Cover Reveal & Giveaway

Roseann Moss is the winner of this drawing! Thanks to all who entered!

I’m so excited that A Time to Swill is up for pre-order! It’s the second book in the Chloe Jackson Sea Glass Saloon mystery series. Here’s the cover:

Here’s the back cover copy:

Saloon owner Chloe Jackson is after a murderer with skeletons in the closet–and one on a boat.


Chloe loves her new life pouring beers and mixing cocktails at the Sea Glass Saloon in the Florida Panhandle town of Emerald Cove. But on the job, the only exercise she gets is walking from one end of the bar to the other, so in the mornings she loves to run on the beach. On this morning’s foggy run, she spots a sailboat washed up on a sandbar. Hearing a cry, she climbs aboard the beached vessel to investigate and finds not only a mewling kitten–but a human skeleton in the cabin.

The skeleton is tied back to Chloe’s friend Ralph, whose wife disappeared on a sailboat with three other people twelve years ago. Believing his wife was lost at sea, Ralph remarried. Now he finds himself a murder suspect. Chloe is determined to find out who’s been up to some skulduggery, but her sleuthing will lead her into some rough waters and some bone-chilling revelations…

You can pre-order A Time to Swill or Absence of Alice from One More Page books in Arlington, Virginia. They also have signed copies of my books available!
Giveaway: I will give away a copy of From Beer to Eternity and an ARC of Absence of Alice to a reader who leaves a comment. What are you up to this weekend? I will announce the winner on this post on Monday.

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  1. I read 2/3 of the book Christmas In Silver Springs by Brenda Novak out loud to my 82 year old Mom and husband yesterday. Today, I am trying to get caught up with Facebook and email. Thank you for the opportunity. Thank you for sharing your time and talent.

  2. I am looking forward to good holiday food sitting with furry cats and talking to my family. I have been in the hospital for 16 days and sn grateful to be home.

  3. Socially isolating and eating leftover turkey while reading and reviewing ARCs and culling the (currently) 12,036 unread emails…

  4. This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend. It will be an extremely quiet holiday and weekend as my husband got tested for and was diagnosed with COVID last Friday. I got tested Sunday..still waiting on my results. We are going to behave ourselves, stay home and continue our quarantine!

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