32 books but 32 terrific books. So happy for you! Enjoy your trip! xo Shari (no need to enter me in the contest – I’ll get mine at the bookshop)

  23. Happy release day! My favorite way to unwind is to go out to dinner so I don’t have to cook. It doesn’t happen often but when it does then it is a real treat.

  24. Happy Release Day! I love to go out to dinner for a treat. I always cook and when I get a break it is so nice!

  25. Just finished the Cece Mittens story and loved it. And then the pre-ordered Murder Uncorked arrived today at Aaron’s. Already picked it up. What bliss.

    Celebrations begin with tapping the singing bowl and end with a glass of bubbly.

    1. Awesome for your release/congrats; I’d welcome the prize for sure. We go out for Chinese food for a celebration.

  26. A glass of wine and a meal with friends is the best way for me to celebrate.

  27. Congrats on the new book and series!
    We have had many lemon meringue pie worthy events in our family!

  28. Congratulations! To celebrate a special occasion I love to eat out at a favorite restaurant.

  29. Congratulations! I’ll have to find and read it! My family isn’t very big on celebrations, mostly because my husband’s parents didn’t do much to celebrate achievements or birthdays. I tend to buy myself a new book … teenlibn(at)hotmail(dot)com

  30. Happy book birthday! My favorite way to celebrate an accomplishment or special occasion to to go out or pick up a dinner from a nice restaurant. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless you.

  31. Having a special dinner with the family and having a special cake. One must always have a cake!!

  32. My favorite way to celebrate anything is a long ride in the country (if I can get away) and an ice cream sundae (even in mid New England winter) from one of the local creameries.

  33. Maddie
    Wow – so many things coming together at once! Can’t wait to read (and drink wine as I do). Jule Selbo

  34. We like to celebrate by discovering a new place to walk in nature. All of nature seems to celebrate with us. I can’t wait to read your new book and series. My daughter and grandchildren live in Sonoma, in California wine country.

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