A Weekend of Mystery: The New England Crime Bake and Midwest Mystery

It’s a big weekend of mystery! Half of the Wickeds will be out in the world meeting with writers, readers, and friends.

The New England Crime Bake

Liz and Edith will be at the New England Crime Bake in Dedham, MA, November 10-12.

Liz/Cate will be will be on the panel, “A Proper English Breakfast: Food in Fiction,” at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 11.

Edith/Maddie will be wandering around with no obligations except to have fun.

Hint: You might look for either or both of them in the bar. They’d love to say hello, and Edith will be wearing her fascinator at the banquet.

Other exciting draws at the conference include Guest of Honor Deborah Crombie and 6 of the 7 Jungle Red Writers. There are master classes, an Agents & Editors track, and all kinds of cool stuff.

If you are registered for Crime Bake, you can also take Barbara Ross’s online class–BEST OF CRIME BAKE: Barb Ross – A Killer Story Structure.

Midwest Mystery Conference

Julie/Julia will be at the Midwest Mystery Conference in Chicago on Saturday, November 11!

She’ll be moderating the panel – Murder Among Friends; Cozies at 10:30.


  • Julie Hennrikus, moderator
  • Juneau Black (Sharon Nagel and Jocelyn Cole)
  • JC Kenney (Friend of the Wickeds!)
  • Mia Manansala
  • Mindy Quigley

Readers: What are your plans for the weekend? Out and about like Edith, Liz, and Julie, or staying in with a good book like Sherry, Jessie, and Barb? Wherever you are and whatever you’d doing, we hope you have a great time this Veteran’s Day weekend.

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  1. Wickeds in the Wild! You are a busy bunch. I’ll be at the Midwest Mystery Conference, too! Looking forward to meeting Julie and hearing her panel. I’m a panelist on The Buzz on Audiobooks (1:45-2:30). I went to this conference last year and loved it. Great swag and great authors. And all about mystery!

  2. Sigh…I really had hoped to go to New England Crime Bake this year. With both Guest of Honor Deborah Crombie and Jenn McKinlay in attendance, I could’ve finished meeting all of the women of the Jungle Red Writers blog plus a few other authors I have wanted to meet for a while now…and get a bunch of books signed.

    Sadly, my debilitating need to pay my bills leaves me unable to attend. I’m certainly bummed but as the saying goes “S*** Happens”.

    I’m sure both conferences will be great for those in attendance. Here’s to one day raising a toast to the written word with you all someday soon.

    As for me, I’ll be having a usual weekend where I pay some of those aforementioned bills, read some books and write at least a couple of reviews for them. Plus I have to work on some music articles as well.

    Maybe next year will see me in attendance on Crimebake weekend!

  3. Looking forward to a great time at the Midwest Mystery Conference and wishing everyone a blast at Crime Bake! Have a great weekend, friends!

  4. Oh! It sounds like the Wickeds are in for some fun times. When you can gather with friends and make new ones too, it’s always a good time.

    No plans here for the weekend. Worked all week to get everything outside done in preparation for winter. So I see a time to rest, relax and read in my forecast. 🙂
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  5. Enjoy NE Crime Bake and MMC this weekend!

    It will be a quiet weekend for me in Ottawa, trying to catch up on some reading.
    Remembrance Day ceremonies are a big deal here in Ottawa. Most businesses are shut down until after 12:30 pm tomorrow.

    1. Grace, have a lovely, quiet weekend. Veteran’s Day, as we call it, is a bit more confused here when it’s on a weekend day. My little granddaughters have today off from school, their mom has Monday and my son-in-law doesn’t get is as a holiday, but rather as an elective personal day.

  6. I will be home with my husband, my books, and my tea with French Vanilla. Nothing could be better!

  7. My plan is to take the next four days off and do a deep fall cleaning of my home. I love organizing and cleaning so this is a great restful thing for me. I just finished a two month long election campaign so this is just what I need. aprilbluetx at yahoo dot com

    1. I, too, love a long weekend of deep cleaning. Not so much the cleaning, but the cleaning out and organizing. I’m going on a scrapbooking weekend next weekend, something I haven’d done in years and years, so I am right now having fun cleaning out all my scrapbooking supplies.

  8. Visiting the memorial cross that the city of Milton, Georgia puts up for deceased veterans twice a year. This one is for my father. They do this if you are a resident of the city even if the veteran never lived here. They stay up for two weeks. Otherwise staying home, watching the Texas Longhorn’s play football Saturday evening, finishing (I hope) the third book in the Riley Thorn series by Lucy Score (these are a hoot and kind of like Stephanie Plum mysteries but a little bit more), and finishing the jigsaw puzzle that I started the other day. Maybe bringing home a Mexican chicken, rice and beans for tonight.

  9. You are all tremendously busy in a fun way, now if it was videoed or ~zoomed~ we’d be able to see into your amazing recipe & mystery ways🤔.

    I am finishing another new spectacular book The Wishing Bridge by Viola Shipman
    I began it when it arrived on my doorstep, like many of your Book’s, all my favorite
    Author people are on auto-ship to my door.📚 Except except husband got ill & we needed to make a emergency meet with our surgeon. As a recent prostate cancer survivor it’s a smidge of a problem..After Mary Kay Andrews Bright Lights Big City 🎄 Christmas book which was fantastic, the beginning of this is awesome- every page pulls you farther in with excitement🎄 Much like everyone of each not your book’s📚 💗 Kathy

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