Jane/Sadie/Susannah Goes to Malice!

Our Wicked Cozy Accomplice Susannah Hardy/Sadie Hartwell (also known as Jane Haertel) couldn’t make it to Malice Domestic, so we took her on a stick! She had a really great time and met so many fabulous fans and authors.

Agatha winner Barb Goffman
Laura DiSilverio and Jessie
Nancy Parra/Coco
Sparkle Abbey and Cathy Ace
The Wickeds, plus fave commenter Mark Baker
Elaine Viets, C. Ellett Logan, Alan Orloff, and Becky Hutchison
Liz, Jacqui York, and Mark Baker
Joyce Tremel
With Annette Dashofy
Terrie Moran, Ellen Byron, and Cheryl Hollon
Paula Benson and Harriette Sackler
Fans Nikki Bonani, Risa Rispoli, Dru Ann Love, and Aimee Hix
Edith and Rhys Bowen
Helping Kim and Shari Randall stuff goody bags
She even got to go to the banquet!
Jane helps with the goody bags!
Jane helps with the goody bags!

Readers: did you spot Susannah/Sadie around Malice? Who wants to go on a stick next year?


19 Thoughts

  1. I had an AMAZING time! It really is possible to be in two places at once, LOL! Gosh, I hope I didn’t do anything embarrassing and you’re all just too nice to tell me…

    1. Barb, I gave my pencil to my daughter’s boyfriend’s son, who loved it. Until the dog got hold of it. Guess Samson likes lobster. Well, who doesn’t? But Jack was very disappointed.

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