By Julie, suffering weather whiplash in Somerville

Drum roll, please! Garden Squad #3 is ready to take its bow.

Digging Up the Remains will be released on August 25! I’m actually working on the copyedits now, and I can’t wait for folks to read it. I’ve set the story around Halloween and the Goosebush Fall Festival. Here’s the blurb:

Cover for DIGGING UP THE REMAINS by Julia Henry, which will be released on August 25, 2020

A festive fall is in full swing in Goosebush, Massachusetts, but when a snoopy reporter is felled by foul play, it’s up to Lilly and her Garden Squad to spook out a killer . . .

Between hosting a haunted house on her lawn, serving on the town’s 400th Anniversary Planning Committee, and prepping for the Fall Festival’s 10k fundraiser, Lilly’s hands are full. She doesn’t have time for prickly newspaper reporter Tyler Crane, who’s been creeping around town, looking for dirt on Goosebush’s most notable families . . . until he’s found dead on the race route moments before the start.
An unfortunate accident? Or did Tyler unearth a secret that someone in Goosebush is willing to kill to keep? By planting nasty rumors and cultivating fear, Tyler sowed a fair share of ill will during his brief time in town. Weeding through the suspects will be thorny, but Lilly and her Garden Squad are determined to root out the autumnal assassin before the Fall Festival flops . . .

A bit more about the book. There’s a kitten adoption added to the mix. Honestly, I can’t believe there hasn’t been a cat in the series so far. Not sure what I was thinking!

I love writing this series, and am so grateful for the reader support of Lilly Jayne and the rest of the Garden Squad. The book is up for preorder now!

To celebrate Book #3, I’d love to give away a copy of Book #1, Pruning the Dead, which was released a year ago this month! Readers, let me know in the comments what’s on your To-Be-Read pile this month!

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  1. Sounds deliciously thorny and a big welcome to the kitties. They do seem to go paw in hand with cozies.

    My TBR pile? I’m working my way through Lea Wait’s Mainely Needlepoint series. Midway through Tightening the Threads. It’s bittersweet to follow the series from start to finish and to know that there will be no more. She was a wonderful writer and spun a fantastic yarn.

  2. I LOVE that cover, Julie! And can’t wait to read the new book. I started Jess Montgomery’s The Hollows last night – man, can she write. She brings the lives of women in 1926 Appalachia alive. She’ll be our guest here on Jan 30!

  3. Julie, the book cover looks great and the story sounds fun.

    My TBR pile for this month started off with a couple of Eva Gates Lighthouse Library mysteries. Now I’m reading THE NINJA DAUGHTER by Tori Eldridge. I’ll follow that up with Archer Mayor’s BOMBER’S MOON, an advance copy of Edith’s MURDER AT THE TAFFY SHOP and the Margaret Dumas mystery MURDER IN THE BALCONY. Oh and I have to squeeze in THE THIEF WHO THOUGHT HE WAS BOGART by Lawrence Block for my Mystery Book Club and DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE by Pete Abrahams.

  4. Congrats on your new release Julia! I am reading the Julia Buckley Writer’s Apprentice series and am up to Death Waits in the Dark. Love all these cozy mystery series…keep on writing and I will keep on reading!

  5. I love this cover, especially the kitten! I am so excited for this new adventure for them!
    I am currently reading the Andy Carpenter series, by David Rosenfelt. They are fantastic books, humor, mystery and dogs!

    1. Another new to me series! I can’t believe I hadn’t put a cat in the books already. I have a friend who recently adopted two kittens, and she’s giving me lots of stories. You forget how mischievous they are.

  6. Great cover, and I love that there’s a kitten adoption! My TBR pile is too big to believe, but it includes The Book of Candlelight by Ellery Adams. Thanks for the giveaway,and congratulations on the upcoming new release!

  7. What a great cover, Julie – congratulations on the book!

    Right now I’m working on Catriona McPherson’s SCOT & SODA, but for my trip to Vermont next week I’ve loaded up my iPad with the books 3-6(?) of Julia Spencer Flemings Russ & Clare mysteries, plus Gabriel Valjean’s new release DIRTY OLD TOWN, which totally sold me by the cover and back copy.

