Wicked Wednesday: Resolving

This is the time of year when some people resolve to make a change in their lives. Wickeds, what resolution might one of your characters make for the new year? And what are their chances of keeping to it, perhaps a more interesting question!

1915 postcard from Wikimedia Commons

Edith: Occasionally Quaker Rose Carroll tells a white lie in the service of tracking down a murderer. She always feels guilty about not following Friends’ principle of integrity, so she might resolve to change that in the coming year. On the other hand…the pursuit of truth and justice is an even stronger lure for her, so no guarantees on whether she’ll stick to her resolution or not!

Jessie: That is such an interesting character trait, Edith! I don’t think any of my characters have too much concern about bending the truth in pursuit of justice. In fact, some of them rather enjoy shading the truth! Beryl is not really one for thinking she needs to change much about herself so I rather suspect she will not make any resolutions. Unless she is resolving to get her friend, Edwina, to try more new things! Edwina does like to improve herself and has decided she wishes to become a better motorist.

Liz: So everyone else has resolved to stay off the road when Edwina is around then, Jessie? 🙂 Maddie kind of hates new year resolutions. She recognizes them for what they are – more ways to feel like a failure when you don’t stick to them. Instead, she’s trying to be more mindful all the time – meditating, slowing down, not reacting in typical ways to conflicts. She pretty much has to start over again every day!

Barb: Julia Snowden has resolved to not be such a workaholic, to find a hobby she cares about, and make some friends in Busman’s Harbor beyond her circle of family and her boyfriend Chris. Of course, this has been her resolution for the last three years and she has failed miserably, so she’s not optimistic. Maybe she should admit that solving murders is her hobby and the state and local cops are her friends?

Sherry: Ha, Barb — I think that’s one resolution that Julia could keep. I can’t think of a single thing Sarah would resolve to do and then keep. Eat out less at DiNapoli’s — not going to happen. Quit helping friends who are in trouble — no way. Give up Bedford Farms ice cream — nope. So I think Sarah will resolve not to make any resolutions. It’s so much easier than making them and then feeling like a failure.

Julie: Barb, I agree with Sherry, Julia’s best resolution is to keep doing what she’s doing. Sherry, Lilly Jayne’s with you. She’s not going to resolve to do anything. At this point in her life she’s comfortable with her path. The rest of the Garden Squad? Tamara would try and work less, Ernie might try to lose some weight, Roddy’s resolutions are about becoming a great gardener, Delia’s would likely be about balance. Warwick’s in Lilly’s camp–he’ll keep doing the best he can.

Readers: Did you make a resolution for the new year? What are your odds for keeping it?

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  1. Yes, I did. And to be able to do the plans we have for the year in relation to travel and fun, I will have to follow it.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  2. I’m with Sarah, too. If I don’t make that resolution, I don’t have to feel bad about not keeping it. Like Lilly Jane, I’m old enough to know such things aren’t important. I have a magnet on my desk that says, “Do more of what makes you happy.” That’s my resolution!

  3. What a fun conversation, Edith! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve abandoned the New Year’s Resolution. Too much guilt when I inevitably fail. Instead, I use this time to remind myself to do the things I should do every day. Listen better, have patience, be kind, take time to enjoy the small moments, things like that.

  4. Edith, you’ve reminded me of the very serious discussions of relative morality in college in the ’70s. Is it okay if a lie will save a life (Anne Frank)? . . . if you steal bread to save a starving child? . . . medicine?
    I haven’t made a resolution in years, unless you count the one to keep on keeping on, but I recall several characters resolving/promising to be more careful and not step into danger. They don’t seem to be able to keep it, but the stories are more exciting because they lapse. <3

  5. I do not make resolutions. The sarcastic side of me likes to say that I don’t because there’s no need to improve on perfection.

    The realistic side of me says that I know I won’t follow through on any random resolution I make, so why bother.

    I just work at being me, that’s a hard enough job as it is.

  6. Finally making it back here. Barb, you definitely made me laugh.

    This year, I am resolving to stop eating sweets except on special occasions so maybe I can lose a little weight. Of course, first I have to finish off the sweets I have in the house. And since I bought some more a week ago (but seriously, I had to try to Lava Cake Kisses. And review them. The sacrifices I make for my blog.), we’ll see if I stick to it. Considering it was my resolution in 2019 and 2018, I’m not holding my breath.

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