Wicked Wednesday-Recharge

Jessie- In Maine, enjoying the pace of life at the beach.

When life gets hectic we all need a little time to recharge our batteries and it seems to me summer is the perfect time to find the time to do just that. This week I am wondering how and where each of you recharge your batteries. What about a memory of a time you did just that.

Julie: There are so many ways to recharge my batteries. Rest will do that, for sure. But I find that travel recharges my batteries in a wonderful way. I’ve take a couple of river cruises in the past five years, and I can’t speak highly enough of the experience. Gentle cruising, lots of sightseeing, only having to unpack once, good food. A lovely way to recharge.

Edith: I recommend a dose of other people’s little children. I get to hang out with my favorite toddler (my great goddaughter) nearly monthly, and she’s such a delight as she explores the world, language, and her own will. I was at a potluck Friday that included a two year old and a five year old grandchild of two Quakers. So much fun to play and talk with them! Children are just present, a recharging lesson I very much need.

Liz: Time with good friends is definitely a favorite way to recharge. And reading – lots of reading. Especially at the beach. Most recently, I’ve started hiking more and I find that’s a wonderful way to get grounded and get some exercise. I always leave feeling recharged.

Barb: Wait–we’re supposed to recharge? Why does no one tell me anything?

Jessie: I’m afraid so, Barb! Consider this your notice! I would love to take a river cruise like Julie! Until then, I spend time walking the beach, hosting gatherings of friends and knitting.

Edith: Haha, Barb – but, ahem. Aren’t you currently at the beach with grandkids? You have two primary recharging stations covered right there!

Sherry: I’m with Barb. There hasn’t been a lot of time for recharging this year. But I’m thinking about booking a cruise in November. I don’t even care if I get off the ship. I just want to gaze at the water and not have to be responsible for anything.

Readers: what do you do to recharge your batteries?

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  1. Morning coffee on the patio with Dan; Saturday morning writers critique group; Friday lunch with Marty; shopping at Ulta with teen aged granddaughters; pedicure anytime; sunset ride along the beach with Dan.

  2. My family has a house in the Poconos. No resort or lake or anything like that, just a house in the woods. Nothing is more relaxing than going there and sitting on the porch reading or taking a walk. Just thinking about it relaxes me.

  3. Wandering weekends or longer in my car not knowing where I end up.
    Read. Bike.

  4. I love getting away for a weekend or really just getting together with friends. Last Saturday I stumbled into a greyhound meet-and-greet when I took Koda to Petco. Turns out it was the same rescue I got him from and they do it the second Saturday of every month! Something to look forward to. Hanging out with friends and dogs.

    Recently I’ve also gotten a little recharge daily by doing jigsaw puzzles. I found an app for my iPad with loads of them. Something about being creative and thinking that’s not related to writing. Bonus: because the puzzles are digital no missing pieces!

  5. No such thing in this house at the moment! But I do use Ireland to recharge. The pace of life there is entirely different, and you can spend a lot of time just sitting and watching cows amble across a field. There they go; oops, now they’re going the other direction. This can go on for hours. Then there are the rainbows. And all the friendly people–a brief chat on the street can result in an hour’s conversation, and that’s before you discover you’re related. It’s almost like stumbling on a new world. Counting the days!

  6. Wine! Half-kidding. I do power walks in my neighborhood with friends, dance classes at the gym. But those are more of a routine than a recharge, I guess. I also took up needlepoint again. It calms me and my mind wanders or relaxes while I stitch. And I get to see my creation grow. I’d love to take a genuine vacation. So far, all we did was an overnight to Ventura, but even one night on the ocean was exciting to me. We leave on Saturday for New Orleans to bring our daughter back to college. We’ll be running around helping her set up her dorm room and I’ve squeezed some business into the stay, so it’s not even close to being a vacation. But going to a city I love so much always rejuvenates me. And gives me ideas!

  7. I’m with Barb, and I can tell it is catching up with me. I need a weekend with little to nothing going on so I can just veg and not get anything done at all. Hopefully, soon.

  8. We love to be back to nature. We love to unplug and visit national parks we haven’t been to or back to those we love. Most don’t have internet or phone service, some don’t have TV. You can relax, be amazed by nature’s great beauty and actually talk and be listened to without interruptions. We love it and come home in a lot better frame of mind than before we left. It’s something we look forward to the next time almost as soon as we get back from one.

    For a short recharge, we can sit on the porch and photograph the critters that come to visit us on a daily basis from birds to bobcats. To do so, you have to be quiet, listen and think – all forms of relaxing.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  9. The main way I recharge is with music. I’ve sung for most of my life, and singing in the choir, or just singing the responses at Mass are renewing. I’m also a big fan of a group called Celtic Thunder, and I love putting one of their CDs on and singing along with them. Watching their show DVDs is even better. There’s never a dull moment with these guys and they always bring a much needed laugh and a lifting of spirits. Getting lost in books by my favorite authors (including all the Wickeds) is another spirit lifter.

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