Wicked Wednesday: Back to Work, Back to School

janetHere we are, post Labor Day. For most of us it surely means the approach of fall, vacation time over, getting serious about work and/or school again. Wickeds and readers, what are your favorite things about the first week in September? Do you like the onset of fall or dread it? How to you plan to get focused again, if you weren’t in the summer?

Edith: Sigh. I love, love, love summer. And fall brings sadness with the end of delicious tomatoes, sweet green beans, local peaches, and sunny beach visits. But cooler temperatures also make it easier to focus on work. And there’s something cozy about pulling out the sweaters and boots – heck, even the long pants – and thinking about cooking soups and stews again.

summerLiz: I love summer too and hate to see it go. I could live on the beach and be happy. But I love fall too – cool air, vibrant leaves, pumpkins and Halloween. The only bad part is what comes after…but we don’t need to think about that yet! Wiith the onset of fall comes the mindset shift from beach days to desk days. It’s time to buckle down and get some work done, open the windows and enjoy the cool air. It’s a productive time of year.

Barb: When I lived in the mid-Atlantic states, spring was my favorite season. But when I moved to New England, I had to switch my allegiance to the fall. New England has the most glorious falls. I love the leaves changing, the cooler days, even the occasional rainy day. I love that the students are back in town with all their chattering energy. The sight of UHauls parked on my street makes me smile. And I love that, nine months after the new year, I get another new start. A reboot with endless possibilities.

fallJessie: I love all the seasons. Even winter, well, except last year! So  as much as I feel deeply grieved at leaving the beach at the end of summer I love the revitalizing feeling of fall. My kids go back to school and I have over 7 glorious hours each day to work. It’s also a great season for one of my favorite passions, knitting. Which reminds me, I need to pick out something to work on at all the soccer practices and games.

Sherry: Most of this summer has felt like fall and now September feels like summer. Since I had an August deadline for book two in the Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mysteries, now is my time to take a breath and relax. I recently did one of those online quizzes so you find out who your celebrity boyfriend/hippie name/type of house you should live in/career is supposed to be. One of them asked what’s your favorite season I surprised myself by realizing it is fall — I’ve always thought of myself as a summer girl. And just in case you care about my quiz results they are: Channing Tatum/Joy/Cottage/Writer.

Julie: For me, fall means a real switch into a more regimented work mode. I teach classes at Emerson. Work at StageSource picks up. The theater seasons kicks in. Summer isn’t exactly lazy hazy days (especially with book deadlines), but does have a freedom to it. Since I live in Boston, and there are so many students here, this is really my new year beginning. I like some things about fall, actually many things. But I hate having to bundle up again, and I dread winter.

Readers: What about you?

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  1. Oh… fall, no question. But we don’t have fall in Arizona. We have summer. Wicked hot summer. What were we thinking?

    1. You were thinking NO SNOW, Reine! I wish I had a little more southwest in my life. Better watch out, I’ll take another road trip and come visit one of these days.

      1. That might have been it, but I really do love snow! Ice, even. Cuddling up with a book in a blanket. Cold weather food. And I look better in my winter clothes.

  2. The colors and it used to be the odor of burning leaves…then after Fall I can look forward to sitting in front of the fireplace reading!

  3. As my grandmother used to say (tongue in cheek), “Horses sweat, men perspire, and ladies glow.” I definitely glow in hot weather–not my favorite thing. I vote for fall in New England. It’s bittersweet–a wonderful last burst of vivid color before the world goes gray for the winter.

  4. I love Christmas (collect Hallmark ornaments, in fact), so I do enjoy that season of the year. But on the whole I am not a fan of fall. We get the Santa Anna wins in So Cal, and I hate wind. Plus it means winter is coming, and I hate the cold. And yes, I know even typing that makes me a So Cal wimp, but so be it. Give me heat any day of the week.

    Of course, this year we are all praying for rain because we truly need it. Lots of nice gentle rain so this drought will end.

    1. Years ago we moved from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Los Angeles. We were mystified by all the people bundled up when it hit sixty. By the next year we were bundled up when it hit 60 and could identify the tourists by how people were dressed. And I hope you get rain soon!

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