Cover Reveal for Nogged Off

by Barbara Ross, in a house on the Jersey shore with 16 adults, 2 six year-olds and 2 babies.

I just received the cover for the standalone ebook of my novella, Nogged Off, which will be available on October 29.

What do you think? I’ve noticed Kensington covers for stories about the off-season in Busman’s Harbor, when the cold winds blow, are always from the point-of-view of someone on the inside looking out. They certainly are a lot cozier that way.

Nogged Off is the novella that was originally in the holiday collection Eggnog Murder, which also contains novellas by Leslie Meier and Lee Hollis. Kensington has decided to release it as a standalone ebook.

So for those of you who have read Eggnog Murder, don’t buy this ebook! You already own the story. But for those of you who only know the Snowden Family clambake from the mystery novels, this could be the chance you were waiting for! In the Maine Clambake world, this story falls between Fogged Inn and Iced Under.

I loved writing this story, which was my first novella. I posted about the story behind the story here. I hope this ebook edition gives more people a chance to enjoy Nogged Off.

Readers: Tell us, have you started your shopping, squirreling little presents away or will you wait until some magical mark-Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Christmas Eve?

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  1. I love the cover for Nogged Off, Barbara! And I never noticed that about winter scenes on the Kensington covers being viewed from the inside. I’ll have to pay more attention!

  2. The cover is great! Yes, the cover for Farmed and Dangerous, my February Local Foods mystery, showed farm cat Preston (who died this week, sniff) looking out at the snow. Perfect. Hope you get lots of new sales!

  3. A beautiful cover for a great story! I have definitely not started shopping for the holidays and probably won’t until at least after Thanksgiving. Maybe even mid-December.

    1. For the most part I haven’t even thought about Christmas, but we do adult stockings for one another and it is best to pick up items for those all year ’round.

  4. Great idea to publish as a stand-alone and great cover. Happy to revisit the novella for a separate review for Suspense. Is there a new ARC??

    Have fun “down the shore.” I hope you’re in a big house!

  5. You’re right about the winter scenes from the inside looking out being cozier.

    I haven’t even started thinking about Christmas yet – except for briefly wondering what to do with Koda’s inside dog bed when we put the tree up.

  6. Hi Liz. I had a friend who was a realtor who said the second people started talking about where to put the Christmas tree, she knew she had a sale.

  7. Love the cover!

    We don’t buy many Christmas gifts but put a lot of thought into the ones we do. So when I see that special something for that special someone, I buy it whether it’s a week after the last Christmas or a week before the one coming up.
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  8. love the cover! I don’t have a long list, so I usually start shopping after Thanksgiving. If I happen to run across the perfect gift for someone earlier in the year, I’ll buy it then.

  9. Nice cover.

    I actually did buy my first Christmas presents this week. I always give my aunt ebooks, and I noticed a couple I wanted to give her were on sale. Ordered with scheduled delivery 12/26. Now to keep an eye on the others.

  10. Very cozy cover. We don’t buy for a lot of people, but we spoil each other and our daughter. Along about October I start to keep an eye out for things. However, I already have all of our daughter’s Chanukah gifts ready to go. (She double dips!)

  11. Welcome to The Jersey Shore – that’s where I live! I do like the cover – puts me in the mood for a New England winter (I went to college in Vermont!). I have to Christmas shop during the official season – that’s when I’m most in the Christmas mood. I am making my way through Clammed Up – I love it! You officially have a new fan!

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