Cover Reveal – Murder at the Rusty Anchor #giveaway

News Flash: Eva Hanson Schweitzer is our lucky winner! Eva, congratulations, and please check your email.

Edith/Maddie writing from north of Boston, where pie-making supplies are at hand and my baby lettuces are hanging in there in the garden despite hard freezes.

After Murder on Cape Cod, all the Cozy Capers Book Group mysteries are named according to the place in fictional Westham where the murder takes place.

I introduced a pub named the Rusty Anchor in (I think) Murder in a Cape Cottage. I loved envisioning the interior with a fireplace going, a U-shaped bar, and rustic booths. Outside over the front door hangs an actual rusty anchor.

So when it came time to write book #6 in the series, I knew I wanted to stage a body in the Rusty Anchor. And now I can present the cover to you!

Isn’t that fun? Of course it isn’t exactly like the pub in my imagination (or on the page), but that’s fine. The story takes place in July, so the seasonal growth and the wet pavement fit. I’m not sure what the bird is supposed to be. Possibly an osprey; definitely a bird of prey.

The book releases June 25 next year, and of course it’s available for preorder in print and ebook. The audio version will follow closer to the release date.

Here’s the official blurb for Murder at the Rusty Anchor:

Set in a picturesque Cape Cod town, the latest in this cozy mystery series by the Agatha Award–winning author will delight fans of Lorna Barrett’s Booktown series and Kate Carlisle’s Bibliophile mysteries, as bike-shop owner Mackenzie “Mac” Almeida and her fellow book club sleuths solve a bookstore murder.

A rainy July weekend in Westham means the beaches are empty and business is dead at Mac’s Bikes, although it couldn’t be livelier inside the Rusty Anchor Pub. But come Monday, morning one patron is not so lively when the chef opens up and finds a body behind the bar. It’s last call for Bruce Byrne, a long-time high school teacher who’s been around so long it seems like he taught everybody.
When Mac’s librarian friend Flo makes the list of suspects, Mac gathers the Cozy Capers Book Group to clear her name. With no end in sight to the rain, the group has plenty of time to study the clues and sort through a roll call of suspects to determine who decided to teach Mr. Byrne a lesson. But with a killer desperate to cover their tracks, Mac and the group will be tested as never before.

Readers: What do you think of the cover and of the carnivorous bird carrying greens in its beak? Are you all caught up on the series? If you’re not, I’ll send one commenter one of the Cozy Capers books. If you are, I still have an ARC of Deep Fried Death to give away!

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  1. I’m all caught up and looking forward to this one. I do like the cover, but what are the greens? Bittersweet?

  2. Love the cover, and yes I am caught up with your Cozy Capers Book Group series.

    And my herbs and hardy greens (kale, Swiss chard, mint, lemon verbena) are still hanging on despite several freezes. I am going to bring some perennial herbs (bay laurel, rosemary, chives, thyme) to harvest/air dry or keep indoors for the winter.

  3. Great series! Love the cover! I’m not caught up with the series yet. I think that bird looks kinda like a gray hawk?? Wonder how (or if) he fits into the story!

  4. I’m loving the book cover Edith, even if the pub design doesn’t fit how you describe it in the book.

  5. Frist off, I am a huge fan of all your books! I’m excited to revisit Westham, read what Max and the Cozy Capers Book Group are up to and how they go about clearing Flo. Can’t wait for the opportunity to read and review “Murder at the Rusty Anchor”. I’ve already added it to my TBR list.

    Love the cover and it’s a fabulous addition to the Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery series from the wet and waiting umbrella to the spilled drink. The bird with the sprig of holly got me to thinking and doing some research. A sprig of holly, if it offers protection, will also bring good fortune. But beware, that fortune can quickly turn to bad if you do not follow Christmas tradition. Superstition says that the decorations must be taken down by twelfth night (6th January) – otherwise you will have bad luck. It is very important to dispose of the holly in the correct way. A ceremonial burning or burying in the garden is what is required. On the cover, maybe the bird flying off the sprig of holly is showing that their luck has run out because someone has taken away their holly protection.

    Thank you for the fabulous opportunity to win an ARC of “Deep Fried Death”!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  6. What a fun cover, Edith! I especially like the anchor above the door, given the pub’s name. Cheers!

  7. Congratulations on another book! I love the cover and the bird is beautiful. The detail on his wings is wonderful. I only have Books 4 and 5 in this series so would love to win one of the others. Thanks for the chance.

  8. HAPPY AND DELICIOUS THANKSGIVING to all! Maddie, the cover is beautiful, and tells a story that will unravel as we read! I am excited to have one more adventure with our friend Mac Almeida happening next year! Otimo! I need to hurry up and read Murder at a Cape Bookstore!!!! Thank you so much/Muitissimo obrigado! Luis at ole dot travel

  9. The cover is great and really fits with how I imagine Westham to be. The bird looks ominous, a warning of bad hinges to come. I am caught up on the series.

  10. I love the cover, the bird, and the series. I am all caught up on the Cape Cod series, and the Country Store series as well, except for the release of Deep Fried Death ( love that cover as well) I just pre-ordered Murder at the Rusty Anchor…

  11. Hi Edith – I love this series. I have read two books so far (Murder on Cape Cod and Murder in a Cape Cottage) . I love the bird with the greens in its mouth. Happy Thanksgiving! aprilbluetx at yahoo dot com

  12. No I am not caught up on this series. I love your new cover and the blurb. Thank you so much for the chance. Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Love the cover! Great series. I’m behind on the series, looking forward to catching up this winter. Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. I’m so excited for this AND Deep Fried Murder! I love both series and I am caught up on both. I do like the cover. It is the type that draws me in (even if I wasn’t a fan).

  15. I love the cover! Can’t wait to read this. Sadly i am not all caught up. I still need to get Murder at a Cape Bookstore. This is a great series

  16. Just preordered this today after reading today’s blog. Also waiting for Deep Fried Murder. I am all caught up with all your series.

    I like the cover except I don’t think the pub looks quite cozy enough. Overhead light seems wrong.

  17. I like the cover….but I really look forward to your storytelling. I am currently reading this series-just finished book 2- after reading all of the Country Store series (love that one). Hope to be all caught up when this one comes out.

  18. I have read the entire series and look forward to this next book. I love the cover – very eye catching and colourful.

  19. The cover does make me want to step inside the pub. I am all caught up with the series. Looking forward to reading this book. Happy Thanksgiving and congratulations on being a Grandma.

  20. Congrats! I’m so excited about a new Cozy Capers Mystery. I love all the different elements of the cover: the anchor, the wet sidewalk, the umbrella, the outside of the bar, the spilled drink on the table… I’m reserving judgement on the bird clutching the holly ‘tho. LOL I usually love Kensington’s book covers so I’m sure it’ll be fabulous.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. I like the cover of Murder at the Rusty Anchor. The addition of the bird is a bit different I would agree. I love the Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery series and I’m caught up ready for this new addition, but I think I’ll visit Indiana first to catch up with Robbie.

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