What’s Next for Sarah Winston?

Karen Surprenant is the winner of a copy of I Know What You Bid Last Summer. Watch for an email from me Karen! Thanks to all who left a comment. I wish I could give you all a book!

Last week for the release of I Know What You Bid Last Summer I wrote about the idea behind the book. Today I want to tell you what is coming up for the Sarah Winston Garage Sale mysteries. Next February my sixth book in the series, The Gun Also Rises, comes out. Here is the back cover blurb:


 A wealthy widow has asked Sarah Winston to sell her massive collection of mysteries through her garage sale business. While sorting through piles of books stashed in the woman’s attic, Sarah is amazed to discover a case of lost Hemingway stories, stolen from a train in Paris back in 1922. How did they end up in Belle Winthrop Granville’s attic in Ellington, Massachusetts, almost one hundred years later?


Before Sarah can get any answers, Belle is assaulted, the case is stolen, a maid is killed, and Sarah herself is dodging bullets. And when rumors spread that Belle has a limited edition of The Sun Also Rises in her house, Sarah is soon mixed up with a mobster, the fanatical League of Literary Treasure Hunters, and a hard-to-read rare book dealer. With someone willing to kill for the Hemingway, Sarah has to race to catch the culprit—or the bell may toll for her . . .

Kensington does such an amazing job with the back cover copy! I’m always so grateful. When my editor, Gary Goldstein, and I were tossing around ideas for this book I suggested a book sale and he suggested a Hemingway like character and a stolen valuable book. While I was researching I came across the true story of early Hemingway manuscripts being stolen. They were never found. Click here for more about this fascinating story. Incorporating this bit of history in my novel was so interesting.

But wait there’s more!

Book seven, Let’s Fake A Deal, will come out in July 2019. I don’t have the official back cover copy yet. But Sarah has her hands full. She is just about to open a garage sale she’s throwing for two new to town hipsters when the police show up. They received a tip that everything she’s selling is stolen. To further complicate Sarah’s life a good friend from Fitch Air Force Base is implicated in a murder. As Sarah investigates she wonders how to prove both she and her friend are innocent before they both end up in jail.

And finally!

I’m delighted to be able to say this out loud! Kensington has asked me to write two more Sarah books! Titles and publication dates to be announced. I’m really excited about the ideas for both books. Thanks so much to all of you who have supported this series!

I’m giving away a copy of I Know What You Bid Last Summer to someone who leaves a comment.

Readers: Had you ever heard the story of the stolen Hemingway manuscripts?

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  1. Sherry, warmest congratulations on the additional book deal! Marvelous that we get to continue Sarah’s journey with you,

  2. Two more Sarah books! Hooray! We love Kensington! I’d never heard the Hemingway story but so glad you did. Part of the fun of being a writer is the thrill of uncovering wonderful pieces of information that fit into our stories.

  3. One of the best things about well-written cozies is all the neat things I learn about topics I never would have known about otherwise. Thanks for all the research you do. It makes my life more interesting. Congrats on Kensington continuing your series. Smart move on their part!

  4. So very, very thrilled that this series is marching on! Hearty congratulations! Please don’t include me in the drawing. I have won a copy of “I Know” and am really enjoying it!!!

  5. I am so excited for you, Sherry! I love the teasers about the two new books, and that the series will continue.

  6. Congrats on the book deal! How fabulous for you! I always love hearing stories of lost/stolen paintings or books or whatever that are recovered or discovered. Great storyline…can’t wait to read it!

  7. Congratulations! I look forward to many more garage sales.
    I never had heard of the Hemingway thefts until now. How exciting!

  8. First, I must say a great big CONGRATULATIONS on the book deals! I must say that Kensington is no dummy and they know a great author when they see one. <3

    No, I've heard the story of the stolen Hemingway manuscripts but it sounds intriguing to say the least.

    All of your books sound amazing and have some awesome covers. Anyone would have to be thrilled to read any or all of your books. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your newest release "I Know What You Bid Last Summer".
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  9. Congratulations!!! from my PC that is hooked up to the generator this morning!!!

