Grateful for Places in 2022

Many of us got out a little more in 2022 relative to the two previous years. We returned to old haunts and visited new places. I have to admit, a particular setting can make me quite emotional, whether I am soaked in happy memories by the familiar, stirred by the beauty of nature, or stimulated by the sights and sounds of the city.

Wickeds, was there somewhere you went this year, a familiar place or a new one? Tell me about ONE place that you’re grateful you got to visit in 2022 and why.

Edith/Maddie: Attending Malice Domestic IN PERSON in North Bethesda, Maryland was huge, but that was for the people, not the place. For me the best place was my visit to northern California last month. I always feel I can breathe better when I’m back in my home state. I’ve been visiting my aunt and uncle’s second home in the Alexander Valley since I was in college. Much was new to me about the area, and so much was familiar. I’m grateful to the extreme.

Liz: Would you be sick of me saying my beach? Technically it’s not a visit because I moved here, but since it was a big move, I didn’t do a lot of visiting other places. But I’m so grateful to live here and be able to walk on the beach every day and watch the dogs play. It is definitely a mood booster every single day.

Julie: One place? I’m going to go for a non-writing related place, though I was happy to go to Left Coast Crime, Bouchercon and Malice Domestic this year. The one place I was thrilled to go was Italy. I went on a writing retreat in Tuscany, which was more beautiful than pictures. Food, wine, new friends, adventures, creativity engaged–I’m so glad I decided to go. Though it’s still stressful to travel, I’d forgotten how good it is for my soul.

Jessie: Like Liz, my happy, grateful place is almost always the beach. Last year I spent almost no time in Old Orchard so it was with much glee I returned this summer and fall. I can never get enough of the salt air, the rolling waves, and the bracing breeze! For me, a perfect day revolves around a walk on the beach and a session spent writing!

Barb: This is a tough one–and I asked the question! In 2022 I was grateful to be going anywhere. But on reflection, I’m most grateful the week Bill and I spent in Edinburgh. For me it was a return. I’d been twice before for work, seeing a lot of windowless conference rooms and auditoriums. It was the first time for Bill. It reminded us that we love cities, we love museums and galleries, castles and palaces, winding streets and formal gardens. It felt so good to be traveling again.

Sherry: I’m grateful for the winery my daughter works at. We can go at there, meet friends outside, have a meal, see our daughter, and enjoy the beautiful views. And we can do it in relative safety.

Readers: Did you go anywhere special–a return or a new place–in 2022?

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  1. It is always great to see new places when attending Bouchercon or Left Coast Crime, so this year I went to Minneapolis and Albuquerque. I also went to Memphis/Nashville and had a great time there as well. Just walking through Graceland and seeing the final resting place of a legend. Peaceful.

  2. Went to Malice – great to see everybody again after 3 years. Went to New York City for an Off Broadway and a Broadway show. At home it was good to go back to live theatre, festivals and concerts (never gave up on going to movies; when the theatres were open I went).

    1. I went to NYC, too and it was a close call when it came to picking the single trip I was grateful for. It is great to be back to live events.

  3. Went to Hawaii for the first time and loved it. Did the Hawaiian cruise and got to visit 4 of the islands. Bought some Kona coffee, never paid so much for coffee before. Saving it for the holidays. My son and his family are going to Hawaii this coming Monday so I’ve been giving them tips like the price of gas and that they serve salad and rice at breakfast. It’s my son’s first real vacation since their honeymoon.

  4. We were excited to get to go back to Shipshewana, IN for the Mayfest. One we always enjoy our time there and two it was the first place we got to go to since Covid. Being outside and in a different place than home made it all the sweeter. Although we took a couple other trips, I think I was the most excited over this one.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

      1. We love it and it’s well worth the trip up from AR. We are planning on going next year taking hubby’s sister for her first time to Shipshewana.

  5. I agree with Edith. It was so, so wonderful to see everyone. The top trip for me was a week in Puerto Rico. My wife and I had been wanting to go for years. It was everything we hoped for and more.

  6. What great trips! I love that some are venturing overseas.

    My special place is my back yard. We are fortunate to live on wooded acreage. It’s where I go to refill the well. The first year we lived here we put up a tree stand on a game trail. That’s where I often go to write, take photographs, or listen to the birds.

  7. I was delighted to be able to attend a rejuvenated spiritual retreat in the woods. After two years of being closed, I felt that I was truly coming home – the theme for this year.

  8. I bought a paddle board in May, and I’ve been enjoying taking it out on a lake near me every Saturday I’m in town since. Nice to get out of the condo and enjoy the outdoors.

  9. Although I was glad to travel to Albuquerque and Minneapolis for the mystery conferences, I really enjoyed my week exploring SANTA FE, NM before Left Coast Crime. Love the history, museums, art and food!

  10. I agree with you about Edinburgh, Barbara! Matter of fact, I am heading there today to visit my oldest daughter who is going to the University there. So excited to spend a long weekend with her but also exploring the city some more!

  11. Liz, like you, my home on my beach. It became mine is August 2020 and, with a renovation and the final move in 2021, feels like mine. No need to travel. This is where I belong. Cheers for waves, sand, tides, and breezes. Elisabeth

  12. We took a quick weekend trip to visit the Winchester mansion in Northern California, such a fun and quick trip. Learned a lot and would suggest everyone take time for a quick getaway, at least one a year.

  13. I was able to go to a book signing in Ypsilanti, Michigan. It was the first time I had ever been to a book signing. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

  14. We haven’t gone anywhere together since before Covid. We used to meet friends in New Orleans every October or November and the Keys for thirteen years in a row. Hopefully soon we will get to go somewhere. We keep talking about it, but don’t do it. I did go back home to Texas (by myself) for a Matriarchal family reunion.
    It was held in Austin on July 1-3 as that is where my grandfather’s photography collection and herbarium are archived at the Briscoe Center and this date was my grandparent’s wedding anniversary date (1913). The AT&T Hotel and Conference Center hosted us, and we had a buffet in the Texana Room. Great place to stay. Greata rooms and rates. We had events and presentations at the Briscoe Center along with a family photo and then the first cousins (11 attended out of 15 still alive-7 have passed). We were bussed to the Briscoe as well as having a food truck and then bussed to dinner at Shultz’s Beer Garden, an Austin landmark. We had over 80 relatives attend from all over the USA from age 3 months to 83 years old and a pup! Great time. I am glad that I attended as I had not met many of my cousin’s kids or grandkids. Hope we do another where we can visit more.

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