Wicked Wednesday- Favorite Halloween Candy

Jessie: In NH where the foliage is beautiful it breaks the heart.

pick-and-mix-171342_1920Everywhere I’ve been in the last couple of weeks, from the pharmacy to the gas station, has had bountiful displays of Halloween candy for sale. So far, I have managed to leave it be. But it has got me to wondering which sort of candy do you each favor? Which ones beg to be tossed into your shopping basket?

Liz: Milk Duds and Tootsie Rolls! Omg, I love them both. So I don’t buy them, even for Halloween, because I know I’ll eat them way before the trick or treaters arrive!

Sherry: I was in the store today and passed the candy row. It was tempting, but I managed to resist! Pretty much anything that is chocolate is what I throw in and pass out — Snickers, Kit Kats, M&Ms…I could go on and on and on. I’ve taken to waiting until the last minute so we don’t eat it prior to the big night.

Jessie: I love candy corn. There, I said it. Candy corn. Or the tiny pumpkins made out out the same sugary, toxic madness as candy corn. When I was a child I loved to put pieces of candy corn on my incisors and pretend I was a vampire. Ok, sometimes I still do…

Edith: (Why am I not surprised, Jessie!) I bought the tiny bags of peanut M&Ms last week – and pretty much assume they’ll be gone by Halloween! I also love Baby Ruth bars, and if I come into contact with candy corn I still have to bite off one color at a time. I swear each color tastes different.

Barb: I love candy corn, too, Jessie! I’m so glad you admitted it. My favorite though is mini-Butterfingers. I don’t buy until the last minute and I hate that neither Bill nor I have an office to send the leftovers to, though our street in Somerville, MA was the “trick or treat street” and there were never any leftovers.

Julie: Count me as another candy corn girl! Love it. Also love Butterfingers. My favorite are Reese’s cups. LOVE. Them. Will admit, I hit target after Halloween to get some sale stuff. Also, the Halloween M&M colors are harvest, so good to get a bag or two for Thanksgiving.

Readers, what is your favorite Halloween candy?Save

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  1. Yup, candy corn and yes each color does taste differently. When I could eat chocolate it was butterfingers and those square ones with raisins.

  2. Definitely candy corn (the good stuff–Brach’s?–not the knock-offs). A close second are those little Milky Way bars. Those are the only candy bars I eat, and only at Halloween.

  3. Like Sherry, I don’t buy ours until right before 10/31. And I have to buy something we all like because we get so few trick-or-treaters there are always leftovers. So almost anything chocolate (usually we get the mini bars). I love Laffy Taffy.

    But I’ll pass on the candy corn.

  4. I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and now they have them with Reese’s Pieces inside of them — they are truly decadent! I also really like candy corn ~

  5. As a kid, I was always excited if I received root-beer flavored candies, since those were sort of unusual. As an adult, I was usually tempted to buy chocolate to give out, but had to fight the urge, since I knew that I would just end up eating it all if there was any left at the end of the evening! I could often be found hunting for Kraft caramels in my daughters’ candy stash after they went to bed.

  6. Yes, I love candy. Chocolate, please. Milky Ways, Twix, Snickers….

    I’m actually trying to cut sweets out of my life right now with Halloween and Christmas coming. And I love some of the peppermint releases coming in December. We will see if I have the strength to resist.

    1. There are a lot of candy corn lovers here! My three year old neighbor brought me some yesterday and I hadn’t tried one in years. Sadly, I liked it!

  7. Anything chocolate! But we buy things we don’t like so we aren’t tempted. Anything left over goes immediately to the candy jar at a weekly meeting I go to.

  8. I am very meh on candy corn. They used to make something called honey corn that looked exactly the same (not the same thing as candy corn made with honey – honey is so far down the ingredients list it might as well not be in it at all) and I loved it. I don’t know who made it or when they stopped but I’m holding it against candy corn.

    But you give me a bag of fun sized Take Five bars and I will snarf them right down. 😀

  9. I love candy corn too, and yes, each layer tastes different. Also love those little pumpkins. And pretty much anything chocolate, as long as it doesn’t have any nuts. I’ve become addicted to those Hershey Cookie Crunch bars, especially the mint.

  10. Mounds bars for me. But we get few tricker treaters that I end up eating them myself.

  11. Hi everyone. I always buy candy which is almost always chocolate (Hershey bars, Reece’s peanut butter cups, small bags if M & M’s, Snickers, and at least one kind of non chicolate for anyone who can’t have chocolate, such as Starburst etc. I buy full size bars very often or give 5 or so fun size bars to each kid. So it’s a lot of candy to have ready!! We started out the first Halloween in our new development with at least 100 kids and the next year we had 150 or more. One year cars/vans were importing kids with the vehicles number plates from an adjoining state!!!!. So I kept stocking up each year. Then the year we had ice and snow a week before Halloween and fresh snow and ice Halloween day, there were far fewer Truck or Treaters and I had lots of candy left. LOTS. So we donated all of the left over candy to a local group that sends the candy along with other necessities to the troops. That was so rewarding for me to do. So now I keep buying a lot knowing that any extra goes to someone who definitely can use a little pick-me-up treat from “home”. As to my favorite candy it is Godiva or premium white chocolate but candy/sugar makes me ache so badly that I don’t ever overdo it. It’s probably a good thing. 😀🎃

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