Stick with the Wickeds Contest!

We are so excited that this year all of the Wickeds will be able to attend the

Malice 2013, with Liz on a stick.
Malice 2013, with Liz on a stick.

Malice Domestic Conference in Bethesda, MD. At many conferences one of us is missing and we console ourselves by bringing her along on a stick.

Liz and Edith with a grand dame of New England cozy mystery, Katherine Hall Page, and Sherry on a stick at Bouchercon 2013.

To celebrate 100% attendance we have decided to run a contest to take one reader along with us — on a stick. Maybe you’d like to have as much fun as Barb Goffman did at Crime Bake last November.

If so,  just leave a comment on anything we post on the blog between Friday, April 18 (today) and Tuesday, April 22. We will announce the randomly selected winner on Wednesday, April 23.

Barb starts the morning with a cup of coffee.
Barb starts the morning with a cup of coffee.

All we will need from the winner is their photo emailed to us by Saturday, April 26 along with a list of favorite authors attending Malice. We will introduce your stick figure self to as many of them as possible and ask for them to autograph your back.

But you can’t win if you don’t enter so why don’t you leave a comment below telling us which famous author you’d love to meet?


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  1. I’ll be at Malice but often there are 2 or more panels at the same time that I want to attend and since we won’t be given clones with our book bags that’s just not possible. Being on a stick will get me to more events at Malice. I don’t believe I’ve met any of the Wickeds yet.

  2. First, I would love to meet Barbara Ross – you’ve been so kind with your email advice! But I’ld love to meet all the Wickeds too!

  3. I haven’t met any of the Wickeds yet either. I think I’ve met many of the authors I’d love to meet. Outside of you ladies, I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head.

      1. I’d love to go, but I’m in So Cal and it’s all the way across the country. Plus I’m unemployed right now. Hoping to make it to Bouchercon this year if funds allow.

  4. Not only do I love all the Wicked authors, you all have the most clever contests and a just a fun blog!

  5. I’d like to meet Earlene Fowler and Margaret Maron. I have a traditional mystery of my own coming out next spring, so hopefully I’ll get to attend Malice Domestic 2015 in person!

  6. I would—of course—LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to meet all the Wickeds! I would also love to meet all the Jungle Reds, all former authors of Murderati, and all former authors of The Lipstick Chronicles—but including and especially—Kathy Reschini Sweeney. And as long as we are playing I Wish I Had Million Dollars, I will add Louise Penny who was so very kind to me and Kendall.

  7. This would be the absolutely coolest way to attend Malice since I can’t be there in person. I’m hoping to make it to Crime Bake this year, so perhaps I will get to meet the Wickeds in person. 🙂

  8. I gotta say- my favorite Malice Authors are my fellow Sisters in Crime- Edith Maxwell, Jessie Crockett, Barb Ross, Julie Hennrikus, Sherry Harris, and the absent Liz Mugavero. How can you not like that gang?
    Should I win, photo is available on my website:

  9. Oh my gosh you ladies are so smart. I can’t be at Malice this year but I’d love to go on your stick:). I would want to attend the banquet too because I know so many of the nominees and love their books. Would I have to buy my own ticket even if my paper-stick self ate very lightly?? Love you guys!

  10. oh, and now I wish (for the millionth time) that I was able to attend Malice in person this year. I would love to meet the attendee-on-a-stick and buy him/her a drink ; )

  11. Having shared a panel with her, I knew Sherry Harris is a delight at conferences. I started reading this blog because she was so smart and fun, and figured she must hang out with other smart and fun people–and I was right! This contest is wonderful. I’m sorry I won’t be at Malice this year, but there is no way I’m missing next year.

  12. Wow – I’ve always wanted my head on a stick! Wait a minute, make that a picture of my head on a stick. I won’t be at Malice this year, but in the capable hands of the Wicked Cozies I know my head attached to a stick would have a better time than my head attached to my body. Or something like that.

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