Opening Lines

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Edith: The detective scratched her head. Who left a cast iron skillet in a top drawer? Unless this was the blunt object she’d been searching for, the one missing from the scene of the crime.

Jessie: She knew Hamish was wrong when he said they had nothing to worry about. When he said the noise coming from the attic was probably made by a family of squirrels. LeeAnn might not know much about animals but she was pretty sure they didn’t yank open drawers or hurriedly pack boxes with valuables.

Sherry: Sarah Winston had had some tough jobs before and she’d seen a dead body or two. But the shocking way this man died had her rethinking her career goals.

Barb: Why did they leave, these long-ago people? Was it the drip-drip-drip of poverty-foreclosure-eviction or a sudden cataclysm? How did they decide what to take and what to leave? When they walked out the door, did they know it was for the last time? The abandoned house haunted me. I was determined to find out what had happened there.

Julie: You know what my downfall was? Not being willing to let go of that old cast iron skillet. Just because it was perfectly seasoned, I couldn’t let it go. Even after I’d used it to let Luther know who was in charge.

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  1. We both stood there, open mouthed. “Did you do this?” “No! It was not like this when I left to call you.” “You’re positive you did not do this?” “I guarantee when I left the only thing out of place was the dead guy. I have no clue who did this, how they got in or what they were looking for.”

  2. I couldn’t believe that my tenants had left my cottage in such a state, a dead body and Grandma’s cast iron frying pan as the prime suspect for the murder weapon!

  3. I had SWORN that I’d never live in another place with inadequate storage, but here I was in a worn down tenement with no shelving to speak of, not to mention no closet and a shared bathroom down the hall.

  4. The cast iron skillet looked seasoned and in good shape, and I was thinking about cleaning it and using it for lunch when the police walked in.

  5. “And why would I leave the murder weapon where it would be so easy to find?” I asked.

    “This is an abandoned house four hours away you own under three different shell companies,” the detective answered.

    Maybe I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was.

  6. Delores spied the hydrogen peroxide bottle on the dresser. “I wonder if this will get the blood out?”

  7. What a dump! Well, at least no one is likely to look for the body here. I’ll just dump it here in the dump. Hah! I always did have a weird sense of humor.

  8. Searching for answers….Hamish did not know if it was a cold or the flu. He combined both NyQuil and Peroxide to ease the discomfort Jessie was feeling. Now she is gone, was it really his caring midnight slushie that killed her or did Guido and her past catch up with her?

  9. Well you know Sheriff, he was the only barber in this small town for over forty years. After awhile everyone knew him as, “Shaky Bob.” Shaky Bob the Barber, said the Sherriff, that’s funny. But a bad haircut is not a motive for murder!

  10. Too Tall Jim and his new bride, Caroline thought last night’s shivaree went well but from the looks of Aunt Willa Mae’s saloon, they were lucky that townfolk hadn’t shot it up.

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