Opening Lines

Write an opening line for the picture below.


Edith: The new three-foot by six-foot patch of grass was greening up nicely under the tree, but I still couldn’t bring myself to leave the house. Once you’ve killed and buried someone, there’s just no going back.

Barb: “I get that the windows are gone,” Carmine said. “What I don’t get is how they blew out.”

Liz: The serene lake view was marred only by the slightly battered red truck. It’s front tires obscured by the lake water and the slight stench of decaying flesh wafted through the spring air.

Jessie: It had been so easy to push James off the ladder and headfirst out the window. Sinking him in the bay during broad daylight had been a little trickier.

Readers: What’s your opening?

13 Thoughts

  1. No opening, but I know how the window blew outward…those windows were in the kitchen – right? 🙂

  2. The warm breeze blew in through the windows, making me want to go enjoy the water. Too bad I had to stay inside and clean up the evidence of the murder I committed.

  3. The view was so peaceful. The water lapped around the base of the bridge. I hoped no one ever found the 4 bodies buried at the base of the bridge.

  4. Babs sipped her protein shake and considered that she was most unhappy with her room assignment at the OCD Therapy Center. The picture simply WOULD lean to the left no matter how often she straightened it; it was enough to drive her to drink–or perhaps… to murder most compulsive.

  5. Sherry knew that she had to leave the kitchen at some point. She just wanted to be sure that she had erased all traces of last night’s “incident” before she went to meet Bob.

  6. I can still picture her there, enjoying her coffee as she sat starring into the water. She had no idea it would her last morning to do so.

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