    1. Gabriel’s book is on my TBR list. He’ll be visiting the blog soon as well. I LOVE Julia Spencer Fleming’s books. She is such an amazing writer. And Catriona’s series is a hoot–so glad it is going to continue. What a great reading list!

  8. Congratulations on the upcoming release of DIGGING UP THE REMAINS! Great cover and I can’t wait for the opportunity to read the book.

    My TBR pile is always changing. I think I know which book will be next and then it changes because something draws me to another one first. I read a variety of genre too. Next up is HERE COMES THE BODY. Also on my upcoming reading is ONCE UPON A DICKENS CHRISTMAS, THE CHRISTMAS SPIRITS ON TRADD STREET, and AN AMISH REUNION. i just finished BOOKMARKED FOR MURDER and A CAJUN CHRISTMAS KILLING. Always books to be read and too little time to read – but I keep trying. 🙂

    Thank you for the fabulous opportunity to win a copy of PRUNING THE DEAD!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  9. Love the cover and the kitten adoption! And I’m so happy to see Lilly Jane opening up even more to the community. TILLING THE TRUTH is next up on my list as soon as I finish Jessie’s MURDER FLIES THE COOP. My TBR stack has taken over my office and my iPad. Don’t need to be in the drawing as I have already read the delightful PRUNING THE DEAD.

  10. You just had to ask about my TBR… I’ll show you in a second, but first I wanted to tell you that Book 3 is now on my August 2020 release list. This way I don’t forget it.

    My Current Library TBR List

    Family Papers – Sarah Abrevaya Stein – Due 01-21-20
    An Ale of Two Cities – Vicki Delany
    A Cup of Holiday Fear – Ellie Alexander Due 01-13-20
    Yuletide Homicide – Jennifer David Hesse Due 01-21-20
    Bookmarked for Murder – V. M. Burns Due 01-21-20

    Silent Night, Deadly Night – Vicki Delaney Due 02-03-20
    Thistles and Thieves – Molly Macrae Due 02-03-20
    Fatal Roots – Sheila Connolly Due 02-03-20
    There’s Murder Afoot – Vicki Delaney Due 02-03-20
    Have Yourself a Beary Little Murder – Meg Macy Due 02-03-20
    The Cartiers, The Untold Story – Francesca Cartier Brickell Due 02-03-20
    Checked Out – Elizabeth Spann Craig Due 02-03-20
    Fractured Truth – Susan Furlong Due 02-03-20
    Shattered Justice – Susan Furlong Due 02-03-20
    A Merry Murder – Kate Kingsbury Due 02-03-20
    Mobituaries – Mo Rocca Due 02-03-20
    Being Dead is no Excuse – Gayden Metcalfe and Charlotte Hays Due 02-03-20
    The Country Guesthouse – Robyn Carr Due 02-03-20

  11. Fantastic cover. I love all the details! My TBR pile right now isn’t a pile anymore, it got shelved because it had grown so much that I kept knocking it over! I bought a special small cabinet for my TBR’s. I finally made it to Barnes & Noble this week and bought the newest from Sherry, Libby Klein, Denise Swanson and Lorraine Bartlett.

    1. A great group of authors! I’m downloading more books these days. All of my shelves are double shelved at this point. Plus there are piles. It isn’t pretty.

  12. Murder Ink by Lorraine Bartlett I’m reading now. Your book sounds like fun to read. Thank you for the chance. Can’t waitto read your book.

  13. I’m so excited for Digging Up The Remains, love the cover! Congratulations!! I’m not entering for Pruning the Dead, I have the book and love it! Just wanted to say Hi and yay!!!

  14. Love the cover and will add it to m pile. Currently reading Kathy Daleys many series Christmas books and Cynthia Riggs series on Nantucket.

  15. Looks great!

    Today, I’m planning to finish up STATUE OF LIMITATIONS, the first in a new series from Kate Collins. Then it’s on to BURIED TO THE BRIM, a new Hat Shop Mystery by Jenn McKinlay.

  16. Love that description and cover, and of course we need kittens. A feisty little girl “followed me home” this summer and we are enjoying her antics. Just lost our 17-year old Pug and our 12 year old cat is sick so Skinny Minnie brightens our days!
    Lots on my TBR so far this year: American Dirt, No Bad Deed, Saint X, A Light Last Seen, many more, but what a terrific “hardship!”
    Looking forward to the new book and thanks for the giveaway.

