Opening Lines

Write an opening line for this picture:


Liz: The crowd of obsessed fans worked in my favor. Now that the guard had turned his back to address the mayhem, I could make my move.

Barb: They were at the gate again this morning. I was grateful for their loyalty, especially in the face of my current little troubles. Though I couldn’t help but wonder, how many came to honor my body of work, and how many out of prurient sexual curiosity?

Jessie: Say what you want about the times changing; people still get excited when the circus comes to town.

Sherry: I shaded my eyes with my hand. Everyone was so anxious to catch a glimpse of the queen that I was the only one who spotted the UFO hovering over the palace.

Edith: That’s the last time I ever try to slip under the red restraining cord. I lost my favorite leather bag, my nose is still crooked from being broken, and blimey, I lost my favorite sunglasses, too, not to mention the guy I was tailing.

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13 Thoughts

  1. Sherry, you made me laugh. Love it!

    I was feeling pretty special. Here was an entire crowd taking pictures of me. And then I felt the gun in my back and realized my greatest humiliation was going to be published for all to see.

  2. Constable James is showing off the latest in fall sportswear, and from the number of photos being taken, it appears to be a big hit.

  3. I searched the crowd for anyone that seemed out of place. With all the cameras and cell phones I couldn’t make out some of their faces! And then, there she was. The only one not taking in the spectacle. Looking away as if she knew before hand what was going to happen. I had to catch her before she disappeared into the ever growing crowd.

  4. The crowd scene in Matt Smith’s first episode as The Doctor. The Eleventh Hour.

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