The Adventures of Molly and Wizzy – Christmas Edition

Our first Christmas: By Molly and Wizzy

The girls

Hey hey! We’re commandeering the blog today because, why not? And because we just do whatever we want anyway, despite what Mom says…. Anyway, we just celebrated our first Christmas! Here’s our account of how the whole Christmas holiday went. Enjoy!

Molly: So it’s kind of cold here for us southern gals, but I like it. There was some of that white stuff flying around this morning, but not enough that I could stick my face in it like the other time! That was fun. I guess I’ll eat some mulch instead.

Wizzy: I don’t know why we’re outside so early. I just peed in the hallway so I’m good. And technically I didn’t pee in our house, so I shouldn’t have gotten in trouble. Can I have a treat anyway?

Molly: Wizzy, shut up. Anyway, we had a nice weekend. Mom took us to the pet bakery. I’m assuming the really pretty Christmas cookies were good. I only had a little taste because Wizzy busted into the bag and ate all of them when Mom ran into the other store. All of them except the one we were supposed to give to our friend Zach. So I got that one. Mom said she’d buy me extra when we went back.

Wizzy: Hey, no one said not to eat them. I’m an opportunist! Are there more cookies?

Molly: You ate all the cookies!! I stayed in the backseat like a good girl. I’m getting the next batch of cookies. And I’m getting the next batch from the litter box before you do!

Wizzy: Whatever, goody two shoes. You’re so perfect. I’m gonna go chase the cat. Hey speaking of cats – Mom keeps saying someone named Santa brought the cats a new tree, which is stupid because I saw her get the box and bring it upstairs. And the cats were right there watching her put it together. Which took her twice as long because I kept stealing the pieces and running around with them and sitting on all the other pieces. IMG_1322 .               IMG_4936

Molly: Right, good job. You’re the reason we went to bed early that night even though Mom said it was in case that Santa guy showed up and we couldn’t be up or he wouldn’t leave us stuff.

Wizzy: I love this new cat tree. I can actually climb this one and sit on the ledge, so it’s even easier to eat all the cat food! Which I think Mom doesn’t like. She kept saying the new tree was supposed to make things better. It definitely made it better for me.

Molly: I really want to take a nap with my new toy.

Wizzy: Hey Molly! Want to play? [Wizzy dive-bombs Molly and starts chewing her face]

Molly: [Big sigh] Not really, but I guess I’ll go along with it. Hey, there’s a cat! I love cats! I don’t get why they get so mad at me when I try to give them kisses.

Wizzy: Molly, you stole the treat ball. That was MY present.

Molly: Whatever. You ate all the Christmas cookies, remember? Plus Mom bought the wrong size treats and they got stuck in the ball anyway. That was kind of stupid, Mom. But hey, I love my new bed!

IMG_4326  Gifts

Wizzy: Me too! I hope I don’t poop in mine by accident. That happens sometimes. Especially when I have to spend extra time in it because I stole food off someone’s plate. If I can reach it, I should eat it, right?

Molly: Wizzy, the only time I get in trouble is when I follow your lead. You really should get it together.

Wizzy: Hey, man. Be your own dog. That’s what I do. I still think we should’ve gotten more treats for Christmas. I mean, my new skull and bones leash is cool and all, but I like to eat.

Molly: Yeah – you ate all your other leashes so you had to get a new one!

Wizzy: Oh yeah.

Molly: Plus Mom said our big present is going to be a trainer. The only reason we need a trainer is because of you.

Wizzy: So? I heard you get lots of treats with a trainer….



Merry Christmas everyone! Tell us how your furry friends spent the holidays in a comment below. 

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  1. We have had two cats that pretty much have had the run of the house for 4 years. Imagine their surprise when we adopted a rescue dog! It changed things, that’s for sure! I think the hardest thing for them to adapt to was a feeding change. Now they get fed at night, when Mojo is in his crate. That way I don’t need to be on constant alert about their food being eaten by Mojo!

    1. I hear you! I have to feed them breakfast before I let the dogs out of their crates, and then I feed them dinner while the dogs are eating their own dinner in their crates. Very complicated…

  2. So fun, Liz! But you sure have your hands full with that Wizzy. Our cats at Christmas? Pretty much laid around and snoozed, as usual. I had a pretty Christmas cloth over a small end table, so Preston decided under the table covered by the cloth was his new nap spot.

  3. Toby and Hamish just dropped unsubtle hints about the fire being lit and being given treats!

  4. Oh my goodness, this made me laugh! Their faces say it all. You’ve got your hands full. Life is much more serene with just a fat older cat like mine. Wishing you a happy new year, Liz, and here’s hoping that trainer does the job!! (p.s. If you ever think about going into picture books, The Adventures of Wizzy and Molly might be a good one.)

  5. Liz, this is hilarious. I love seeing your pictures on FB. The one of your new “cat” on the cat tree – I can’t stop laughing! It will be a happy – and busy – new year for you.

  6. Oh, my, it sounds as if Wizzy has the right name. Dogs are cute and I know dog lovers love them, but I’m so glad we have cats. Our two pretty much ignore most of what was going on. Your blog certainly gave me wonderful laugh this morning.

    Our big pet story for the holiday is our daughter, who is visiting from AZ, is rescuing a cat from here (PA) and couldn’t get a plane ticket for him. So… my husband and I are driving this new cat to AZ leaving on Wednesday. Right now the cat is at the vet having just been neutered. There were a lot more complications involved in all of this, but it has all worked out. Cats and daughters are worth a lot of loving.

  7. Jax got a new squeaky toy that looks like a Santa and was very territorial for about 10 minutes, baring his teeth (which he NEVER does) at Daddy when Daddy was touching it (just to aggravate the dog). After a stern lecture from Mommy, he stopped and has been a good boy ever since. Other than that, he was super tired on Christmas Day after being around people for two days straight.

  8. I have the same cat tree that you got. My cats love it, and I hope yours do too.

  9. I enjoyed reading this! The dogs’ personalities really came through! And I love the photos–Wizzy has such an innocent “Who me?” look on his face. My cat, Horatio, who doesn’t like treats and is getting a bit old for energetic play so his gift was a catnip mouse, spent Christmas like any other day: waking me up at 4 am to announce there’s a bald spot in his food bowl, purring loudly in my ear so I can’t fall back asleep, and once I did get up, snoozing through most of the day.

  10. Love your new girls. They are adorable and a hoot too. Can’t wait to hear how the training goes! Tyler found his huge stocking in the morning before anyone got here. He couldn’t wait. So he grabbed it and shook all the toys and treats out and had a big time. He loved his stuff. Hid some of the toys and the treats for another time, but he was happy to get so much all at once if only for a a bit of time, lol.

  11. So funny! You do know what they’re thinking it sounds like. I bet there is already a new series starting in your mind…Happy New Year! And keep the sense of humor! I wonder how many trainers Wizzy might retire…

  12. Thank you for sharing Molly and Wizzy’s escapades. They sound like they definitely keep you on your toes. My cat Pita got extra toys and treats for Christmas. She gets toys and treats all year round, and I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I spoil her. That’s the only way to be, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope all of you have a very healthy, prosperous, Happy New Year!

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