Am I Blue?

By Julie, happy that we broke the 60 degree mark, even if was only for a couple of days

The winter blahs are tough to shake here in New England. For a while, I am able to feign being a hearty New Englander. My current work in progress is the second in the Theater Cop series, and it takes place in February. So research brain took note of what it feels like to slip on ice, to haul myself over snowbanks, and to be so cold my bones hurt. But I only need to do so much research. This winter lasted a long time. (It may be back in the 30’s today, so it hasn’t really left yet.)

By the end of March I am done. Done with wearing layers of clothes. Done with my winter shoes. Done with tracking sand/salt/blue stuff into the house. Done with the “is it ice or is it water?” shuffle down sidewalks at night when I walk home from the T. Done with thinking I am stepping into an inch of slush, but it is six inches. Done with the lack of fresh air in the apartment. Done with dry skin, static hair, and achy knees. Just done.

And so April brings the revolt. It starts with not wearing a hat, even if I am cold. (Unless I’m going to a Red Sox game. Then I bring several layers, and use them all by the time I start singing “Sweet Caroline”.) I wear pinks and bright greens. (Scarves only, but it is a step.) I do what I can do to not wear boots and live with wet socks when I misjudge the slush. I crack open a window or two, even though the air is brisk. I refuse to wear the coat that looks like a sleeping bag. I clean, fold and store the long underwear.

But sometimes that isn’t enough. We are in the double digits of April. Spring is flirting with us, but it is playing coy. So I needed to step it up a bit. This is what I came up with:

Julie Hennrikus with blue hair
Am I blue? Looks like!

A bold step, don’t you think? It will wear down a bit, but will still be blue for the Wicked New Hampshire events next week. (More information on the noontime event here, and the evening Nashua Barnes & Noble event here.) And for the Bethesda Barnes and Noble event we’re doing on April 27. And, of course, for Malice. After that, who knows? Will I still be blue?

Or maybe pink. . .

Dear readers, have you made a bold move to shake things up? Let us know!

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  1. You look great! Love blue! Yes, I did one or two bold things. I think my best was my first term away at divinity school when I got a flat-top haircut and had it bleached white blonde. I flew home for reading period (Christmas vacation) wearing my Doc Martins, 501s, oxford blue button down and a school tie. I showed up in time for church and went up for Communion. No one recognized me until coffee hour. I had a great time.

  2. Your hair matches your scarf. Nice!

    Alas, I’m not so adventurous, but I am having my annual haircut on Friday. I aim for twice a year, yet life often intervenes. So when folks see me at Malice, I will have shed my trademark headbands.

  3. I love your hair a hundred ways, Julie! I’m not quite that adventurous, but I did go for a side part last fall for the first time in 50 years and am delighted I did. But my really adventurous step was to quit the day job four years ago and plunge into writing fiction full time. That one seems to be working!

  4. Wow! Just wow.
    There was a picture circulating on FB recently for another coloring option: the hair you see looks like a natural color, but beneath that is a rainbow of colors. I doubt you could do that at home! Happy Spring!

      1. I saw that too, Sheila. It was so cool! I used to highlight my hair all the time, but gave that up years ago. I wish I had the nerve to do a color, but alas, I doubt the day-job would be thrilled with it.

  5. Wow. I don’t think I could be that bold (but my girl did it twice).

    Our boldest move was taking the down comforter off the bed. I know. Wild and crazy we are. 🙂

  6. I love your hair and it makes your eyes pop too! In the mid-90s I saw a girl with deep blue hair in Seattle. I thought it was stunning. But it’s probably not for me. Maybe my bold move was marrying an Air Force guy and moving to new places all the time. But your winter commentary may have just killed my yearning to return to New England.

  7. I LOVE this, Julie! I love the perfect way you’ve described “spring” in New England, and I love your act of fierce defiance, and I love your new look. Ten out of ten! 🙂

  8. You look so beautiful, and your eyes look turquoise — what a wonderful color!

  9. I wish I felt I could get away with something like that at work. 🙂

    I’ve shaved my head quite a bit over the years, although that’s been dying down. It’s been 3 years now since the last time I shaved it completely. Heck, no one at my current job has seen my bald, although I do still buzz it regularly and very short in the summer.

  10. I hear you Julie – I feel the same way about getting rid of winter. I love to do hair stuff too to celebrate – although my corporate job would frown on the blue….but I do what I can!

    1. Edith, you can also try out some color with a sort of hair chalk. It is fun and washes out easily if you don’t like it. It could be a sort of a test run:)

  11. I’ve taken to wearing the white summer hat (instead of the green winter hat with ear flaps) on the days when the morning temperature is 50* or above.

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