Three Shots to Celebrate Sherry Harris!

Edith here, on the fifth Wednesday of the month. We here at the Wickeds are so excited to celebrate the release yesterday of Three Shots to the Wind, Sherry’s third Chloe Jackson Sea Glass Saloon mystery! Many congratulations, Sherry.

Sherry shared the book’s description here yesterday, along with gorgeous photos of the Sea Glass Saloon’s setting.

So, Wickeds, let’s talk shots. What shot would you most want to have three of? Tequila or single-malt Scotch? Coffee syrup? A vaccine? Target practice rounds in the bullseye? All of the above? Tell our readers your preferences. Bonus points if your answer ties into Sherry’s series.

Julie: CONGRATULATIONS SHERRY!! I can’t wait to read this book! As for three shots–that’s a hard question! Vaccines come to mind. Three shots at editing a book are a gift. Three shots of espresso make a good morning.

Barb: Sherry, congratulations! I love this series. For three shots, I’ll go with the Rule of Threes, always handy in all forms of writing, including books, jokes, slogans, commercials, speeches, and of course, Declarations. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!

Edith/Maddie: I love it Barb, and three hip-hip-hoorays for Sherry! I guess it’s on me to opt for three shots of alcohol, and better yet, at a seaside bar like the Sea Glass Saloon. To fit the tropical setting, I’ll try samples of three of their best rums, but I’ll have to rely on Chloe to tell me what they are.

Liz: Yay, Sherry! I’m an espresso shot kind of gal – three shots for sure! Morning AND afternoon 🙂

Jessie: Super congratulations, Sherry! And what a fun title! As for the three shots, I’m with Liz about espresso! I have a double each morning and sometimes a third in the early afternoon. But as to another kind, I would say I am not easily discouraged and am happy to give at least three shots at anything I would like to learn to do, try or be. Good things come in threes after all!

Sherry: Thanks so all of you — I love your different takes on shots! My editor came up with the title, Jessie. I’m so happy this book is out in the world. As to shots? I don’t really like them but for the purposes of the pictures from yesterday, I tried a lemon drop shot and it was delicious!

Readers: Share the kind of three shots you’d like.

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  1. Well, I’ve already got three vaccine shots thanks to the never-ending pandemic.

    But since I don’t drink, alcohol shots are out too.

    I took three shots at being in a relationship but since those are now collectively known as “The Disaster, The Aftershock and The Regret”, you can see those all failed.

    So, I think I’m going to have to just skip any new kinds of shots for the moment.

  2. SHERRY: Congratulations on your third Sea Glass Saloon mystery.

    I have drastically cut back on my caffeine consumption in recent years. But when I was travelling for work, I often added espresso shots to the (weak) regular brewed coffee.

    As for alcohol, I shudder when I remember shots of tequila and schnapps (not together!) that I drank at university. Never again.
    But I would be willing to try three shots of rum in a tropical paradise!

  3. My “out of the box” mind went to “have a shot at” or have a chance to: run on the beach with Chloe; learn about Vivi’s gym routine and then follow it myself; and sit at the bar with my club soda and laugh with Joaquin and Chloe and the gang. Fun times!

  4. Congratulations, Sherry! I don’t do alcohol shots any longer, I don’t like coffee, and I have my three vaccine shots. I think I’m kind of a loser at the shot thing, huh? LOL

  5. My three shots would be with my camera. Since I’ve never been to Florida, I would love to get some awesome landscape photos, photos of the local critters – both in the ocean and on land, and maybe, just maybe it would be one of my photo that would be the evidence to help Chloe figure out who killed her ex.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  6. I rarely have a drink but when I get together with my family they twist my arm and talk me info a swig of Fireball. It tastes just like the candy from our much younger days.

  7. 3 shots of laying on a lounge chair on a sunny beach with a good book (or three)!!

  8. Since I have had my three vaccine shots and plan to get the 4th now that they are offering it to us older folks, I have to join Edith and Grace and anyone else interested at the bar. Sounds like fun…

  9. I’ve got my three shots and I’m looking forward to my fourth! As for shots, nope, not since college, but I do love tropical drinks. Couldn’t get through three at a sitting, but perhaps over the course of a vacation…

    Congratulations, Sherry on Three Shots!

  10. Congrats, Sherry!! How about three shots of sherry? No, I don’t think that’s a good idea, either.

    Like Kait, I’ve had my three shots, but I’m getting the second booster on Friday. )That’s why I not longer drink, I always wanted more. 🙂 ) I’ve never dared more than 2 shots of espresso, but I ought to go wild and give it a … er.. a shot.

  11. Three cheers to you, Sherry! And in the spirit of celebrating, how about three shots of spiced rum…and a designated driver. Cheers!

  12. I’m not an alcohol shots kind of girl, but I would definitely lift a margarita to you along with three cheers (and JC’s designated driver!) My three shots would be pics of your beautiful beach. Congratulations and hip hip hooray!

  13. Can I have three shots of maple syrup?

    I got stuck with needles three times yesterday – two for my allergy shots and once to have blood drawn. (Such a thrilling life I lead.)

  14. Congrats, Sherry!! Since I don’t drink, and I’ve had my three shots already, I’ll take three shots of espresso. LOL.

  15. I’ll take the shot of a nice smooth tequila or a shot of Glenlivet or Jameson.

  16. I would take three shots of iced tea, chocolate and bingo cards. Thank you for sharing. I love the cover. God bless you.

  17. To tie it into Sherry’s book and the Sea Glass Saloon, it must be three shots of liquor. I do not like coffee, so that won’t work but I could take three shots of bourbon. I would rather have three shots hit the bullseye with my Smith and Wesson 38 and that may be the way the guy got it. Who knows? Only the Shadow knows for sure!. It is all fun!

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