Wicked Wednesday: A Christmas Carol

Cover of A Christmas Peril by J.A. HennrikusWickeds, today we are celebrating the Friday, September 8 release of A Christmas Peril by J.A. Hennrikus. It is the first in a new series about an ex-cop, Sully Sullivan, who runs a theater company in Massachusetts. Friday’s post will be more about the book. and the series.

In A Christmas Peril, the theater company Sully runs is doing A Christmas Carol, and chaos ensues. So today’s question–what is your favorite version of A Christmas Carol?

Barb: Wow. I’m tempted to say Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol, which is the one I grew up with, or the Muppets, which is the one my kids did. As I was thinking about this answer, I realized how embedded this story is in our lives, from books (I always put a few editions out at Christmas) to movies to TV. I was even in the play as Mrs. Cratchit when I was in high school. Without it we’d never have the expression, “Bah, humbug,” or call someone a Scrooge. Some people think it popularized the saying, “Merry Christmas,” itself. Anyway, Julie, congratulations on becoming a part of this rich canon. I can’t wait to read it!

Liz: Julie, congratulations!! So excited for you and this book. I love A Christmas Carol – for movie versions, the Patrick Stewart is my favorite. I’ve also been lucky enough to see the production twice at The Hartford Stage, and they put on a wonderful version.

Sherry: I’m so excited to read A Christmas Peril and I’m so happy for you, Julie! Like Barb the Mr. Magoo version loomed large in my life as a kid and it scared me! But my favorite version is the 1970 movie Scrooge with Albert Finney. I confess I had to do a search to find it. I knew I’d seen it with my family and remember it being a visual feast along with the wonderful story. I haven’t seen it in years, but now hope I can track it down. I’m amazed how many versions of A Christmas Carol there are!

Edith: Congratulations, dear Julie! I can’t wait to read this book, and am so glad you’ve joined the Midnight Ink family. I haven’t seen A Christmas Carol in so long I have no idea what my favorite version is, but I do love the Muppets, so that one would probably win.

Julie: There is no Mr. Magoo shame in my world–that is my mother’s favorite version. And Sherry, I have Scrooge on DVD. A perfect excuse to get together around the holidays. We can all sing the songs. I do love the Muppet version, and George C. Scott, and . . . I own over twenty different versions on DVD, so lots to chose from. Thank you for your best wishes dear Wickeds! I am so excited about this book seeing the light of day, and will blog more about that on Friday!

Jessie: The Muppet version is my favorite, Barb! I love the way it sticks to the backbone of the story while bringing its own personality and twist. Just as I am sure you will do with your addition to the story! I couldn’t be happier for you, Julie!

Readers, what is your favorite version of A Christmas Carol? Let us know in the comments!




35 Thoughts

  1. I actually have two favorite versions of the movie. One with Alistair Sim and the other with Reginald Owen as Scrooge. Guess I’m a little old fashioned, but I watch these two every Christmas. Will definitely be purchasing “A Christmas Peril”. Love books set in my home state.


  2. I watched the Mr. Magoo version a few years back and didn’t like it. They did the ghosts out of order! Unacceptable!!!!

    I was a kid when the George C. Scott version came out. It’s the one I watched the most, although Marley scared me for months afterwards each year. Yes, even as an early teen. I was easily scared as a kid.

    And I love the Muppet version. So much fun, great songs, and very true to the story. (If I’d been thinking, I would have had the review of the 25th Anniversary ornament from Hallmark ready to go this week.)

    I was actually disappointed with the Patrick Stewart version, which surprised me since I listen to a recording of his one man show version each year driving home from visiting my family at Thanksgiving.

    When my brother and sister-in-law lived in Dallas, we went to a great stage version there. There’s a theater in the round here in So Cal I love that does it every year, and I’ve gone to see it a couple of times. It’s really good, too.

    Can you tell I love this story? And I loved your book, too, Julie.


    1. Mark, we share a love of the story. I did a series of blog posts about different versions a few years back: https://jahennrikus.com/?s=Christmas+Carol

      I agree about the Patrick Stewart version. I was lucky enough to see him to it on stage twice, and I loved it beyond measure. I wish they’d taped that.

      On stage versions are such fun, aren’t they?

      I need to see this ornament. 25 years. How is that possible?

      Glad you liked the book!


  3. Watching The Muppets Christmas Carol with the grand-kids is the best for me.
    Is Sully male or female? I don’t often see male leads in cozies, but enjoy it when I do.


  4. The version with Alstair Sim (the b&w version NOT the colorized) is my absolute favorite, hands down. I look forward to reading your book!


  5. When I was little I watched the Mickey Mouse version and I have to admit to this day that’s my favorite version. This book looks great, congratulations and looking forward to reading it!


  6. Alistair Sim! Though I also love the Magoo and Finney’s Scrooge (which has easily the darkest Christmas Yet To Come of any take).
    There’s a 1990s play called Inspecting Carol that’s hysterical–a theater group mistakes an actor for an NEA inspector reviewing their grant so all his tossed-off suggestions are taken as Musts (“The white meat is ignorance — the dark meat is want!”).


  7. I watch a couple of versions every Christmas. I think the Alistair Sim one is probably my favourite, followed closely with the Patrick Stewart version. I also enjoy the contemporary movies with the Scrooge plot such as the Bill Murray movie and the one that had Carey Fisher as the ghost but I can’t remember what it is called. Anyone out there know what I am talking about?


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