Westward Ho — Julie and Sherry go to Left Coast Crime


The view from our room!

Julie and Sherry were so excited to attend Left Coast Crime not only to spend some time with each other but it’s a fabulous conference. The weather was perfect and February is a great time to leave the northern tier and visit the West!

It didn’t take long to start running into friends!

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Sherry reunited with the women from her very first panel at LCC in 2014. It was a panel for debut authors and what an amazing bunch of women and writers.

Holly West, Sherry Harris Carlene O'Neil, Lori Rader Day and Martha Cooley
Holly West, Sherry Harris Carlene O’Neil, Lori Rader Day and Martha Cooley

Guppy Karragh Arndt left a message on the Guppy list serve that she wanted some pitch advice. We met her at the bar. Julie and Dru Ann Love gave her some great advice.





Julie and Sherry were both on panels, and enjoyed others!

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What to do between panels? Run outside and enjoy the warm weather!

So many fun things to do!

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What a fun night! We sat at the table sponsored by Lori Rader Day and nominee Jim Ziskin.



30 Thoughts

  1. Wonderful. I felt like I was (almost) there. and I didn’t have to get out of my robe and slippers.
    What a wonderful time you had!

  2. Great slide show, Sherry and Julie! You look great! Wish I could have made the trek up there. Next time!

  3. I can not tell you how green all the posts from you and others over the last few days have made me. This isn’t helping.

    Looks like you all had a fabulous time.

  4. Great fun to see you both! So glad we emerged from our writing cocoons for the long weekend in Phoenix — 80 degree days and dinner outside!

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