Wicked Wednesday: The Cam Flaherty Fan Club

On Wicked Wednesdays, we Wickeds weigh in on a subject. This week we are Til Dirt do us Part Covercelebrating the launch of ‘Til Dirt Do Us Part, the latest in the Local Foods mystery series. So the question is, what do we like about the protagonist of the series, Cam Flaherty?

Jessie: I like that Cam’s spunky and is not afraid to get her hands dirty both literally and figuratively. She works hard to grow her business and to build a community around it.

Liz: Cam’s a cool lady – she’s not afraid to take risks, she’s a fierce believer in local farms and local foods, and she’s dedicated to clean eating. She’s also got no fear – and I totally respect that!

Sherry: I love Cam because Edith’s passion for local foods and organic farms shines through Cam. Cam’s an introvert and has to challenge herself to face that issue so her farm will be a success. It adds another layer of depth to Edith’s books.

Barb: I like the challenge Edith has set for herself as a writer with Cam. Cam is an introvert and a computer programmer who’s lived most of her life in her head. In the Local Food Mysteries, Cam moves from the intellectual realm to the intensely physical, and from a solitary pursuit to one where she can only get by with a little help from her friends–she has to live in and rely on her community. In some ways it’s the ultimate fish out of water story, but in others, it’s a recognizable and believable journey.

Julie: I love that Cam is carrying the family tradition forward. She is farming her uncle’s land, and is determined to make a go of it. That says so much about her character, and it helps support her searches for justice.

MaxFarmerEdith: <Blowing kisses to my blogmates: mwah!> I created Cam twenty years ago when I was a farmer myself, and I wanted a protagonist who wasn’t anything like me. So she’s way taller, younger (so now she’s WAY younger), a geek good with numbers and data where I’m more of a story/words type, single, and an introvert. I have introverted aspects, but I also love being among people I know well, and am just a little bit famous for getting down on the dance floor.

And I think it’s very cool that others see parts of Cam, and Cam in the books, that I had no idea I was writing, or that emerged as part of the stories with no intention on my part.

Readers: What’s your view of this tall, somewhat awkward new farmer? How’s she been doing so far? Where would you like to see her going, in romance, in farming, in life?

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  1. Cam has integrity and is true to her principles. I think that’s what I like most about her. Introversion, something we have in common, is tool that can get in our way, because what we do or create is usually made to benefit others and be shared. That’s why they pay us. Cam works with this, because she needs to. I hope she continues to move outward in ways that are comfortable to her. Introverts often engage in the same activities that extroverts do, but they may take part differently or for different reasons. I think what’s so promising for Cam are the possibilities for her as a farmer and the social environment that it connects with.

  2. I certainly enjoy the way Cam has grown over the years since you first envisioned her. Keep it up, Edith. Just think of all the havoc she can encounter in farmers’ markets, wherever competitors gather.

  3. I’ve only read the second book, but I liked that she knew something she had to do but couldn’t quite pull it off. That felt very real to me. I don’t want it to continue long term, but for this book I liked it.

    (Hope that isn’t too much of a spoiler.)

    1. Now I don’t even remember what you’re talking about, Mark! (Or maybe I do…)
      Funny. But I’m glad Cam felt real to you.

      1. I guess I didn’t spoil it in that case. I did tell you about it in the e-mail I sent last week, however, if you want to refresh your memory.

  4. I love that Cam recognizes her own growth, especially as she gets drawn out of her shell. She’s changing and is aware of it. I also like that she is treading carefully with Jake, who has some issues he needs to deal with. I won’t add any spoilers, but I do like that Cam has my initials.

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