The Agatha Best Short Story Nominees

by Barb
I know it seems impossible, but still waiting for spring on a cold, rainy day

It all started with Leslie Budewitz and the great blog post she wrote about the Agatha-nominated books for Best First Novel. I thought it was such a good idea, I “borrowed” it and blogged about the Agatha-nominated Best Contemporary Novels over on Maine Crime Writers.

Today I’m going to continue a good idea and blog about the Agatha-nominated Best Short Stories. As a lover of short stories, and one of the co-editors of an annual anthology of crime stories, it’s easy for me to share my enthusiasm about these wonderful tales. There are links to all the stories here on the blog. My best advice is, try them, you’ll love them!

The Agatha Awards honor the “traditional mystery.” That is to say, books best typified by the works of Agatha Christie as well as others. The are given in six categories: Best Contemporary. Best Historical, Best First, Best Short Story, Best Nonfiction and Best Children’s/Young Adult. The winners will be announced at the 2013 Agatha Awards banquet to be held at the Malice Domestic conference on Saturday, May 3, 2014.

And the Agatha nominees for Best Short Story are published in 2013 are:

“Evil Little Girl” by Barb Goffman

Don't Get Mad Get EvenBarb Goffman has not one, but two stories nominated for Agatha Best Short. Both appear in her powerhouse collection Don’t Get Mad, Get Even: 15 Tales of Revenge and More, published by Wildside Press.

About “Evil Little Girl” Barb says:

I went to a wonderful sleep-away camp in Connecticut as a kid. I remember the smell of the grass, the songs, the sports, the friendships…That was the world I wanted to recreate for “Evil Little Girl.”

You can read the complete short story “Evil Little Girl” by clicking here.

“Nightmare” by Barb Goffman

Barb’s second Agatha-nominated story is “Nightmare.”

About “Nightmare” Barb says:

Sometimes I wake up in the night hearing voices in my head. Characters fully developed, telling me their story. On good nights, I get up, grab a pen and paper, and write down what they say. That is how “Nightmare” was born.

You can read the complete short story “Nightmare” by clicking here.

The Hindi Houdini by Gigi Pandian

Fishnets the Second Guppy Anthology“The Hindi Houdini” debuted in Fishnets: The Second Guppy Anthology, published by Wildside Press.

About “The Hindi Houdini” Gigi says:

In “The Hindi Houdini,” magician Sanjay Rai, aka The Hindi Houdini, solves a locked room mystery at the Napa Valley winery theater where he performs. A magician and escape artist, Sanjay chose the moniker “The Hindi Houdini” because it paid homage to his Indian heritage and his favorite illusionist—and because he liked the rhyme better than Hindu Houdini.

You can read the complete short story “The Hindi Houdini” by clicking here.

The Care and Feeding of House Plants by Art Taylor

Ellery Queen“The Care and Feeding of House Plants” was published in the March/April 2013 issue of Ellery Queen Magazine.

About Art Taylor, Ellery Queen says:

Art Taylor is becoming one of the most distinguished short-story writers of his generation. Since his debut in 1995, he’s sold nearly three dozen short stories, several of which have received critical recognition.

You can read the complete short story “The Care and Feeding of House Plants,” by clicking here.

Bread Baby by Barbara Ross

Best New England Crime Stories Stone ColdI am thrilled to have my story “Bread Baby” in such distinguished company. “Bread Baby” was included in Best New England Crime Stories 2014: Stone Cold published by Level Best Books.

Here’s how I describe “Bread Baby.”

“Bread Baby” somehow combines an Oprah-like figure, a powerful cartel of Manhattan executive assistants, and tantawawa, bread figures made by the Andean Indians and offered to their ancestors on the Day of the Dead.

You can read the complete short story “Bread Baby” by clicking here.

I can’t wait for next week and our panel at Malice Domestic (9:00 am Saturday in the Lalique Room.)

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  2. Thanks so much for doing this, Barb! I’m planning a similar post when my next day comes up at 7 Criminal Minds this Friday. And look forward to meeting you this weekend. Can’t believe Malice is almost here!

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