Opening Lines: New Orleans Style

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It’s Opening Lines day. Add your opening line! Today’s pick:

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Sherry: I felt guilty about taking all his money as he gently snored, so I put a few dollars back before I ran.

Edith: Great. He’d fallen asleep reading MY manuscript, and you wouldn’t believe the sway this guy has in the New York publishing houses. I stuck my last Benjamin in the jar and kicked his shin to wake him up before I slunk away to watch from behind the potted sweetbay magnolia.

Liz: Sweet – the potion the voodoo lady told me about worked. Now the guard was asleep and I could get on with the rest of my plan.

Jessie: Here’s a tip: that guys’s not asleep.

Julie: Only one way to get 7 hours of sleep when you work three jobs. Naps. Lots of naps.

Barb: “And on your left,” the tour guide’s voice came over the sound system, “you’ll see the town of…wait..don’t do that! Get away! HELLLLP!” I rushed toward his booth, but it was too late. Now he was truly…an unreliable narrator.

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12 Thoughts

  1. There goes my plan to rob the tips jar – someone beat me to it. Worse yet, they killed the porter to do it. With the way my day is going, I’m going to get the blame for both. I’d better go destroy the evidence.

  2. When I returned with our coffee and beignets, I saw that Marcus was sound asleep and someone had robbed our tip jar. “Wake up, Lazybones” I shook his shoulder. “Someone’s helped themselves to our tips. MARCUS!!” His head fell forward and I saw the bloody mess that was the back of his head.

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