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Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers! We hope you are spending the day exactly as you wish–with family and friends, eating a big meal and perhaps watching the games. If you are busy cooking or traveling, we hope maybe sometime over this long weekend you get a chance to curl up with a good book. Here are some suggestions.

Wickeds, what are you reading now that the days are short and the nights long?

housetreepersonEdith: I just finished our own Jessie (Jessica Ellicot)’s first Beryl and Edwina mystery, Murder in an English Village. What a fun read. Now I’m reading Catriona McPherson’s latest standalone suspense novel, House. Tree. Person. Another knock-your-socks-off story from her. Next up is a belated read of Ray Daniel’s latest Tucker mystery, Hacked. The other stories in Snowbound, this year’s Level Best Books anthology (in which I also have a story). A book on Quaker history in New England. And the list goes on.

Liz: I have so many books stacked up in my TBR pile…but I’m going to dig into Fire Up Your Writing Brain by Susan Reynolds, one of my Crime Bake finds. I need to jumpstart my creativity these days!

Barb: I have Jessica Ellicott’s Murder in an English Village tucked into my bag to enjoy during my downtime over this long weekend. I can’t wait. For the novella I’m writing, I’m reading Adventures in Yarn Farming: Four Seasons at a New England Fiber Farm. You’ll have to wait to find out why.

Julie: I am in book jail this weekend (book due December 1, yikes!), but I have taken a suggestion from Susan Reynolds’s Crime Bake presentation, and am reading a book to inspire my brain–Walter Isaacson’s  Leonardo da Vinci biography.   At the rate I am going it will take me months to finish it, but there’s a long winter ahead.

Sherry: I just started reading A Christmas Peril by Julie! I read an early version long ago and love what she has done with it! Then after that I too am going to dig into Jessie’s Murder in an English Village. My neighbor just finished it and told me it’s fantastic. After that I can’t wait to read World Enough by Clea Simon. I’m in book heaven!

Jessie: I am currently reading Louisa May by Martha Saxton and also Murder and Mayhem in North London by Geoffrey Howse. Lately I have been in the mood for non-fiction but next up is Alice Hoffman’s latest, The Rules of Magic.

Readers: Tell us what you’re doing this Thanksgiving or what you’re reading this fall–or simply say hello to be entered in the contest.

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  1. Good morning, and Happy Thanksgiving! Since I am in Ireland (and could not carry my endless TBR pile with me), I’m scouring bookstores and second-hand places here for books I’ve missed or can’t get in the US. Picked up copies of a Sue Grafton and a Kathy Reichs yesterday–vacation reading. But what I opened first was a 1971 cookbook called “Winter Puddings”, published by Cordon Bleu. In this case, puddings means desserts. Naturally the first thing I get is a dessert cookbook! Wonder if I could make any for dinner today (wild duck is on the menu)?

  2. In the frenzy this week, I relaxed with Stephanie Barron’s Jane and the Waterloo Map. Also LOVED Jessie’s Murder in an English Village, In between the two, I chuckled through John Grisham’s The Rooster Bar. Enjoy your holiday weekend, everyone!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving all! I’m starting off with a Turkey Trot and will spend the rest of the day cooking and grazing in the kitchen – I hope that all of you have a very lovely day! Nicole 🙂

    1. p.s. I’m reading two Thanksgiving mysteries this week – Turkey Day Murder by Leslie Meier and Drizzled with Death by Jessie Crockett. Also finishing an audio version of Murder on the Orient Express as narrated by Kenneth Branagh. :–)

  4. Happy Turkey Day to all. This is a month for rereads and some light reading otherwise. I loved Murder in an English Village, which is the latest Wickeds I have read. There will be more Wicked reading this winter in front of the fireplace.

  5. I just reread all the Clambake books — I love how some are set in summer, but am especially enjoying the ones set in winter/the offseason. Plus, it’s a great way to get ready for the release of the next book!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! I just finished Thread the Halls by Lea Waite and started Death in the Stacks by Jenn McKinlay. This weekend I plan to do a little shopping and a lot of reading!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving. Eggnog Murder is on the bookshelf next to my bed, so I don’t really need another copy, but the senior center might be able to use one.

