A Tale of Two Rescues, Part I

By Liz, hoping summer doesn’t come to an end anytime soon…

It’s been nearly a year since I lost my Shaggy, my best little friend. All of you are more than familiar with my stories about her and my seemingly endless memories and pictures – and I appreciate all of you humoring me. Don’t worry – this isn’t another memorial post.)

But I was so lonely after she died – and I was also hibernating a little, which wasn’t good. Since I work from home, I had no reason to even go outside after she died. And most days, if I didn’t go out to yoga or the gym, I wasn’t getting out at all. I had to fix that before it became a problem. Plus, I was missing everything that came with having a dog.

So last November, I adopted two new dogs. Both puppies (I know, I know). Molly, my schnauzer/Lab/true mutt mix, was completely planned. I did my research online, I scoured Petfinder, I spoke with a number of rescue groups about a number of dogs. I went back and forth in my own mind about whether or not I should get another schnoodle, like Shaggy, and decided not right now. I thought I’d constantly compare a dog of the same breed to my girl.

So I looked at other mixes. I do love schnauzers – they are so stinking smart and loyal – but it wasn’t a hard and fast criteria. Molly just happened to have that in her mix. I had actually put in a request for Molly’s sister, but when I spoke to the woman in charge, she told me about Molly, who wasn’t even up on the website yet.

Molly’s adoption photo.

“Black dogs often get overlooked,” she told me, which I knew to be true from my own rescue adventures (black cats too). I spoke to Molly’s foster parent down in Arkansas and he told me what a lovely dog she was at just five months old. I was sold. I arranged her transport, and then I had to wait a few weeks.

In the meantime, I wasn’t supposed to be looking at Petfinder any more. I wasn’t, really, but I hadn’t cancelled the daily email updates. Still, I wasn’t looking at them (most days) but one day, when I was away for work and bored at whatever I was doing, I scrolled through. Just for the heck of it.

And I saw this face.

Penny’s adoption photo.

Of course, she was a schnoodle. Of course, she was super cute. And of course I knew I didn’t need two dogs under a year old.

So of course, I put in an application. “I’ll just see what happens,” I told myself. “I’m sure someone’s already scooped her up.”

I didn’t get a response for a couple of weeks – in fact, not until two days before I picked up Molly. The response was an email that said, Congratulations, you’ve been approved to adopt Wizzy! She’ll arrive on transport next Thursday.

There was no conversation with the foster parent, if she even had one. I don’t actually know where she was staying before she was shipped up from Tennessee. I wasn’t even asked if this date worked for me, which it really didn’t since I had to go away two days later and it wasn’t ideal. It was all a blur, which gave me pause because Molly’s adoption had been so different. But how could I say no to that face?

So I said yes. Molly had been with me for six days when her new sister arrived, and she was the perfect dog, second only to Shaggy, of course. She was super well behaved, sweet as can be, and totally potty trained. And so calm. All the chaos I’d prepared for ahead of time with her never came to pass.

And then I picked up Penny…

Tune in next month for the rest of the story. In the meantime, tell us in the comments something you’ve done impulsively that turned out right! (Or wrong, for that matter!)

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  1. Sounds like Molly and Wizzy were meant to find you, Liz! My cats Molly (yes, another Molly) and Anna Belle were supposed to be temporary fosters. You’ve probably heard that tale before. Long story short, they’re still here seven years later.

  2. I know at least part of part two, Liz. You’re a brave woman! My decision to leave the day job to write fiction full time wasn’t totally impulsive but many might have said it was ill-advised. I did it anyway and am SO glad I did!

  3. For a person who does not like change, I’d say it being my idea to sell out and move was a big impulsive decision. One that hubby jumped on quickly – before I had time to second guess or back out. 🙂 The move was hard, but the end result affirmed that this was the best move (sorry for the pun) I’ve ever made of a “think we can” decision.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  4. Awesome- dogs rocked my/ your world- you rescued one trying not to get another type of same dog you had. But it was meant to be. You will not compare- each dog is different / unique . Fun times ahead- they are so darn cute .

  5. Liz, I love those faces (yours included)! After our Molly died either years ago, my husband thought we shouldn’t get another dog since we travel so much. But after a couple of months, he said I needed one–and I did. So glad for you. Good luck with the house training!

  6. Your pups are so cute, Liz! I remember about 6 years ago making the drive from Indianapolis to Bloomington to see Grace Potter & The Nocturnals on a whim. Since I was by myself, I ended up with a seat (not that I ended up needing it) in the fifth row. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. It was a Tuesday night, so I was pretty sleep-deprived the next day at work. But it was totally worth it!

  7. Congratulations on your new family members, they are both adorable. Over the years I have done some impulsive things, but just can’t think this morning. I miss not having a furbaby anymore. My last baby left us just over a year ago and snowbirding for 3 months each year makes it hard to get another one. I can’t have a dog where I spend the winter and both my kids have their own dogs and children. Oh well, I spend time with my granddogs.

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