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WhispersBeyond_FixJessie: In NH where we are finally getting some rain!

As many of you know I have been enthusiastically celebrating the release of my latest novel, Whispers Beyond the Veil this month. It has been a great deal of fun to post things here on the blog and over at Maine Crime Writers.

Reviews of the book have been spotted around the web on blogs like Carstairs Considers and Moonlight Rendezvous. Anna Lee Huber featured it on her monthly Sweet Sixteen Giveaway on Facebook. The other Wickeds were even nice enough to take a copy of the book with them to Bouchercon for a little show and tell since I was not able to attend.

And to top off all the long-distance celebrating I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to connect with readers and other writers in the physical world.  I was so delighted to be asked by the charming and gracious, Karen Baker,  owner of The Country Bookseller in Wolfeboro, NH to hold a launch party for the book at her shop this past Saturday.

The turnout was wonderful and I got to meet, or to reconnect, with so many delightful readers. There is just something so special about being surrounded by the sight and the feel of row upon row of books. Especially when you are sharing the experience with other people who love them as much as you do.

I hope all of you who have sent well-wishes from all around the web, and those of you I have had the pleasure of seeing in person, know just how grateful and appreciative I am of your support. Books are written in solitude. But they are meant to be shared. Thanks to you all for letting me share mine with you!

Readers, do you ever attend book launches? Writers, do you have a favorite launch story you’d like to share? 



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  1. We’re getting rain, too, at last. So happy for you, my friend, and I wish I could have been at the party. I held my very first launch party at a local indy bookstore.and they had set up about ten chairs. I said, “I think we’re going to need more than that.” As many chairs as the young man kept bringing up from the basement, we filled! More than sixty people came, and I was glad I had an extra box of books in the car.

  2. So exciting to hear about your book launch! My first mystery, Planted, launched in July at a gathering hosted by my hometown library, Seneca Falls, NY, in conjunction with my high school class reunion. Aren’t librarians the best?! Library Director Meghan Molloy was helpful and enthusiastic, and her press releases reached alumni in far-flung locations. I was thrilled with the turnout and the excitement about the book, which is set in, ahem, “Tompkins Falls.” All the best with Whispers Beyond the Veil!

  3. I’m happy to attend book launches when they are in Chestertown, but those are few and far between.

    1. There aren’t too many in my tiny village either. Although, I have had the pleasure of launching two of my books at our local library and they have been wonderful events! I hope a book lauch comes to Chestertown soon!

  4. I love book launches and had the pleasure of attending one for Sherry Harris. It so exciting seeing someone’s hard work being acknowledged by the printing of their book and being surrounded by friends and family for the celebration.

  5. Jessie, I wish I could have been there. I enjoy going to book launches, especially those of writers I know, to help celebrate the end result of the months of hard work that go into creating a book. I just finished reading WHISPERS BEYOND the VEIL and I want to congratulate you on the excellent writing. Ruby Proulx is such a strong character and you did an outstanding job of weaving spiritualism and history into a compelling mystery. It was fun to imagine what Old Orchard Beach was like in 1898. I’m looking forward to talking to you about Researching and Writing the Historical Mystery at the Crime Bake panel in November.

  6. I love your line, books are written in solitude but meant to be shared. I love going to any launch to celebrate someone’s book! And I wish I could have been at yours.

  7. So excited for you, Jessie! I’m looking forward to seeing your panel and being able to congratulate you in person at Crime Bake.

  8. I love attending book launches or just signings in general. Unfortunately, with the demise of all the mystery bookstores in LA County, they are harder and harder to find. I miss them.

    Glad you enjoyed your book launch, and thanks for linking to my review!

    (And don’t forget to share the rain with us in CA.)

    1. I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble getting your fill of author events. Maybe authors in your area have moved to libraries? And it was my pleasure to link to your blog. After all, I really appreciated the review as well as all the generous work you do for the mystery community!

  9. Congratulations- and it must be exciting to meet the readers!

    I don’t go to many such events but ironically, yesterday, I was at one for the longest Longmire novel by Craig Johnson. I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing him speak before and it was great fun!

    I do think that seeing the author in person helps with the conversion from a casual reader to a serious reader/fan. My boyfriend came with me yesterday for the event and the author read a few pages from the newest book and the boyfriend was hooked- and he’s not a fiction reader. Thankfully, I bought a copy of short stories and the beau will start with them.

    1. I was fortunate enough to meet Craig Johnson at the Crime Bake two years ago. He was such a pleasure to chat with!

      You are right, getting to meet readers is a thrill for authors. It is one of the best parts of the job!

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