Wicked Wednesday: Signs of Spring

This winter has been a rough one weather-wise for just about everyone.  As an antidote, today, we’re talking about signs of spring. Maybe some of you have spring actually popping up in your neighborhood that you’d like to share. Others, like me, might have to mention what they are still longing to see. Readers, how do you know spring is in the air near you?

Liz: I saw the slightest hint of the tulips peeking out this weekend! I am LONGING for a more blatant hint of spring to hit me over the head – perhaps weather above 10 degrees for more than a day would do it. I feel like I’m starring in the movie “Frozen.”

IMG_3386Edith: For me it’s the longer days. I (and Sherry!) just returned from California with its mild temperatures and lovely fragrant air. But here in the northeast we finished dinner last night at seven PM and it was still light out. The light returns and ultimately the regrowth of spring. The snow banks haven’t melted enough yet to find the budding bulbs, but they will. If we don’t get another foot of snow today…

IMG_4264IMG_4307Sherry: Liz you made me laugh — Frozen indeed! I want to sing “Let it Go” to winter. I saw crocus last week before I left for Monterey. They are now covered in snow. After yesterday’s snow and today’s cool forties we are supposed to be in the mid to upper 60s at last. I have to post a picture of my beloved Monterey. The ice plant is beginning to bloom, a sign of spring there. I want to move back.

Jessie: I’ve seen a few neighbors walking to the post office or the library. This may not seem like much but considering the complete emptiness of the sidewalks for months now it feels that way to me. Before long I expect children on bicycles and parents with strollers to roll past my window.

Julie: Signs of spring? Opening day is April 4. I have tickets for April 8. Of course, I will be wearing layers, and layers of clothes. And hope the snow doesn’t cover the pitching mound. Yeesh.