Thankful Thursday! **plus a Wicked giveaway**

These days practicing gratitude is more important than ever, so the Wickeds spread some on the blog. Wickeds, what are you grateful for this month? Readers, let us know what you’re grateful for, and we’ll choose one winner to get a book from each of us.

Edith/Maddie: I am grateful for small islands of grace. I recently spent a day with two of my favorite people: an almost three-year-old whom I helped usher into the world and her Gran, my bestie of forty-three years. We canoed and splashed and ate and played and talked. They filled up my heart and my need for loved ones. And I have two books out this month, so I’ll give away an ebook of Taken Too Soon and a signed paperback of Candy Slain Murder.

Barb: I’m grateful my husband and I were able to spend five days with our daughter and her family, helping out with the whole two-jobs-no-childcare thing. As much as we could. Two kids under two is pretty intense. I’m still not sure if we helped or if adding more people to the mix created more confusion. Either way, we love spending time with them. I’m giving away an advance reader copy of Jane Darrowfield and the Madwoman Next Door.

Liz: I am grateful to have a full life! I definitely tend to feel overwhelmed when there’s a lot going on, but looking at it differently, I have so much: A job, when so many people are struggling; two book contracts; amazing friends (like all you guys); a pretty awesome guy and his pretty awesome kids to spend my time with; and of course my furries. I really am blessed. I’ll give away a copy of Witch Hunt.

Sherry: My husband and I recently celebrated our thirtieth anniversary. I’m grateful that I’m going through life with him by my side. He has been such a great supporter of my writing career and he makes me laugh 99% of the time. That other one percent? We won’t talk about it. I’ll give away a copy of From Beer to Eternity.

Julie: Sherry, I love that picture! And Barb, how cute are those grandkids? Edith, what a blessing to know many generations! And Liz, you do have a full life! I’m grateful for my imagination, and tech. I can teach at home, reach people in different ways, coach via Zoom and create wonderful things. I’ll give away an ARC of Digging Up the Remains!

Readers, let us know in the comments what you’re grateful for, and we’ll randomly pick a name to get the books we’ve mentioned!


120 Thoughts

  1. I am grateful for the health of my family, my ability to work from home, my many hobbies, good friends, and my wonderful family.

  2. I am grateful for my ability to work from home and my kitties, especially when roll over so I can rub their bellies!

  3. I am thankful for family and friends who listen and care. For firefighters who contained a local fire and all who work to keep us safe.

  4. I saw a long-time friend at the allergist’s office. We talked in the parking lot, as the waiting room is now off-limits, and agreed that we were grateful every day just to be surviving. We also tell the staff we are grateful for their care. <3

  5. I am grateful for having been able to be a stay at home mom for so many years and for having a husband who supported me in my decision to stay home with our kids. While I did end up working part-time as my third child got older, I am happy to say I was always able to take part in school events, be a PTA room mother and be there for my kids after school – memories of which I will always be grateful.

  6. I am grateful for family, friends, my dogs, and electricity. You take them all for granted till you don’t have them.

  7. I am grateful for modern medicine! I am living a longer life now so I can enjoy family.

  8. I am grateful for my husband of almost 50 years who makes me laugh,he works at it daily, and is my caretaker. Also that I got out to a store for the first time in months today after getting my flu shot.

  9. I am grateful every day that my Beloved husband Danny is still here with me. In 2018 I very nearly lost him but for an emergency,life-saving quintuple bypass surgery with a subsequent defibrillator/pacemaker implant in 2019. He had a recent routine appointment with his cardiologist and he is going real well. He has to have a heart catheterization on 10/7 to check out a spot on the bottom of his heart that isn’t getting quite enough blood..they will probably place a stent. I have been madly in live with my Danny since I met him 23 years ago and aM BEYOND GRATEFUL HE IS STILL HERE WITH ME! God is SOOO good! Danny makes me laugh all the time(I have health issues too), makes me know he loves me every day, and it truly the love of my life, my rock, MT heart and my world! My Danny is who and what I am grateful for every day!

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