Happy Book Birthday–Bluffing Is Murder!

This week the Wickeds are celebrating two, count’em two, book releases in one week. Today we’re launching Bluffing is Murder, the latest Lauren Rousseau Mystery by Tace Baker, aka Edith Maxwell.

bluffingcoverHere’s what this second-in-the-series book is about:

Summer promises to be anything but easy for Quaker linguistics professor Lauren Rousseau in this thrilling sequel to Speaking of Murder. With her boyfriend Zac returning to Haiti to visit his family, Lauren is on her own in Ashford, Massachusetts—and danger is never far behind.

“Still reeling from an attack by her student’s murderer, Lauren decides to brush up on her karate and finds herself drawn to handsome sensei Dan Talbot. During a run near the sea bluffs, she discovers the corpse of her insurance agent, Charles Heard, who is also a Trustee for one of the oldest land trusts in the country. Earlier that day, Lauren had a public argument with Heard over her policy— and is now a suspect in the case.Determined to clear her name, Lauren sets out to discover the real story behind the mismanaged land trust, the dead man’s volatile sister—and a possible link to her own father’s mysterious death more than a decade ago. But a near miss with a car, snippets of strange conversations in French and Farsi, slashed tires, and finding yet another attack victim on the beach make it clear that Lauren is also a target—and the killer is closing in.Can Lauren discover the killer before she becomes the next victim?

Barb: Congratulations, Edith, er, Tace! Your productivity continues to amaze me. I’ve read Bluffing, so I know what a treat your readers are in for. Here’s what I said. “In this page-turner of a mystery, linguistics professor Lauren Rousseau uses her smarts, her Quaker faith, and her summer vacation to bring a vicious murderer, and a secret from her own past, into the light.”

Liz: Yay Tace/Edith! So proud of you and your success, and can’t wait for this next one. I very much enjoyed the first Lauren, and can’t wait for this one.

Sherry: Another book, Edith! I’m amazed at the different voices in each of your books. I look forward to reading Bluffing!

Jessie: Congratulations, Edith on another release! It is fun to see all the sides to your career.

Julie: Congratulations Tace/Edith!! Looking forward to reading about Lauren’t next adventure.

Edith: You guys are awesome. Thank you!

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