  8. As a spinner l am intrigued that Barbara Parry’s Adventures in Yarn Farming is being read perhaps in preparation for some writing. The year it came out 2 people gave it to me for Christmas. l quietly passed one on to someone else. Looking forward to learning more about its influence right now as time goes on!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Wickeds! I’m on vacation this week and indulging myself in reading, writing, and catching up on favorite blogs (can you tell :)). I just finished Ellen Byron’s A Cajun Christmas Killing and started Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen last night. Yes, I’m on a Christmas themed read.

  10. Hi all, I’m doing a scaled down Thanksgiving meal as it’s just me and my husband this year. Last month I was fortunate enough to get tickets to hear Stephen King and his son Owen speak in Sarasota about his latest book. I love to hear him in a interview, he and his son interview each other. It was awesome. So I am reading Sleeping Beauties By Stephen and Owen King. Not my normal reading but I am a fan of Stephen King since seeing the movie Carrie.

  11. Hello all and Happy Thanksgiving from chilly Ohio. I am reading Chime and Punishment by Julianne Holmes. I love the clock shop mysteries such fun learning about clicks. We have a banjo clock from my husband’s grandmother hanging in our living room. I look at it while reading these books and wonderful what stories it could tell.

  12. We are enjoying a quiet Thanksgiving day since our children will be here this weekend to be together and enjoy a family meal. On my reading agenda for the day: Rocco’s Healthy + Delicious by Rocco Dispirito (a new cookbook from the library), The Salt Fix: Why the Experts Got It All Wrong–How Eating More Might Save Your Life by Dr. James Di Nicolantonio (new book from the library) and for my mystery I am reading Charles Todd’s The Shattered Tree. I am so thankful for authors and books!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! I am so grateful for finding this blog and adding so many “imaginary” friends to my life. Bless you all.

    I just finished reading Sheila Connolly’s Search for the Dead. Once Thanksgiving dinner is over, I will decide which of the zillion books in the TBR pile to get lost in next.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. We are having a quiet Thanksgiving. Just the immediate family. In August my mother-in-law passed away, last of the grandparents, so we are just doing the usual turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes gravy, cranberry frozen salad, squash and brussell sprouts. Enjoy your holiday..

    1. We lost my mother-in-law this year, too, also the last of the grandparents, so our Thanksgiving is a bit of an experiment. So far, so good. Happy Thanksgiving.

  15. It’s hubby and I this Thanksgiving and since we eat well all the time emphasis on preparing a BIG meal wasn’t in our plans this year. We are going to The Skillet Restaurant for their annual buffet. We get a full belly, get to walk out and no dishes to do. Afterwards we will walk it off at the Ozark Folk Center craft event and go to the special gospel concert middle afternoon. Evening will be spent at home enjoying the homemade cinnamon rolls we made yesterday and the fireplace since its cold today. We are blessed to be in our new home this year with many, many things to be thankful for including great books by wonderful authors to read.

    May everyone have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  16. I’m reading Mulch Ado About Murder inbetween ferrying cups of tea to a sick 12 year old and trying to get a bit of drawing in.

  17. Hello there! I just finished reading A Low Country Christmas by Mary Alice Monroe. My husband and I are spending Thanksgiving alone with loads of good food I have prepared.

  18. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m up in Santa Rosa with my family – first time since the fires. I’m looking forward to some great time with all of them.

    I have 50 pages left in Hark the Herald Angels Slay by Vicki Delany. I need to finish it at some point this weekend since my review is due Tuesday. After that will be Live and Let Fly by Clover Tate. I’ve got Liz’s newest Pawsitively Organic book to start soon as well. And while I was driving up yesterday, I listened to a good chunk of Void Moon by Michael Connelly.

  19. Hello it’s 75 today here at the Pacific ocean in Northern California. I am reading Murder In The Stacks and Sheila Connolly Orchard Series.

  20. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m cooking today and we are having my mom and two dear friends over. As for reading, I am in the middle of A Deadly Eclair at the moment. A Christmas Peril is next on my TBR pile.

  21. Happy Thanksgiving…I will be reading the Ivy Tree by Mary Stewart again….haven’t read this in years and then I will be reviewing”Curses Boiled Again.” by Shari Randall and eating a lot of left over Turkey.

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