  10. Wow! Congratulations, Sherry!! The Gun Also Rises (ha! great title) sounds like it would be extra challenging to write. For your research, did you go undercover as one of the Mob wives? Seriously, did you find going into a world that was so different than your real life experiences to be difficult? I’m sure it also must’ve been fun to be fictionally caught up with the mob. Kensington was smart – You sure give us lots of Sarah adventures to look forward to.

    1. Ha! Me undercover? No way. My research came from reading and talking to a few people. I channel being in Boston’s North End — one of my favorite places. And thank you so much!

  11. Just discovered this series, book one was on my TBR pile for a while but when I was half way through I ordered 2,3 and 4, the last one was not out yet, love the intricate mysteries!!!!

  12. What fun! And congratulations for your new books coming out as well as plans for more. I never heard of the Hemingway papers before, but I love book research (mine or others) because I learn so much and I get hooked!

  13. Congrats, Sherry! And love that you’re tying in the Hemingway story. I always wondered if losing those stories is what led to the marriage ending. BTW, I have a lost ms story. I’ll share it with you at LCC.

  14. Congratulations Your stories sound very interesting ad I hope I have a chance to read them!

  15. Congrats on the latest book and the contract for the new ones! I haven’t heard about the stolen Hemingway manuscripts (I don’t think), but I still toy with the idea of a story around the Rembrandt that was stolen from my university when I was a junior.

  16. I had not heard of the Hemingway lost manuscripts story. There are a lot of stories about Hemingway. How fun that you could incorporate it into this series! And congratulations on the continuation of the series.

  17. Congrats on your new books & new contract! I had not heard of the stolen Hemingway manuscripts.

  18. Fantastic news! And way to use a real life story in your mystery. Can’t wait to find out what really happen to those manuscripts. 😉

  19. Congratulations! It is wonderful that there will be more books coming in this delightful series.

  20. Congratulations on the deal for more new books in this series.
    Yes, I’ve heard the rumors about stolen Hemingway manuscripts, but I don’t know if I truly believe it.

  21. Congrats on your book dear for 2 meal. That means I have MORE of your wonderful books to read. I have read all of this series & hoping to win this book to continue.

    Great writing.

  22. I need to read your books! They’re right up my alley. I go to flea markets, tag sales and haunt thrift shops. I’m glad I read about you!

  23. Congrats on the new book and I cannot wait for more!! Yeah! Haven’t heard of the missing manuscripts, but very believable!! Thanks for a chance to win!

  24. Thanks for the chance to win! A book about books sounds awesome, especially one in which you have included historical and biographical research. Of course, the mystery is key!

  25. I can’t wait to read all of them. The series is great and I really enjoy the garage sale theme. I am happy you get to entertain us with more Sarah and friends.

  26. My husband and I listened to The Paris Wife on CD and I’ve read quite a few books on Hemingway, both fiction and non, and recall something about missing paperwork or a journal but it’s a very faint memory. 😣.
    So glad that you are signed up for two more books. I truly enjoy this series as I’ve told you before. Congratulations. .

  27. I have never heard the story of stolen Hemingway manuscripts. I can’t wait to read Sarah’s version! Congratulations on the additional two books! This is one of my favorite series.

  28. Wow!!!! Now I really have any in my pants, knowing that I am waiting for not just TWO, but FOUR more books. Congrats, Sherry!

  29. I’ve never heard of the stolen Hemingway manuscripts. Sounds like a great storyline for book six. Congratulations on the deal with Kensington!

  30. Congrats on your new books! I have never heard of the stolen Hemingway manuscripts. Now I am curious.

  31. So very happy for you! And, happy for all of us readers, too! Hope you and Sarah have many more adventures.

    1. Thank you so much! I REALLY appreciate your generosity. I’m going to love this book.

  32. I’m so happy to hear there will be another two books. Very exciting news! Congratulations–you are such a talented author!

  33. Probably too late to catch the free book, but I HAVE managed to winnow the emails down to 12,269 from a high nearly 14,000.

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