Wicked Wednesday: And the Seasons, They Go Round and Round…

The first Wicked Wednesday of five in March, with the first day of spring in sight, at last. 

Wickeds, how do you feel about the passing of the seasons? Do you savor the one you’re in, or eagerly anticipate the next one? Or does it depend on WHICH season you’re in? And in your writing, what’s your favorite season to set a murder in?

Liz: I love all the seasons except winter. I enjoy spring, but as the spring season has become shorter the last few years I find myself wishing summer would just get here. Then I want it to stick around a lot longer. When I finally can accept it’s ending, I look forward to fall very much. I just wish we could go from fall straight back to spring. As far as murder goes, all seasons offer unique opportunities to commit murder. I’ve never killed anyone in 2Febwinter, so perhaps I should try that. It goes with the general mood of the season, after all!

Edith: I had a lot of fun writing Cam Flaherty stuck outside in a blizzard in Farmed and Dangerous, Liz. You should try it! As for real seasons, I find they each have their appeal. I guess I’m particularly fond of summer. I grew up in Los Angeles, after all. I love it when it’s hot out, and I love even more all the fresh local produce.

Jessie: I like them all equally, at least at the beginning of them. I find that I am ready for each of them to turn when the time comes for the change. I think I would have a very hard time adapting to life in a climate where the seasons were less defined because I think I would be really bored.

Barb: I love all the seasons, and I love marking them–changing out the decor in the house in little ways, taking familiar trips, repeating holiday rituals. It seems odd to say, now that we’ve been spending a couple of the winter months in Key West, but I do love a snowy day at home. I used to love it more before the internet made “working at home” such a reality–back when it was an unexpected day off with the family. The Maine Clambake Mysteries have marched through the seasons. We’re in the depths of winter now. Can’t wait to find out what happens in the spring!

Julie: Barb, ain’t that the truth about snow days! This winter has been easy, so I am grateful for that. I do love the move into spring, when you can start layering less, and IMG_3488actually put the long underwear away. Spring/Summer are my favorite times of year, for sure.

Sherry: I love the promise of spring, the light green colors of budding trees (but not the sneezing with it) and of course spring means the start of garage sale season! But I also love cool fall days and its spectacular colors. I guess I don’t like the extremes of winter and summer anymore.

Readers: Favorite season, in New England or elsewhere? Which season do you prefer for a fictional murder?

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  1. Now that I am retired and do not have to leave the house in a snow storm, I enjoy winter as much as the other seasons. I love to sit in front of the fireplace and read during the storm, with maybe the crockpot giving out lovely aromas.

    1. I know the feeling, Gram – except I’m writing while watching the snow! I love that I don’t have to commute in it any more.

  2. My favorite season when I lived in New England was fall. In Florida, I love them all! For my mysteries I’ve used fall, winter and summer and in book 5, I’m back to fall again. (October is such a natural for Salem-based stories!) For the romance-book-in-progress, set in Florida, I’m using hurricane season!

  3. Personally I love fall the best, although it’s not logical when I stop to think about it, since it marks the end of something, not the beginning. Maybe it’s all the blazing colors! In my series I follow the seasons (which is particularly critical if you’re writing about apples). I’ve had blizzards in two series (yes, Ireland does get a rare blizzard now and then), but for the Museum Mysteries I sometimes have to remind my heroine to wear a coat in colder weather.

  4. Spring and fall are my favorites although winter is nice here in Arizona. It’s just that there are no garage sales in the summer here and that does get boring! I suppose that would be somewhat like the winters for those of you in the North! Curling up with a good book is the best time for me.

    1. The winters are wonderful in Arizona! Julie and I enjoyed getting to eat dinner outside — with no bugs! Interesting to think about the no garage sales in the winter!

  5. I love the change of seasons in the Northeast. Autumn is my favorite and even tho I don’t mind Winter, I could really live with out the month of January.

  6. My favorite seasons are Spring (despite the pollen that makes me sneeze) and fall. I grew up in the Ohio River Valley and the colors are spectacular. In spring the hills are varying shades of pink and white from the dogwoods and redbuds and crab apple trees. In the fall the hills are a symphony of bronzes and golds and blazing scarlets with flashes of the dark green pines and fir trees and the blue-green of spruces. I really dislike cold weather and hot weather — especially when the temperature is in the 90s and the humidity is even higher. I do like being able to go to the farmers market for my vegetables, though. They always taste so much better than store bought.

  7. Oh, I forgot — I really don’t care what season a mystery takes place in. I like them all!

  8. I miss each of the seasons back home in New England. Here in southern Arizona we just have cold, colder, hot, hotter, and the monsoon season.

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