Opening Lines

Write an opening line for the picture below:IMG_4214_2

Liz: I would’ve made it out of town if it weren’t for that stupid headlight blowing out.

Edith: Whew. Got the bloody knife hidden in that ground cover just in time. Long as this cop can’t read minds…

Barb: Uh-oh.

Jessie: I can explain.

Sherry: Are you the one that called 911 saying his wife was up a tree and wouldn’t come down?

13 Thoughts

  1. No, officer. Really I was watering a tree. With water. The real kind of water. Tree watering water. Real water. Not the used kind. Water, water. What do you mean show you my hose?

      1. Lil, I can’t help it. It itches, and I have to scratch. I used to do a stand-up once a year at the Divinity School. I dressed up as a Catholic bishop in full regalia I borrowed from a friend. For that I won a dinner with theologian Harvey Cox. Actually I didn’t win. My hallmate Hạnh, the Buddhist monk, won and gave it to me. So, Harvey and I went for tapas, and I asked him about his trip to the Vatican archives, and what was in the third letter from Lourdes, and why didn’t the pope review the contents as he was supposed to, because Mary told him to, and doesn’t Mary trump the pope… ? I feel a mystery coming on… I’ll never be able to write it, of course. My aunts from Dorchester would tie me to a rock and throw me in the Neponset River. xo

      2. I am very glad I found you all. It’s fun and informative, and you guys are a hoot. Reine, they’ll never get away with it. I’l know. Your mystery sounds as if it would be very mystical. Just make a note. 🙂

  2. No really, officer. It’s called running. People do it for fun just as the sun is coming up and before the park lights are off.

    (Yeah, I know, pretty bad. I mean, the guy is obviously not even in running clothes. But I can’t stop laughing at Sherry’s opening line to come up with a better one myself.)

      1. I myself was running in my jeans yesterday, just to see if I could. And I could, for about four minutes, artificial knee and all. Very reassuring.

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