    1. I based the kitten on the story of how my niece found one of their cats. They were trick or treating 10 years ago, and saw a little kitten crying. My niece went over and picked her up, and she was skinny and shivering. Needless to say, she was theirs. A friend recently adopted two kittens, and I’d forgotten how much energy they have, and how fearless they are. So glad that you have Minnie in your life.

  17. I love you have a kitty adoption. Always love animal’s in stories. Plus holidays, Can’t miss a holiday story. Your cover is marvelous. I look forward to more garden squad- they are a terrific group of ol
    folks who get around. Uh oh – We don’t need to give ages out 😣 let’s not not lose our mind’s. I am sure I have nothing with my real / rather my I mean my updated photo… Yes that’s what I meant🤔

    Well moving on.📚BOOKS reading – Robin Carr – The Best of Us, Joanna Fluke Christmas Cake Murders- loving like crazy so far. , Kathy Daley Christmas Clause is Fabulous you can tell already.
    Ann B Gabhart Scent of Lilacs~ just finished ~ Kay Correll ~Shop on Main~ almost done,
    Agatha Frost~Lemonade And Lies~ Eva Gates~By book or by Crook~ Nancy Coco~ Fudge Bites

    Thanks for sharing, I loved hearing about your books 📚it have me a lot of insight that I didn’t have🤗

    1. What a great list of authors and books. I’m working on book #4, which is going to take place in December, so it will be a holiday book. Such fun to use dates on the calendar as an anchor for a story.

  18. On my TBR pile is Desolate Shores by Daryl Wood Gerber and everything new by Kathi Daley!

  19. I love the cover! It sounds like it will be a great read, and I love that a kitten adoption will be in the story. My adopted cat, Sarge, is sitting right behind me, looking over my shoulder as I’m typing this.

    I have MANY books in my TBR piles…currently reading All the Ways We Say Goodbye by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, and Karen White; Tailing a Tabby by Laurie Cass; and A Room with a Brew by Joyce Tremel. (One book in my library, one book for my nightstand, and one book for my purse!)

    1. I’m impressed that you’re able to juggle different books. I can read a non-fiction and fiction at the same time, but not multiple fiction books.

  20. Oh my gosh, my list is huge! I had it almost under control, but a few library sales later and a used book store opening near me… The last couple years have spawned multiple piles of books around my bedroom. Mostly mysteries, some nonfiction/history, a few biographies. I hope to make a dent someday.

    1. I hear you about the dent! My sister works in a place that has elderly residents in three buildings. Each building has a library. I gave each library a full box of books, and then filled up the space again.

  21. Love the cover! My TBR pile runneth over. I’m currently reading the Sid the Skeleton series by Leigh Perry after I finish that series the latest Tradd Street book by Karen White is next.

  22. Love the clock shop mysteries, look forward to reading this series! My tbr pile is extremely eclectic, new books from the library, book group selections, audio books, kindle books..
    Next book is The Library Book by Susan Orleans for book group.

    1. Thank you for your kind words about the clock shop series. I loved writing those books. I think you’ll like the Garden Squad series as well. I’ve tried to create a similar feeling in the community.

  23. I love the book cover! And your book sounds like a very good read. My TBR pile is a lot of books to read, too many to name, I just need to get busy and keep on reading. Thank you for the chance . Have a Great rest of the week. God Bless you.

  24. I just finished Leave it to Cleaver in the Vintage Kitchen series, and would like to start yours!

  25. I’m reading Dead in Dublin by Catie Murphy and next will be Come Homicide or High Water by Denise Swanson.

  26. I love cozy mysteries but also been adding some fantasy in as well. I enjoy reading Jennifer Esteps books. I just read Christmas Cow Bells and it turn out better than expected. A new author for me.

  27. I love the cover and any story with kitties is one I look forward to.Candykennedy45@ gmail.com

  28. Oh Goddess – it isn’t so much what is on my TBR rather what isn’t (err 900+ books flagged on Goodreads and I keep adding more!)

    1. Oh, my, and I thought I had a huge list. 900+? May you live to be 1,000 years old, with great eyesight.

  29. I’m currently reading a non-fiction book about the American Revolution. I have a couple of Robert Dugoni books and a couple of Carol Beers books

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