Happy Blogiversary to Us!!

3rd Blogiversary! (1)Once upon a time, a little over three years ago, dreams were coming true. Contracts were being signed, books were being written, and publication dates were being set. Sherry Harris started the ball rolling by sending out a “does anyone want to do a blog with me” email, but all six of us had a lot to do with the shaping of this blog, and the Wicked Cozy Authors were born.

This week, we celebrate three years of blogging. We’ve added three accomplices who join us once a month, and we’re delighted to include guests. We’ve also added names on the masthead, since a few of us are writing more than one series. But the best thing about this blog: our readers. Dear readers, you will never know how much your comments, reviews, likes, and retweets mean to us.

So, dear Wickeds, thinking back upon these three years, let us know your thoughts.

Liz: Wow – three years! I remember our mad rush to get the blog launched before the first books in my and Edith’s series came out. Three years later, I feel so blessed looking back at this journey. First, we’ve picked up some accomplices along the way, which has been lovely. Second, I’ve lost count of all the books we’ve published since that day. Third, this blog has given us the opportunity to get to know so many of our readers at a much deeper level. And best of all, I think this is not only a celebration of our blog, but of our friendship. We are so lucky to have each other, and I love these ladies more every day.

Barb: What a ride it has been! The answer, Liz, I think is 24 books, plus 3 short story anthologies, and 5 more mystery novels that are not yet published but can currently be pre-ordered, for a whopping total of 32! And that does not even include the Accomplices, who are extraordinarily prolific. I’m so proud that we’ve embraced the cozy label, and created a brand, Wicked Cozy Authors, that is a big, comfortable house we can all live in.

Edith: That’s a lotta books, Barb! It’s been such a treat to see this blog grow and reshape and become more well-known. I love that we have regular reader/commenters who show up faithfully every day. I love that, at conferences, we now sometimes hear, “Oh, you’re one of the Wicked Cozys!” I love that we’ve figured out a way to wrangle the schedule that doesn’t overwhelm any of us. I love that Accomplices Sheila Connolly, Kim Gray, and Susannah Hardy find new content every month and post it on time. Mostly I love being part of this super creative and incredibly supportive family that is my blogmates.

Julie: I love being part of this blog, and knowing these women. Having a safe place where you can say anything, and have five people who don’t judge, just support. I knew everyone prior to this journey, but to lesser degrees. In the past three years they have all become friends. Writer friends, find your group. You don’t have to blog together, but you do need each other. (Sisters in Crime is the root of all things Wicked Cozy, btw.) Readers of both this blog and our books–we wouldn’t exist without you, so thank you for being part of this journey.

Jessie: Three years! Not only that, but today marks our 800th post! The mind boggles! I don’t think any of us would have thought that such a strong, supportive community would grow up around the blog. Truly, it has been a marvel and a privilege. It’s a rare thing to develop meaningful new friendships as an adult. What started out as a way to thrive in a marvelous and bewildering business has turned into one of the high points of my professional and personal life. Thanks so much ladies!

Sherry: I had no idea what I was getting into when I wrote you all! I’d never written a blog post and only read a few. I felt like I was from one of those old Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland movies saying: Let’s put on a show. And you ladies certainly know how to put on a show. What I like best, and what was always our intent, was that we wanted this to be about more than us. We wanted it to be about our writing friends and our readers. I love you ladies and the people who join us! What an adventure.

Readers: Who forms your support committee? Where do you find community, validation, like-minded friends?

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  1. Thanks Wicked for being you and inviting us along for the ride.

  2. For me, everything happens at Malice. Sherry asked me if I wanted to write a post on the new blog and I thought she meant a little guest spot. I don’t think I realized at the time it was going to be a steady gig, but I’m so happy that’s what it became! Through the the Wicked Cozy blog The Detective’s Daughter was born and that’s something I’m really proud to write. Thank you dear Wickeds for your continued friendship, support and swift kicks when needed. Love you ladies bunches and bunches. Here’s to many more years and posts! 🍾

    1. I love it when The Detective’s Daughter appears here! Wonderful stories, so very well written! Just another example of why I love to read this blog.

