Happy Book Birthday — ‘Til Dirt Do Us Part

TilDirtAmazonCoverToday we celebrate the second book of Edith’s Local Foods Mystery series, ‘Til Dirt Do Us Part. Booklist has this to say about ‘Til Dirt Do Us Part: “The organic-farming backdrop ably supports a twisted and timely plot. There are plenty of farming-based cozies on the market today, but this one stands out in what is becoming a crowded field.

Sherry: Happy book birthday, Edith! I’m so excited to read the final version of the second book in this series! Have a fabulous day!

Liz: Yay!! I’ve been waiting for ‘Til Dirt for what seems like forever! I can’t wait to read about the rescue chickens 🙂

Jessie: Happy Book 2 Birthday, Edith!  I hope you are doing something fabulous to celebrate. I agree with Liz about the chickens. They sound like such fun.

Barb: Happy Book Birthday, Edith! It will be such a pleasure to return to Westbury and find out what’s up on Cam’s farm.

Julie: Happy Book #2! What a perfect time of year to read about Cam’s latest adventures. Congratulations!!!

Thanks for helping us celebrate the arrival of ‘Til Dirt Do Us Part!

12 Thoughts

  1. Aw, thank you, everybody! I’m delighted the book is out, at last. My celebration, oddly, will be to write most of the day. But perhaps there will be something bubbly later on.

  2. Congrats, Edith–another “growing season” comes to a successful “harvest”!

  3. Yay, Edith. I ordered the book and it came in just a few days later! I finished it over the weekend. You did a great job of integrating the farming business into the story without it overwhelming the plot. I’m sure you spent many hours working it in so it looks easy!

    Love the addition of the rescue chickens. My only disappointment is that now I’ve finished it! I’ll have to satisfy myself with sharing the story with others and getting them to buy their own copies.

    1. You’re a true fan, Claire! So glad you liked the story (and yes, you know full well how long it takes to write and polish a book…).

  4. I wrote all about my best friend’s organic farm inside the DC beltway on another of these blogs. It’s been organic forever. They owned it since pre Civil War Days. Keeping this farm in such a heavily populated area is no easy task. No dead body there as yet, unless you count the chickens for dinner. Definitely want to get into this series. What fun it’s going to be to read and review this new book—-while munching on organic blueberries!!

    1. You’ll like the series, then, Ronna. And your friend will, too! I still pick lots of blueberries each summer and freeze them – can’t go through a winter without them.

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