Sealed Off ARCs and a #giveaway

by Barb, in denial about the fall feeling in the air in Portland, ME

Attention: Winners have been chosen and notified. Check your email boxes! Thanks to all who commented.

Advance Reader Copies have arrived for Sealed Off, the eighth Maine Clambake Mystery.

I know there are a few of you out there who do not want to wait until December 31, for Julia’s next mystery, even if it means putting up with a few extra typos and glitches. If you are such a person, leave a comment on this blog and three of you will receive an ARC.

Sealed Off cover

Here’s the blurb.

Early October is “winding down” time in Busman’s Harbor, Maine, but there’s nothing relaxing about it for Julia Snowden. Between busloads of weekend leaf peepers at the Snowden Family Clambake and a gut renovation of the old mansion on Morrow Island, she’s keeping it all together with a potentially volatile skeleton crew—until one of them turns up dead under the firewood.

When the Russian demo team clearing out the mansion discovers a room that’s been sealed off for decades, Julia’s baffled as to its purpose and what secrets it might have held. Tensions are already simmering with the crew, but when one of the workers is found murdered, things come to a boil. With the discovery of another body—and a mysterious diary with Cyrillic text in the hidden room—the pressure’s on Julia to dig up a real killer fast. But she’ll have to sort through a pile of suspects, including ex-spouses, a spurned lover, and a recently released prisoner, to fish out one clammed-up killer.

I really enjoyed writing this tale of a sealed up room at the ruined mansion Windsholme. And there’s a murder Julia must investigate, of course!

What do you think? Does it sound intriguing? Leave a comment or just say “hi” to be entered in the giveaway.

132 Thoughts

  1. Yes, fall is in the air each morning and makes me reconsider opening the deck door at 5 or 6 AM–so chilly. It must be even cooler in Maine. Looking forward to the next installment of the Maine Clambake series.


  2. I LOVE this series and I always enjoy reading about Julia’s new adventures! (I’m reading “Haunted House Murder” now, which is terrific!) Congrats on the new book and thanks for the chance to win!


  3. Wow! I could feel the suspense building and mentally hear the “discovery music” that you hear on tv shows when something is about to happen as I read the description of this book! I love this series and can’t wait to read this one too.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love the cover! Couple years ago we took a bucket list trip up the coastline of Maine exploring lighthouses.

    I would LOVE the chance to read more of Julia Snowden’s adventures with the opportunity to read an ARC of “Sealed Off”. I would gladly leave reviews (both those I could do now and other avenues once released) and share those reviews on several social platforms.

    Sharing and hoping. 🙂 Thank you for the chance to be one of the fortunate three! ❤
    2clowns at arkansas dot net


  5. I would love an advanced copy! I love the series! Waiting is difficult but I’m so grateful you write and I get the pleasure to read your books!


  6. I’d love to win a copy as I haven’t read any in this series..I will be hitting the library to check out the first book and get caught up.


  7. I can’t wait to read Sealed Off and love the cover, and the Russian angle is very intriguing! Thanks so much for a chance to win an ARC ~


  8. Would love the opportunity to win an ARC. Have been reading this blog for about 2 years but didn’t read this series until this year when found them on overdrive from a local library. Love the Maine Clambake series!!


  9. I’m sending my request for an ARC if at all possible. I love this series and have enjoyed reading many of the books in it. A few typos and glitches doesn’t deter me from reading/reviewing a good book. Thanks for the chance.


  10. I really enjoy the Maine Clambake series and Sealed Off sounds like another great entry in the series! Thanks for the chance to win an ARC!


  11. Hi Barbara, I am an AR and typo killer for several other authors, and am always looking to help out; especially for authors I have read and enjoyed (yes, you are in that category.). I am going for surgery next week so I will have TONS of time to read!


  12. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. I love Julia and her family. Every time I read one of the books in the series, I want to visit Maine! Someday…


  13. I found this series while browsing recommended reads on my Kindle. The cover of “Clammed Up” drew me in immediately. I have read every book in this series the day it has been released.


  14. Sealed Off most definitely sounds intriguing and has definitely piqued my interest. I’d absolutely love to win an ARC to read and review. Thank you so much for the chance.


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