A Wicked Welcome to Marian Lanouette

By Julie, sloshing around in Somerville

allWe’re thrilled to welcome Marian Lanouette to the blog today! We’ve known Marian for a few years, and enjoy seeing her at Sisters in Crime New England meetings, and at the New England Crime Bake. We’re so thrilled to share Marian’s publishing news today! Welcome Marian!

I’d like to thank Julie and the Wicked Cozy Authors for inviting me as their guest today. I’m excited to be here and talk about how my Jake Carrington thriller series has developed before finding a home with Kensington. I’m also looking forward to visiting with them next month at Geoff Symons Forensic Seminar. Have you signed up for this fabulous seminar yet?

Writing has been cathartic for me. After my 2009 quadruple bypass surgery, I decided to concentrate my time on my writing. Before then life got in the way, working crazy hours, I never seem to have much time for the one thing I wanted to do—writing. I was working on another book at the time when Jake popped into my head and wouldn’t leave me alone. I put aside the current book and decided to work on Jake; he was the one shouting the loudest. Much to my surprise, six months later I was rushed back to the hospital. I needed three stents to open up three of those clogged bypasses. In that timeframe my husband and I decided I would become a full-time writer and do away with the stress of an accounting career.

I’m happy to say that I’m now writing the fourth book in the Jake Carrington series titled All the Dirty Secrets. And in 2017 I signed a four book deal with Kensington Publishing Corp for the first four books in the series. What stunned me, was the first two books in the series had been published previously; first by a small press out of Canada, and then self-pub by me.

I had achieved some success in the self-publishing area and caught the attention of an editor at Kensington. It floored me when they contracted the two previously published books along with two new ones. Working closely with my editor Michaela and her staff, I’ve added new content as well as sprucing up the endings in those books to make a stronger and more enjoyable read. This collaboration comes to fruition on February 27th when All the Deadly Lies, the first book in the series is released.

At book signings, writers and readers asked if they had previously published a book if it had a shot at a publisher acquiring them. I’m a true optimist. I believe that anything is possible. How I reply to these questions is that first you need a dream, the ambition, and the commitment to working towards those dreams. You also need to learn the craft of writing which includes the technical side of it, and the business side of it. I stress how important it is for writers to network and go out and meet people. A group of my writing buddies make fun of me because I always have a business card with me. If you make eye contact with me before we depart each other’s company you’ll have my card in your hand. I’m talking waitresses, grocery store clerks and the readers and librarians I meet at all my signings. I think it’s good business, but I find it fun and exciting to meet new people and learn about them. Authors need to keep that in mind.

I’m a people person and I love networking. The most important thing about networking is that you never know where an opportunity can pop up. I met my editor at a charity gala, in Boston, that was put on by another author. That night I not only met my future editor, I met my future agent. I did not accept the invitation to be one of the guest authors at this function for any other reason than I believed in the charity it was benefiting. The plus side of this appearance, I was rewarded with an introduction to two people I love working with.

marianWhen asked for advice about writing, I offer up what has benefited me over the years. First write the book of your heart and then network—join writing groups, church groups, craft groups, any group you are truly interested in, and give small seminars at those meeting to get comfortable with public speaking. More important than anything, go out and meet people and remember to enjoy the whole experience.

BIO:  A self-described tough blonde from Brooklyn, Marian is the author of The Jake Carrington Thrillers, a gritty thriller/suspense series. As far back as she could remember, Marian loved to read. As a child, she was especially intrigued by the Daily News crime reports. Tragically, she knew someone who was murdered. The killer was never found. This event ignited Marian’s desire to write books where good prevails, even in the darkest times.

You can buy All the Deadly Lies at all the regular places,, including AmazonB&N, and Kobo . Stay up to date on Marian’s books by going to her website, and following her on FacebookTwitterPinterestPinterest 2Goodreads, and on her Amazon Author Page

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  1. What a great road to publication. Jake sounds like my kind of guy. I’m glad I can start your series and binge read the first four. You will have five ready soon????

    Congratulations! Y

    1. Thank you and LOL I’m still working on book four All the Dirty Secrets due May 1st. After that I’ll jump right into book 5. I also have two non series books near completion that I need finish.

  2. Amazing journey, Marian! And I love your hard-hitting, tell-it-like-it-is style. All the best with your partnership with Kensington. Like Kait, I look forward to all the Jake books! –kate, writing as c.t. collier

  3. I’m a Brooklyn girl too!!

    Congratulations on pursuing your dream to write books. It must be so exciting to publish with Kensington. The Jake Carrington thriller series sounds great.

    1. Thank you, Sherry. I think networking is the best part of writing after creating. I’ve always been a people person so that part is easy for me. I have a shy friend who finds it difficult..

  4. What a great and encouraging recounting of your publication journey! I think Jake and I will be meeting in the very near future!

  5. Congratulations! What a fabulous story on getting to publication. And good for you for not letting hardship turn you away from your ambition.

  6. Congrats on the four book deal and the first book being republished. I think the rules of publishing are constantly changing, but I certainly agree that writers need to learn the technical side of writing and network. Those two things will take people far no matter where their path takes them.

  7. Hi Marian! It’s so wonderful to have you here. I was at that charity dinner, too and it was terrific.

    I think the thing that’s hard for people to understand about networking is–you don’t just network “up” which feels like using or imposing. You don’t find the most famous writer in the room and ask who their agent is. You look for people you enjoy and have things in common with and want to be around and then, often, you come up together and can share information and support one another. It isn’t a chore. And then, when you reach the next step, you turn around and support the people behind you. That’s what creates a network.

    1. That’s exactly it, Barbara. Networking is getting to know everybody, and sharing what you’ve learned. Enjoy your weekend, and again, thanks for hosting me today. I’m having a blast.

  8. Hiya, Marian and the Wickeds! I’m stoked for the release of Marian’s upcoming book! She’s brimming with energy and can-do spirit. Her Jake series is exciting and full of an urban New England vibe. WooHOO!

  9. I am so happy for my friend Marian. We bonded at a party in my room, hanging out on the bed. I have always cherished that day. Much love, my friend.

    1. It was a great conference, Vicki, the best part meeting you and all the girls from Texas. I too will cherish that day-for it’s wonderful when you get to meet your online friends in person and bond.

  10. Absolutely loved the first two Jake Carrington books and can’t wait to see what you have in store for your readers next. Congrats on the contract!

  11. A forensic seminar sounds fascinating, but maybe a little too gruesome for me. Enjoyed reading about your road to publication.

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