    2. OMG! You’re the Detective’s Daughter?!? Color me thick-headed! Mental note: read bylines more carefully!

      1. No! It was all me! I totally need to pay attention! I LOVE your posts! It’s probably best that I didn’t know- I would have been more awkward than normals! 😊

  3. Happy Blogiversary! Three years is no mean feat. I’ve met some of you and you are lovely, so I look forward to meeting the rest of you somewhere down the road.

  4. Happy Blogiversary to my very favorite bloggers on my very favorite blog! I visit almost every day, and always learn something new, smile about something, or am cued to a great new read. It was a great pleasure to get to see almost all of you at Malice Domestic and I look forward to another year or ten of good reading!

    1. It was SO wonderful seeing you at Malice. So happy to get caught up. (Note: Vida and I have been friends since college blah-blah-blah years ago.

  5. Congrats to the Wickeds, a group I think of as our “sister blog” since we share Barb and Jessie over at Maine Crime Writers. Good friends and super-talented writers I have the pleasure of visiting with every morning with my coffee.

  6. Happy blogiversary!!!

    I am so glad I stumbled on this blog. When I did, the only book I had heard of was Jessie’s Drizzled with Death, but I hadn’t bought it yet. I started reading the blog and having such fun that I knew I had to give your books a try. While I might not have picked up your books otherwise, I’m so glad i did because I enjoy all of your books so much!

    This is one of my favorite stops each morning, and if I can’t before I have to leave for work some morning, it always puts me in a funk. Your friendships come through loud and clear in your posts. I always save it for last before I leave for work because it sends me out the door with a smile on my face.

    And it really was such a thrill to meet and hang out with all of you at Malice this weekend. I keep saying that because it was true.

    Here’s to many more blogiversaries (and books, of course).

    1. Aw, thanks, Mark. It was a treat for all of us to meet you in person and see your smiling face throughout the conference. And every time I mentioned to you, “That’s a great series,” you said, “I’ve read it!” What a dedicated fan of the cozy!

  7. Happy Blogiversary, Wicked Ladies! I can’t tell you how excited I was when I was asked to be an Accomplice to this talented group of writers. I knew some of the Wickeds through Sisters in Crime, but it’s through my participation in this blog that I became able to call every one of them true friends. Here’s to many, many more books for all of us. And readers, you make everything we’re doing possible, so thank you too!

    1. I met you at Crime Bake a few years ago. I think you were the first person to ever say to me, “Oh, you’re one of the Wickeds.” And I’m so glad you’ve joined us, Jane — your enthusiasm and your many ideas are a gift!

  8. Cheers on the anniversary and great work by all, it is such a fun blog to read. Here is to continued success for all of you.

  9. Happy blogiversary! Without the Wickeds, I would never have made my first trip to Malice Domestic this year! I had wanted to go for a looooong time but never made it a priority. It was such a joy to meet everyone- and even though events like that are hard for this introvert, you made me feel so welcome!

    Also, this blog is not only entertaining but I learn something as well- how you approach your writing, your organizational skills (Personal Kanban shout-out!), and something about your lives. And what kind of auditor am I, I just realized in the comments that the lovely woman I sat next to at dinner a week ago, is the Detective’s Daughter!

    You all do such a lovely job with the blog- I agree with Mark- I always read the posts. I may not always comment (internet introvert also!) but I read and learn!

    Congratulations and keep writing- your readers need you! 🙂

    1. It was so exciting to look across the room at the opening ceremonies and see you! And I’m so glad your journey on a stick convinced you to come in person because it is a lot more fun that way! I hope we meet again soon!

      1. Me too! And who knew being a stick person could be so rewarding!!

  10. Most of my writer connections are a spinoff from WNC Writers Network Open Mic readings at our library, others are from Goodreads Cozy Myst. pgs. Thank you, gals, for being there!

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