Cover Reveal — Sell Low, Sweet Harriet

The winner of an ARC of Let’s Fake a Deal is donamaekutska7. Watch for an email from me!

One of the most exciting days in the whole publishing process is the day I first see my book cover! Lou Malcangi and the team at the Kensington art department did an amazing job with the cover for Sell Low, Sweet Harriet the eighth book in the Sarah Winston Garage Sale mysteries! Look for a giveaway at the end of the post.

Here is the back cover copy:

Sarah Winston’s garage sale business has a new client: the daughter of a couple who recently died in a tragic accident while away on a trip to Africa. Their house is full of exotic items from around the world that need to be sold off. When Sarah learns that the deceased were retired CIA agents, the job becomes more intriguing—but when an intruder breaks in and a hidden camera is found, it also becomes more dangerous. And Sarah has enough on her plate right now since she’s investigating a murder on the side at the nearby Air Force base, where her status as a former military spouse gives her a special kind of access.

With so much work piling up, Sarah decides to hire some help. But her assistant, Harriet—a former FBI hostage negotiator—has a rare talent for salesmanship. Which is good, because Sarah may have to haggle for her life with Harriet’s assistance . . .

So many items on the cover of this one play into the story! Sell Low, Sweet Harriet comes out on December 31, 2019.  Here’s a link to the Kensington page for the book:

And in other exciting news I just got the Advance Reader Copies of Let’s Fake a Deal which comes out on July 30, 2019! I’m going to give away a copy to someone who leaves a comment.

Readers: If you could own one thing from the cover of Sell Low, Sweet Harriet what would you pick?

129 Thoughts

  1. Very tough choice. The step tansu would be a wonderful purchase but so would the wooden scholars desk. But I’d probably go with the sword and scabbard on the left.

  2. Congratulations, Sherry, on a great new cover. It is so wonderfully sinister. I would definitely want the mask on the left as I collect masked and it’s a beauty. Two great books to look forward to.

  3. Love the cover! I would choose the beer steins. I don’t drink beer but they remind me of my trip to Germany years ago.

  4. I would pick the steins as they remind me of the three years we spent in Germany. Love your books and reading them reminds me of the three years we spent at Fort Devens, MA. That was one of our favorite assignments – loved the area.

  5. It would have to be the kitty who could be a friend to our neighbor’s look-alike kitty named Snickerdoodle! Two new books from you to look forward to and read…that is the best thing of all!

  6. I think I would go with the mask. It seems like something fun to be able to display in my house. I can’t wait to read both new books!

  7. The pitcher that is peeking out behind the block or one of the coffee pots or whatever they are! They look silver and i would maybe use them for a flower arrangement! I love this series!

  8. I’d take the globe. I had one years ago and got rid of it, but they’re fun to study. Love the cover, can’t wait to read it!

  9. Great cover. Brings up a lot of questions about the story! Even though I’m not a scholar 😉 I think it would have to be the scholar’s desk (if that’s what it is hiding in the back on the right). I’m sure I could find a way to use it for books, paper products and coffee. Great title, too.

  10. Hi Sherry,

    Congratulations on the great cover and the excellent title. Do you write your own titles, or are they bestowed on you by your publisher. I love the puns inherent in the titles of your books (and Donna Andrews’ books as well).

    I’d take the kitty, but a) I’m seriously allergic to cats (and unfortunately, my Jack Russell mix would regard the cat as something to be hunted). However, I have fallen in love with the dog in the photo, and if you ever decide you don’t want him or her, give me a call right away!

    Since I can’t have the cat, I guess I’d go for the globe. I don’t have a globe at the moment, and I miss being able to look at it and see where something I’ve just heard mentioned on the news lies. I’ve always envied Nero Wolfe his huge globe. Alas, I’ve no room for such a wonder (not to mention lacking the substantial funds I’m sure such a monstrosity costs).

    I’m definitely looking forward to getting reacquainted with Sarah Winston, and having two books in the pipeline is wonderful.

    Again, congratulations!

    1. Thanks, Lee! I love the globe too. My editor came up with this title. It’s been about half and half with him choosing some and me others. I look forward to seeing you at Malice!

  11. wants to know where the books are because that is what I always go for at garage sales, but I think the globe would look nice in my library

    1. I’ve seen mini guillotines sold as cigar end choppers. Maybe that is what it is. Or maybe it’s for creepy dolls!

  12. I think I would pick the wooden tall thing on the back right. Someone called it a “Scholar’s Desk”?
    Or perhaps, the red step looking thing on the back left.
    All of the items look interesting, but I’m thinking most would not impress hubby or daughter [ lol ] .

    1. I love those two chairs too! I had an opportunity to buy a red set with the enamel top table years ago but the place we lived in was way to small. I’ve always regretted it!

  13. The cat, but then you don’t really “own” a cat, they own you 😉 – thanks for the contest

  14. Love the cover. Just put this on my tbr list. I would like a beer stein for my husband. He collects them

  15. Love the cover and there are so many great things there, but the kitty sitting on the step tansu would hold a lot of books to occupy her if used as shelves and the drawers would hold scrapbooking things…besides the owner will not let the kitty leave…

  16. I would take the cat, too! Or if kitty isn’t up for sale, the little globe. Some of the things are creepy! Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. I think this title is my favorite! I would probably leave this garage sale with the globe. While an antique globe would be quite a find, I think I’d like a more modern one that showed all the new countries that used to make up the Soviet Union ~

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