Those Crazy National Days

Jane/Susannah/Sadie here, looking forward to two fun weekends in a row–Memorial Day with family, and a writing retreat next weekend with seven friends, where at least eight new books will be plotted…

These National (fill in the blank) Days are fun, aren’t they? I’m not sure who comes up with these things, but I am proposing National Cozy Mystery Day! Until that’s a thing, here’s what’s what for today, May 24, according to National Day Calendar:

National Brother’s Day: Okay, I’ve got one brother, and today’s as good a day as any to tell him he’s still a pain in the butt. Rob, Happy Brother’s Day!

National Wyoming Day: I’ve never been, but I’d like to go someday. It looks like a beautiful, wide-open place. Have you been?

National Scavenger Hunt Day: Well, what’s more fun than that? OK, everyone, staying within the confines of your house, find the following: a book by one of the Wickeds; a coin that is somewhere it shouldn’t be; and something in your fridge that you forgot you had. Post your results in the comments, if you’re so inclined.

National Escargot Day: I LOVE escargot, properly prepared (which is to say, “prepared by someone else”) with lots of garlic and wine. Do you love it, hate it, or would never try it in a squillion years? Super bonus points if you have some in your fridge you forgot about (see National Scavenger Hunt Day, above).

And finally, Red Nose Day. I am NOT buying one of those silly clown noses, but I do appreciate the cause of reducing child poverty. So I’ll send a few bucks here. You know that spare coin you found on the scavenger hunt? Why not send it and a couple of its brothers to the cause of your choice today?

So, Wicked People, I’m kind of serious about proposing National Cozy Mystery Day. What day do you think it should be? Agatha Christie’s birthday (September 15)? The day the first episode of Murder, She Wrote aired (September 30)? Any other ideas?

Have a wonderful long weekend, everyone!




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  1. You mean there isn’t already a National Cozy Mystery Day? Seriously? There’s an Escargot Day but not a Cozy Mystery Day. This is just not right. (Never ate escargot, by the way, and never EVER intend to.)

  2. I love the idea! Why not September 15! I’ll put it on the Wickeds Calendar now…
    I had escargot once, at a French restaurant with my high school French class. It all felt very classy, and I liked them, but have never sought them out since.

  3. That’ll be a hard pass on the escargot. And if we’re going to establish National Cozy Mystery Day, I’d say Agatha Christie’s birthday is the perfect choice!

  4. I’ve been known to order escargot as appetiser, and another as entree! LOve the little darlings, right down to the last drop,sopped up with the bread from the cute serving dish. When I was managing a collectibles show (Babyboombazaar) we got the governor of Florida to name a “Baby Boomer Week.) More recently, when having a writers workshop for the Bay Area Professional Writers Guild (BAPWG) a different Florida governor gave us “Freelance Writers Day.” One of you email me and I’ll show you how we did it. You need about six months in advance. It will probably work just as well nationally. Barb has my email.

  5. I’m in for National Cozy Day! I don’t have a brother, but gave Sarah one. I used to live in Cheyenne, Wyoming and have a certificate from the then governor saying I’m an official cowboy. There are wicked books all over my house, coins were scattered by my bed (my husband seems to fling them from his pants pockets when he’s searching for some lost item), and I just spotted a small bottle of Prosecco hiding behind other beverages (yay!). I’ve tried escargot but no. And I will make a contribution! Love this post!

  6. Thanks for the tip about National Brothers Day. It gave me a chance to show some love to my only living brother, and that’s not nothing.

    Escargot isn’t bad; mostly, you taste the butter and garlic. I’ve only had it once, treated by a couple of guys from South Africa who took me and another friend to dinner at a trade show. I will try anything once.

    And yes, to Agatha Christie’s birthday! It’s a serious oversight, already!

    1. Oh, and Wyoming is well worth traveling to. It’s a spectacular place, and with fewer than a million residents spread out over the entire state.

  7. We need a Cozy Mystery Day! I definitely vote for Agatha Christie’s birthday! I don’t even have to get up – I can see a bookshelf with Wicked books, a quarter (compliments of my husband – what is it with guys and coins?) in the middle of the kitchen floor, and strangely enough, I, too noted a bottle of prosecco in the back of the fridge this morning when I made breakfast.
    Thanks for the fun post, Jane!

  8. I have one brother but unfortunately he’s passed. We weren’t close and I had hoped that would change but it didn’t.
    Never been to Wyoming yet, but going to cross one of the items off our bucket list this summer by going to Yellowstone National Park.
    On my scavenger hunt I found “Turning the Tide” by Edith Maxwell, coin in the front floorboard of the car as I as cleaning it out (found it the other day in a parking lot and tossed on floor to dry off), and a piece of leftover pizza that will be lunch today.
    I’ve never tried escargot. I don’t know if I can wrap my head around it to even try. I always think of putting salt on snails as a kid and watching them foam up. I know horrible but hey kids do those type things.
    Personally have all sorts of red noses since we were clowns in the past. Tons of fun and loved doing it, but getting older and the body says the idea of standing in 90+ weather all day in costume just doesn’t cut the mustard any more.
    I think National Cozy Mystery Day should be EVERY day that a new cozy is released! Works for me.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  9. They’ve created national days for other thing. Why not national Cozy Mystery Day- I can get behind it.

  10. I’m in for September 15th!

    Several Wicked Cozy author books on the bookshelf behind me. There’s a penny on the end table next to me. And there is so little in my frig, there is nothing in there I’ve forgotten about. (I’m a bachelor, what can I say?)

  11. I’m for National Cozy Day, too. I’m not home, but I have two of Barbara Ross’s books in my bag at work (I just finished one and I have to have the next one ready to go), I have a gold $1 coin in my purse that I found somewhere (I can’t remember where), and I know there are lots of things in my fridge that have long been forgotten.

  12. Would love a National Cozy Day. Also like escargot and Wyoming and miss my brother. I have several Wicked books, just found some coins when I changed to my summer pocketbook. and know what I have in my refrigerator. Maybe not what’s in my freezer!

  13. Agatha’s birthday would be a great date for National Cozy Mystery Day. I have several Wicked books, coins in drawers for some reason, and capers in the fridge. And I LOVE escargot! We introduced our daughter to it when she was about 5. She loved it then and still does. I donate for the Red Nose Day but tell the drugstore to keep the nose. They donate THEM to the kids, too.

  14. I think September 15th is a great day. We can just start it, isn’t that how all these other ones work. We just put it on our blogs and it becomes a thing, right?

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