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WICKED MEMORIESWickeds, 2018 is almost over! Today let’s look back at the year, and celebrate some of the wonderful writing memories from the year.

Edith: I had a pretty remarkable year. Four novels published in three series, plus a short story. Two contracts signed for three-book series extensions. Three books, a novella, and two short stories written. No wonder I’m tired…


But best of all? Meeting and hearing from fans, and celebrating the successes of my fellow Wickeds!

Liz: It was a crazy year – lots of good along with some not-so-good. I think my biggest accomplishment this year was actually finishing two books…but also starting a new series (which you’ll all hear more about soon!). It was also really awesome to hear that Cat About Town, the first Cat Cafe Mystery, went into its fourth printing a couple months ago!

Barb: It was a fabulous writing year. I handed in two books and a novella. Like Liz I started a new series, and like Liz, you’ll get more info in the new year.  By far the thing that really got my heart going was a mention in the Sunday Book Review of the New York Times. It popped up as a Google alert on a Thursday at midnight. I couldn’t believe it. Bill was already getting ready for bed and I ran down to tell him. I could barely get the words out. I was so emotional he thought someone had died! The only thing that makes me sad was that my parents aren’t here to see it. They would have been so proud.

Kellye Garrett, Publicity Liaison, Me, Past Presidents Roberta Isleib and Hank Phillipi Ryan

Sherry: My biggest moment was becoming president of Sisters in Crime in September. I’m overwhelmed with emotion when I think of all the wonderful, smart women who have held this position before me. I’m lucky to work with an amazing board and wonderful staff. So many dedicated people working hard for the betterment of women writers. On the writing front, I turned in two books and started writing the first book in the Chloe Jackson Redneck Riviera mystery series. It has been so much fun learning about Chloe and the people around her. I’ve been surprised  by Chloe so many times already.

Julie: I loved our trip to Kensington, and meeting the folks there in person. I’m the newest Wicked to join the Kensington family, and couldn’t be more thrilled. No new books in 2018, but one written, and several others in the pipeline. Can’t wait for Pruning the Dead to kick off my new year!

Dear readers, any favorite book memories from 2018? Writer friends, let us know about your 2018 writing memories!

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  1. I can think of three huge writing-related highlights for me in 2018 (quite apart from all the wonderful books I read … not a few of which were written by the Wickeds).

    First was an offhand suggestion made to me by a certain author as I whined about the block I had in finishing a short story between sessions at Malice Domestic. (Thank you, Sherry!)

    Second was the honor of being invited to join the Malice Domestic Board of Directors. Now I have an opportunity to give something back to an organization that has brought me so much pleasure over the last decade.

    Finally, was discovering and regularly participating in this blog. It’s more than just a blog, it’s really a community, and it’s as warm and welcoming as my own real family is dysfunctional. So, I offer my sincere and warm thanks to all six of the Wickeds authors plus all the regular guest contributors, and especially to all the Wickeds readers who, like me, have found a home here.

    Happy 2019 everyone!

  2. No doubt, my debut book launched in August. And oddly, I received the best ever rejection from Greg Herren – and a fabulous compliment from him when I saw him at Bouchercon in St. Pete.

    Looking forward to 2019!

  3. So many great things to celebrate. A new series, Liz? Can’t wait to hear more. (Barbara, I’m assuming your new series is the one you’ve already mentioned a few times, but I’d thats not what you mean, I’m intrigued as well.)

    1. Yes, your assumption is correct, Mark. I just haven’t officially “announced” yet because there wasn’t a pre-order link, and then once there was a pre-order link, I was deep in the releases of Yule Log Murder and Steamed Open. So–coming soon to a blog near you!

  4. I’ve discovered so many new authors this year, mostly thanks to this blog. I love visiting here and getting to know all you great folks. My appreciation of the difficulty of writing has greatly enhanced my enjoyment of a good book. Congrats to all who had a successful year in publishing. Looking forward to next year’s exciting reads. Thank you, one and all.

  5. My favorite book memories of the year… hmmm.. actually that’s an easy one…. Discovering this blog and the facebook group, and winning a few books in the process!!!! I love reading your exploits, discovering that even though you guys are published authors with jillion’s of people reading your books (and if there aren’t JILLION’s, there should be, they don’t know what they are missing!), you are still just normal people, doing normal people things too. So, keep writing as FAST as you can and I’ll keep buying and reading.. Thanks for the wonderful blog and facebook group! Renee

  6. Congratulations to each of you on your numerous accomplishments! I’m thrilled that 2019 is already shining brightly for y’all ❣️ 📚 Sending wishes for a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year! 🥂🍾

  7. Thank you for all the awesome books that the group has written this year! Also, thank you for such an amazing blog to read every day! I hope all the Wickeds have a wonderful 2019!! 😊📚

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