Happy Book Birthday–Rogue Wave!

This weekend was not only the New England Crime Bake, it was the launch of Best New England Crime Stories 2015; Rogue Wave, Level Best Book’s twelfth annual anthology of short stories by New England Authors. Barb’s been a Level Best co-editor/co-publisher for five years along with Mark Ammons, Katherine Fast and Leslie Wheeler.

RogueWaveFrontCoverWhat’s in store this year? Let’s take a look:

Cops, kooks, creeps and cons
Wily cats and wacky grandmas
Hoods, histories, and crafty whodunits
Nothing is spared by a Rogue Wave

Get swept up in this year’s tsunami of twenty-nine never before seen crime stories from a bevy of New England’s award-winning mystery writers joined by several of the region’s most compelling new voices.

From classic mysteries to dead celebrities–some light, some dark, some flat-out scary. some downright funny–Level Best Books twelfth annual anthology presents a veritable rogues’ gallery of the best in original New England crime writing. Surf’s up!

Rogue Wave authors lined up to sign, from our New England friend Dale Phillips and his Crime Bake report (http://www.daletphillips.com/crimebake.html)

Here’s what we like about the Level Best series:

Liz: I love these books. The diversity of the authors is rich and gifts readers with a completely different reading experience every time they pick the book up. The talent is immense and every year makes me proud to be a New England crime writer – one that is determined to finish a short story in enough time to be considered for the anthology one of these years!

Sherry: Every year I not only look forward to Crime Bake but also to the latest Level Best anthology of short stories. I’m not a short story writer and I’d admire those writers who can tell an intriguing tale in such a short amount of time. In every one there is something that makes me laugh and something that makes my heart pound. Congratulations to the editors and authors of Rogue Wave. I can’t wait to read it.

Co-editor Kat Fast with authors Louisa Clerici and Pamela Oberg

Jessie: I have a particular soft spot for short stories, especially when collected into an anthology. These little gems do all the work of a novel but in so much less space. The level of craft always astonishes me and I envy those who write them well. And, I also always love the titles of the Level Best series!

Edith: Such a treat to see the lineup of authors signing books on Saturday. I’ve been in one of those chairs three times in twelve years (out of more than eleven submissions) – all before I had completed a novel – and always felt honored. And my rejected story this year has found a home in a different KateCaritosigninganthology, so it’s all good, as Julie says. A certain Kate Carito and Gregory William Allen each had their debut short story pubs, too, and were delighted. My writers’ group pal Doug Hall’s story was accepted, as well – also his debut fiction publication. The volume kicks off with Al Blanchard Award winner Michael Nethercott – who we featured right here on the blog recently. Now that Crime Bake is over, I am adjourning directly to the couch to read the night away.

Julie: Level Best was my first publisher, and I’ve had three stories published by them. I was THRILLED to get Rogue Wave signed this weekend by the 23 attending authors. Congratulations to the authors, and thank you to the editors!

Readers: Which is your favorite anthology of short stories? Do you like short over long, or do you read both? Writers, did you start with short stories before going on to novels, or the reverse? Or do you only write in one format, like some of the Wickeds?

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  1. I love anthologies, of course, and it is extra fun to have the inside track when an anthology is being planned. i particularly love the arrival of stories based on a theme–the individual takes on one basic idea can be astounding. I had the pleasure of judging an anthology last summer. It was a blind read, so when the authors included were announced, it turned out I never about half of them. Didn’t recognize their stories at all! That was a treat.
    I can’t give a favorite anthology, although I have a special place in my heart for Fish Tales. Myself? I am, was, and ever shall be a short story writer at heart, but I do other things.
    Great to have you all back from Crime Bake!

  2. Great post, and thanks for including our picture. I so enjoy being part of the Crime Bake family, and being included in the anthology is an extra treat. Now my TBR pile is HUGE, and I love knowing that I met the authors of each of the new books in that stack.

  3. I’m not a big short story fan. I’ve read a few anthologies, but I always find them hit or miss. Some stories I love and others leave me cold.

    1. With Best New England Crime stories we do try to include a broad swath of stories–short, long, dark, funny, traditional and wild, so, depending on your taste, it probably is hit and miss, “by design.” You should hear the fights among the co-editors!

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