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By Kim in Baltimore, reading fascinating short stories.

A few years ago I joined a group called the Mindful Writers. Each year I attend two retreats, one in the fall and the other in spring, where I am able to write for hours in peace and take hikes and meditate. These have been some of the most glorious times of my life.

Last year the group decided to compile some of our writings into a book and the result is Into The Woods. All of the proceeds from the sale of this anthology will be donated to The Children’s Heart Foundation. I have invited Lori M. Jones, Ramona Long and Kathleen Shoop to the blog to share with our readers more about this wonderful anthology and why this foundation matters to our group.

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In 2005, I was pregnant with what appeared to be a healthy baby girl. Then at a routine 24 week check-up, the doctor said, “I can’t find your baby’s heartbeat.” When the doctor finally did it was only at half the rate the heartbeat should have been. There are 40 known heart defects, and she was diagnosed with one of them – Complete Heart Block – which is a defect in the heart’s electrical system. She would need a pacemaker as an infant in order to survive. She is now 12, on her second pacemaker, and doing very well. But when she was a baby, I had no idea what her future would entail, or more specifically, how she’d handle being different. I dissected my emotions through writing which led to me being offered a contract for my first children’s book – Riley’s Heart Machine – about a girl dealing with being different from her peers because she has heart machinery.

I searched for a heart charity to donate some of the proceeds to which led me to discovering the amazing work of The Children’s Heart Foundation. I eventually became more involved with the charity, from chairing the Pittsburgh Congenital Heart Walk and sitting on the PA Chapter board and the national board to eventually leading the PA Chapter as its president.

Since writing Riley’s Heart Machine, I’ve traveled to schools delivering assemblies on Writing from the Heart and have published another book, Confetti the Croc, which celebrates our unique qualities. I also have written two novels, Renaissance of the Heart and Late for Fate.

One of the best gems I discovered in my writing journey was The Mindful Writing Group. Through the discipline of writing together, I was able to complete my manuscripts. More importantly, I have found my tribe!

The anthology means so much to me because it’s a full circle moment for me. This book was a chance to join forces with all of my tribe members and create one beautiful project. And then they told me the proceeds were going to The Children’s Heart Foundation, to help the very charity that was fighting to make sure my daughter and other children have a bright future.

Kathleen Shoop on why the anthology is titled Into the WoodsIMG_6751.PNG

Into the Woods was a natural outgrowth for us, The Mindful Writers Retreat Authors. We write together a lot – in person and online. After years of retreating together we decided it was time to create something, a sound bite of the variety of voices that make up the group.

An anthology is a fabulous way for authors to pool their energy into a project while maintaining independence in what each person produces for the book. The collection creates a unique and vibrant body of work that can be read in short spurts or in its entirety. The theme – Into the Woods – seemed like the perfect idea for The Mindful Retreat Authors’ first collaboration since so much inspiration, ideas and wonder has grown out of our times in the lovely woods.

Ramona Long on why she wanted to be the editor of this anthology

I volunteered to edit Into the Woods because I wanted to support The Children’s  Heart Foundation and this was a way I could do that. Like any anthology, working with a group of authors is always a learning experience, but I was particularly happy to work with this group because we are so closely bonded as Mindful Writers. We are all a part of one another’s stories, in a way.

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Dear Readers, thank you for joining us today. Please share your stories about a group or organization that is close to your own heart.

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  1. I have my copy here and look forward to cracking the cover and delving in. I hope you sell a gazillion copies.

    1. I am proud to be a member of the Mindful Writers and happy to share this wonderful anthology with everyone. Thank you, Ramona, for all the hard work you put into this book.

  2. Mindful Writers always sounds like such a wonderful group, Kim. I’m so pleased you all decided to publish an anthology, and I can’t wait to read it! Thanks, too, to Ramona, Lori, and Kathleen for sharing your parts in the effort.

  3. Thanks to Wicked Cozy Authors for sharing the news about Into the Woods! We really appreciate the chance to be here and to spread the word about such a wonderful cause.

  4. Thank you Kim and Wicked Cozy Authors for this post. I have personally learned and gained so much from the Mindful Writers Retreats and authors. I am so grateful for this adventure, pooling our words as a writing family and helping The Children’s Heart Foundation to help children like Riley. It’s priceless. Lori, Kathie, and Ramona, you inspire me in so many ways. And I’m loving all the pieces in the anthology – what a talented bunch we are.

  5. What a great project and a great cause! I’m always so jealous when you share pictures from the Mindful Writers retreats. They look fabulous!

    I think my critique group and Sisters in Crime are the two tribes closest to my heart.

  6. Dear Kim, I consider myself to be fortunate to be part of this enlightened fellowship. Can’t imagine my life without the Mindful Writers Group. Without it I would have never met such generous, warm hearted, sensitive and dynamic writers. Thank you so much for posting this and for your friendship.

  7. I loved your stories and Ramona’s stories about the Mindful Writers when we were at Malice. It sounds like a community awash in laughter, love, and mutual support. Best of luck with the anthology. I hope you sell bundles.

  8. Wonderful project and a great cause! Thank you for letting us all know about it. PS, love the idea of the Mindful Writers.

  9. This anthology sounds like a great read & such a wonderful cause!

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