30 Is A Great Age

sinc30Two organizations I am deeply involved with are celebrating 30 years of service to their communities. Sisters in Crime is kicking off their 30th birthday this weekend, at Bouchercon. Today I went to their SinC Into Great Writing session, a wonderful workshop on writing diverse characters. The workshop is a follow-up to the the release of the 2016 Publishing Summit report, the Report for Change. This report is one example of the great work the organization does. It was founded 30 years ago to support women crime writers, and has lived up to and beyond its mission.

30th-party-instagram-postOn Tuesday, September 27, StageSource will celebrate 30 years of serving the New England theater community. StageSource is an arts service organization with both organizational and artist members. The tagline is Your Theater Connection, which it truly is. There will be a party which both honors the founders, and celebrates new voices in the community. I’ve been fortunate to be the executive director of StageSource for the past five years.

Thirty years. Two organizations that are about being of service, and making their communities stronger. Both organizations depend on tiny staffs, strong boards, and a lot of volunteers. Neither organization rests on its laurels. Instead they continue to work on ways to better serve their communities.

These organizations are important in my life, and I look forward to celebrating their 30th years. While I know I will have a lot of great memories from Bouchercon, kicking it off with Sisters in Crime will be a highlight.

How about you, dear readers? What organizations are you part of that have helped create change?

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  1. I am happy to be a very small part of the local COA. I’m one of the 100 volunteers and we could use more.

  2. Writing is such a solitary effort, and as a discouraged new writer, I probably would have given up years ago if it hadn’t been for my involvement in Sisters in Crime. If I ever get published, it will be because of the help and support I’ve received from the members of SINC.

  3. I’ve followed Sisters in Crime for years (maybe 30? I remember reading anthologies that are probably close to that old!).

    I’m an avid supporter of my local library and I have just recently been added to the board, which I am beyond thrilled about. Part of my board membership allowed me to attend a training this past Saturday about being a great board member. One of the pieces that really resonated with me is that it is the board’s responsibility to add to the community and help design the type of community that we want to live in. What a heavy and exhilarating responsibility to have!

    How funny that two such important organizations to you are having the same birthday- a little synchronicity! I guess you are in the right place at the right time!

  4. 30 years. Wow! SinC is great, and it’s how I met Sherry! I donate part of my Nicki Valentine series earnings to missing children’s charities. Missingkids.com (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children) is an incredible resource for all parents and families. I also support the The Peggy Lillis Foundation, which fights the infectious disease “C. diff.” Peggy, who lost her life to C. diff, loved mysteries!

  5. I’m a member of my church, which also operates a thrift shop and food pantry. The money we raise in thrift shop sales helps provide scholarships to the Parish school for children whose parents want a Parochial education for their children but can’t afford the tuition. Right now, about 50% of our students are on scholarship and about 50% of those are non-Parish members. I’m a member of the local Friends Of the Library. Since we raise funds for library programs like concert and lecture series, the after school programs, and help purchase and maintain the public computers we contribute a lot to the community and make positive changes in people’s lives. I’m also a member of AARP, which is dedicated to supporting Senior causes and providing information and assistance to Seniors. I used to be a SInC Guppy, but somehow that has fallen by the wayside.

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