Opening Lines – Patriot’s Day

In honor of Patriot’s Day write an opening line for this picture taken at Minute Man National Historic Park in Lincoln, Massachusetts. IMG_3552 Edith: I told him if he went into the woods with that strumpet one more time, I’d blast him all the way to the frontier.

Sherry: They thought since my husband was off fighting with the Regulars that they could come on my property. I changed their minds.

Jessie: Waiting around for someone else to bring home dinner had never been Martha’s style.

Barb: You could see them in the woods because of their bright red coats.

Liz: I thought I heard a noise out in the woods. I fired a warning shot or two just in case.

Julie: Damn squirrels. Rats with nice tails. Not even good eating.

19 Thoughts

  1. Her husband gone to fight with the Regulars,she takes over the duties of protecting the family and providing food.

  2. That damn mocking bird had kept me awake for 2 weeks now and he was now going to a pile of feathers…….little did I know when I fired that _________ was going to walk by.

    fill as needed!

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