Cover Reveal — Sell Low, Sweet Harriet

The winner of an ARC of Let’s Fake a Deal is donamaekutska7. Watch for an email from me!

One of the most exciting days in the whole publishing process is the day I first see my book cover! Lou Malcangi and the team at the Kensington art department did an amazing job with the cover for Sell Low, Sweet Harriet the eighth book in the Sarah Winston Garage Sale mysteries! Look for a giveaway at the end of the post.

Here is the back cover copy:

Sarah Winston’s garage sale business has a new client: the daughter of a couple who recently died in a tragic accident while away on a trip to Africa. Their house is full of exotic items from around the world that need to be sold off. When Sarah learns that the deceased were retired CIA agents, the job becomes more intriguing—but when an intruder breaks in and a hidden camera is found, it also becomes more dangerous. And Sarah has enough on her plate right now since she’s investigating a murder on the side at the nearby Air Force base, where her status as a former military spouse gives her a special kind of access.

With so much work piling up, Sarah decides to hire some help. But her assistant, Harriet—a former FBI hostage negotiator—has a rare talent for salesmanship. Which is good, because Sarah may have to haggle for her life with Harriet’s assistance . . .

So many items on the cover of this one play into the story! Sell Low, Sweet Harriet comes out on December 31, 2019.  Here’s a link to the Kensington page for the book:

And in other exciting news I just got the Advance Reader Copies of Let’s Fake a Deal which comes out on July 30, 2019! I’m going to give away a copy to someone who leaves a comment.

Readers: If you could own one thing from the cover of Sell Low, Sweet Harriet what would you pick?

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  1. Great cover! I like the masks a lot, but would probably choose the cat!

  2. I would love one of the masks or the globe. Congratulations Sherry….this is a terrific series and I am always greatly entertained when I read a book in this series.

  3. LOVE the cover of “Sell Low, Sweet Harriet” as well as the title. If I could have anything shown on the cover, it would be the 50’s chrome dining set inside the garage. We had a similar set as I was growing up. In fact, my folks had it almost until the very end of their lives. Other than it was originally red and grey and when they had it redone it was pink and grey. Brings back such sweet memories of family time around the table whether eating the home cooked meals Mom made or us play the marble game Dad made, it was all great times together. Can’t wait to read this book for sure.

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of “Let’s Fake a Deal”! Definitely on my TBR list and can’t wait for the opportunity to read.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. We had a yellow set when I was really young but it was replaced with a pecan dining room set when we moved when I was in first grade.

  4. I love the cover. If I could have one thing from the picture… I would take the cat. I love my kitties!

  5. I love the masks as well, but like others– the cat hands down! Congratulations on both books. I so look forward to reading them!

  6. Charming Cover I would also want the 1950’s Dining Set. I owned one of these when I was in College in my first apt. and the chairs were so comfortable.

  7. I would take the sword. I can’t get enough of your brillant series! Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. I`d choose the Steins my husband collects them. Thx for the chance!!

  9. Omigosh, I’d choose either the veggie guillotine, or the stepped drawers. Probably the drawers, actually, since I’d no doubt be dangerous around the sharp blade.

    The meerschaum pipes! Is that a skull on one? My dad had a stand like that, but one that held five or six pipes. I can’t remember if he had any meerschaum ones, though. He died in 1969, but I still think of him when I smell pipe smoke. Rare these days, though.

    Love all the detail, Sherry! How fun.

  10. I’d definitely take one of the beer steins! (Autocorrect keeps trying to change it to ‘beer stains’—I guess if I drank a beer that size there may be some beer stains involved.) Love your books, Sherry!!

  11. I’d pick the stair step storage… looks very interesting! But it was kinda a toss-up with that cool looking storage thing-a-ma-gigy at the back on the right side. I love things that different! Renee

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